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What to feed fussy cavoodles-eBook

Your Fussy Cavoodle’s Feed Planner Plus 5 Delicious homemade Dog food Recipes

Feeding healthy planner, 5 Homemade recipes and Much More Tips..

From easy homemade recipes and 5 cool printable Feeding planners to Feeding Ideas everything is covered in this eBook!

What to feed fussy cavoodles-eBook

What to feed fussy cavoodles ?

Have a cavoodle and a Fussy eater?

I get you, being a Dog mom to a Gorgeous 2 yo cavoodle boy I understand every bit of Frustration when your Pooch does not eat his food and just walks away with his cute little nose up in the air… have been there.

My Hubby and I did a lot of research on our Pooch’s eating habits, did some experiments on a variety of food ideas, and spoke with many cavoodle parents in our area and on FB groups.

We figured out some recipes that our cavoodle loves and a list of all the food ideas that most of the cavoodles that we have met love to eat.


As dog parents to the fussy eater, We thought we will create this extensive eBook that can help other cavoodle parents to deal with their little fussy eaters..

Here we go. We are launching this useful ebook

What this eBook helps you with:

  • Homemade Doggie Delicacy ( 5 Recipes- Tested & Proven that your caboodle will Love it)- Trust me they work like wonders
  • Cavoodle Feed ideas
  • How to Find the right food for your cavoodle Online
  • Veggies that they can/can’t eat
  • Veggies you must avoid feeding your cavoodle
  • Healthy Weekly Meal Ideas for your Cavoodle
  • 04 cool designs of weekly meals Printable planner
  • Nifty tips to feed a fussy eater.

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A word from the Author

This eBook is carefully created especially for cavoodle parents.

Trust me, as a cavapoo mum I know how frustrating and sad to see your Pooch not do anything at all (sometimes the whole day).

I know, many dog parents say “dogs won’t starve”.. But seeing your pooch not liking any food is not a good feeling.

We have been having our cavoodle for almost 2 years now. We tried every food in the beginning that he did not like at all.

So, then we started experimenting few food recipes a mix of homemade and packaged food that worked like charm and Now eats regularly without a miss.

In this ebook I am going to tell all the recipes we made and fed him and also Tips from other dog mums via surveys we conducted in many cavoodle Groups on FB.

What to feed fussy cavoodles-eBook

About the Author:

Entrepreneur, Influencer, Blogger, Marketer and Dog Mum.

I’m Div Acharya. I’ve been a dog lover my entire life. When my daughter wanted a new Puppy I was looking for another furbaby to share my life with.

As a result of my research, I’ve come to love oodles and wanted to share some of what I’ve learned with you. Whether you’re looking to get a Puppy, or already own one, these Blogs t to be the ultimate guide to help you find the answers you need.

At Pet Paws Hub, we strive to be the ultimate resource for learning everything about caring for your pet!

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Here we go..

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About our new eBook – What to feed Fussy Cavoodles

I could somehow feed my cavoodles. this recipe and tips Helped

Dana Arron

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What Readers Are Saying

About our  eBook – Guide to Buying your First cavoodle

A very useful ebook for a Cavoodle Lover !

Jeff Mike

Review on Cavoodle Pup eBook- sent via Email to the Author

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