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Our Passion for pets & Blogging!!

This Website is Devoted to Pets of all Kinds, with Knowledge from Pet lovers and experts to Help you know how to best care & Love your family pet.

Melbourne-based team of Lifestyle and Pet Bloggers and Digital marketers that has a lifelong passion for Pets, Cars,  Outdoor Life, homes and interiors. 

With over 5 years experience of in successful Blogging and Digital Marketing and a natural flair for presentation, our team can help create the ‘wow’ factor in your life that will leave a lasting impression on fans and readers.

Petpawshub.com was founded In SEP 2020. This is the By-Product of Corona Lock Downs that happened in Melbourne. This is our way of saying we came out of Lockdown not without learning something about pets.

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Cavoodles Pup
Blogger, Digital marketer , Co-founder

Div Acharya

Get In Touch with Div Acharya, Melbourne

Authours Bio:

Div, Co-Founder, and Managing Director at petpawshub.com and Digitallydiv Web Agency – With an MBA degree from Swinburne University Melbourne in tow and a great passion for  Blogging, digital marketing & Social Media Marketing. 

I love being a pet blogger. I LOVE pets of all kinds and hence want to share my joy and interests with as many people as I can. Being able to offer companies an affordable avenue to advertise and to create an income for me is also rewarding. It’s a real joy to love what I do. It’s very important that I follow guidelines that make me accountable to my readers and the regulatory bodies that oversee consumer protection.

Authours Bio:

About Me pages are somewhat awkward to write. Kind of like that interview question that we all dread. “So, tell me a bit about yourself”.


The photos may be a hint to my character and obvious stellar upbringing, but here are some action-packed point form nuggets of info to help paint a bigger picture.

I am Australian but most of my readers are from Australia and the USA.

I hope to grow my audience and stalker circle to other parts of the world.
My obsessions include cavapoos, Golden fish and T-rex
You can say I totally nail the “3 p’s”…. Peppy, Pretty and Polite.

If someone doesn’t love animals, they are dead to me.
I consider my mini cooper( Convertible) my best friend and my Minicopper Convertible is named Hope.

Family means everything to me.

By day I am a Digital marketer , a  web designer and run a web Agency named www.digitallydiv.com.au in Melbourne Australia Plus I love Blogging in my spare time.

I have 2 Degrees, Bachelors, in Engineering and MBA( Swinburne Uni, Melbourne Australia)

I am married to the Love of my Life _Manny Acharya and have a Gorgeous daughter.

Being a blogger is so much fun and I love seeing this creative medium gaining attention and respect in the marketing world..

So welcome to The Pet Paws hub Blogs and I hope you find something you like here.

Blogger, Digital marketer , Co-founder

Div Acharya

Get In Touch with Div Acharya, Melbourne

Authours Bio:

Manny, Co-Founder, and Managing Director at Pet Paws hub, Outdoor Fizz and Digitallydiv Web Agency – With a Great Liking for Outdoor activities, Drones, Cars and Travel. Manny comes with a passion for Blogging all things Luxury & Fun be it Cars( they own Mercedes Benz & BMW Mini), Drones, Digital Drawing, Travel, and Photography Blogs.

Blogger, Graphics designer , Co-founder

Manny Acharya

Get In Touch with Manny Acharya, Melbourne

Pet Lifestyle Blogger

Ash Vohra

Get In Touch with Ash Vohra, Melbourne

Authours Bio:

Ash loves Pets! Ash is an animal lover. She loves caring for and sharing her knowledge of all kinds of pets. Her Love for pets made her Join the pet paws hub Team, to share knowledge with the world.


Our Team

Meet Our Team- Pet Paws Hub

We are a passionate and inspired savvy Blogger team that loves what we do. 

We get along extremely well( hell Yeah, we are married with a daughter and 2 pets!!), especially after our morning coffee.

Blogging is our passion and we believe everyone deserves to live in a beautiful, safe and thoughtful environment. 

We are proud to contribute to causes that help create an environment for people that looking for Answers in Google and other search engines especially in the space of Pet  in general.

We always strive for excellence and we’re proud to be recognised by our local community here in Clyde North, Victoria, Australia.

Our Team

Meet Rover - Family Pet Cavapoo Puppy isn't he Gorgeous?

Meet Rover – Our family  cavapoo Puppy