Why Does My Puppy Lick My Feet? [And How To Stop Them]

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Why Does My Puppy Lick My Feet? [And How To Stop Them]

As strange as it sounds, your puppy licking your feet can be an adorable habit – or it can quickly become annoying and even painful. 

Many dog owners wonder why their dogs lick their feet, and what they can do to stop them from doing so. 

The good news is that there are a few ways to break your puppy of this habit – and the bad news is that it won’t happen overnight! 

However, by using positive reinforcement, you can teach your puppy that licking your feet isn’t okay and he’ll eventually grow out of the habit.

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So, Why Feet?
Sweaty, stinking feet are rich with biological information, such as pheromones. Sweat also includes salt, which many dogs find desirable. 

There is a distinction, though, between an occasional lick and a licking habit. If your dog takes licking a step too far, it might be a behavioural issue.

When your dog licks your feet, odds are you react quickly. This may rapidly turn into an attention-seeking habit, particularly if your dog believes it’s a game. 

The good news is that with a little of exercise, you can save your toes from additional trauma.

Play hide and seek with your dog: 

We all enjoyed the game of hide and seek as children, and your dog will be no exception. 

All dog breeds have a natural instinct for searching or tracking, while certain breeds, such as German Shepherds, Beagles, and Bloodhounds, are more predisposed to this behaviour than others. 

Regardless, with a little amount of instruction, your dog may also have a good time playing hide and seek.

When played repeatedly, it will excite their cardiovascular system, but it will also engage their thoughts more than their bodies. 

If you have an older dog that finds it difficult to go out and about, this is a perfect choice for you!

The majority of owners have a command that translates to “go locate it.” 

Those who don’t have one will find one soon thanks to your dog. A terrific approach to play with your dog is to put him in a room with you and then close the door behind you as you leave.

Get to work on finding an accessible hiding spot for your treat or favourite toy. 

Don’t put it in your favourite vase or shoe, since it will only result in a costly catastrophe! Backtrack and allow your dog back inside the home, urging him/her with voice cues such as “find it” along the way.

With various phrases or noises, you may also encourage them when they are coming close to the objective, while also letting them know when they are moving farther away from the target.

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How can you get your puppy to stop licking your feet? 

You love the little guy, but his constant licking of your bare feet can be pretty annoying when you’re trying to relax. 

Dogs lick their owners’ feet as a way of showing affection, so if you don’t want him doing it, you need to find another way to show him how much you care about him that doesn’t involve licking your toes! 

Here are some ways to tell your dog not to lick your feet while still giving him plenty of love and attention.

Why Do Dogs (Or Puppies) Like To Lick People’s Feet?
Having a dog lick your feet might sound strange, but there’s a reason why dogs do it. 

Dogs use their tongues for many purposes, but when they licks someone’s foot, they are either trying to clean or get attention. 

Another factor could be because of your scent or even allergies. 

If you want to know more about why your puppy licks people’s feet and how to stop them from doing so, keep reading!

Is Licking Contagious

Dogs lick for a variety of reasons. In some cases, dogs will lick you or another animal as a way to display affection.

 That’s why it can be easy to mistake dog licking as a sign of affection when it really isn’t. 

So if your puppy is licking you because they want attention, then there is no reason to stop them from doing so because that is not an unwanted behaviour at all!

What Causes A Dog Or Puppy To Start Licking People’s Feet In The First Place?

First, it’s important to know that dogs’ sense of smell is several hundred times better than ours. 

This means that, although you might think your puppy only licks your feet because he loves you so much, in reality, he could be smelling something else entirely. 

For example, if a vet has recently trimmed your dog’s claws or applied medication to his paws, he may be simply smelling those substances on your skin and not showing any affection at all! 

It’s also possible that a quick lick from an overeager puppy could have more serious causes behind it. Illnesses like distemper and canine parvovirus can cause sores to form on a dog’s mouth—many of which lead to foot licking.

If a Person Finds That Their Dog Or Puppy Keeps On Licking Their Shoes, Shoes, Or Feet, Then What Can They Do About It … and Here Are Some Tips …

If a person finds that their puppy keeps on licking their shoes, shoes, or feet, then what can they do about it … and here are some tips … 

Dogs lick to identify objects with their sense of smell. They also use their tongue as a way to gauge if an object is a food (before they take a bite) or not. 

Your puppy has found your feet to be especially interesting because it smells like you! 

Dogs also like to lick human feet for attention. 

Often, people try to stop puppies from licking their feet by spraying something on them that tastes bad or throwing stones in front of them when they see someone (puppy included) lick their foot.

How can I get my dog to stop licking my feet?

It can be disgusting, even painful (I’ve had puppy-licked blisters before), but you don’t have to live with your dog licking your feet. 

This week on The Pet Collective, I offer some advice for keeping a puppy from licking your feet. 

Sure, it’s super cute when they’re just little puppies and you can blow on their faces and make them stop licking you, but eventually, you want them to grow out of that phase. 

And if nothing else, maybe seeing how gross it is will make your dog think twice about going there! Here are five tips

Why do dogs like to lick?

Dogs lick each other to show affection and to groom. 

They also lick their feet in order to keep them clean and healthy. 

When puppies are licked by their mother, they build trust with her (although it can be hard for some human mothers to admit that their dogs view them as moms). 

Dogs may also lick objects, which is a sign of dominance over that object (such as a chewed shoe or toy). 

If your puppy’s licking is not related to social dominance, you may want to do something about it — foot-licking is not only gross, but it can lead to foot infections or other issues.

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Reasons for Excessive Paw Licking

When a puppy licks their paws excessively, they are trying to remove an itch or remove something stuck to its paw pads. 

In some cases, they may be licking and nibbling at their foot due to allergies, growths or infections. 

Check with your veterinarian if your puppy has excessive licking that goes on for more than one week so you can rule out any underlying issues. 

Allergies may cause a dog’s paws to itch and lick them frequently; you should check with your vet before using any home remedies for itchy paws on your pup in case there is something more serious going on.

Health Problems and Paw-Licking

Health problems are often to blame for your puppy’s excessive licking. 

It’s not uncommon for puppies to lick their paws or other body parts, especially if they have a flea or tick infestation or allergies. 

Itchy skin can be miserable for both humans and dogs; thus, it’s important to make sure your dog is healthy and itch-free before trying any home remedies. 

Furthermore, paw-licking isn’t just common in puppies—it can occur in older dogs as well.

What to Do If Your Dog Is Licking Their Paws Too Much

Dogs lick because they have allergies or an itch. Before you get a new dog, it’s important to check with your vet about any breed restrictions on licking and biting. 

Once you have a puppy, give them plenty of baths (to help soothe their paws) and consider applying cooling creams to their pads. 

Sprinkle chamomile tea (or water mixed with dried chamomile flowers) onto your puppy’s paw pads – not directly into their mouth – then gently massage them into his Pawpads. 

Additionally, you can keep your puppy from licking his paws by giving him more attention when he’s behaving better and ignoring them when they’re being mischievous.

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The Best Way to Prevent Your Dog From Licking Your Feet

It is inappropriate to reprimand your dog for this conduct, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable at the time.

 Instead, use positive reinforcement training approaches to divert your dog’s attention away from the licking behaviour. 

Aggressive Lickers really may need more harsh methods. If any suggestions do not work for your pooch, You may always seek the advice of a veterinarian or a dog trainer to devise a method to discourage licking in the future, if necessary.

We asked a few dog trainers around our area and this is what they said:

Check out these tips to help your dog stop licking your feet:

  • Your Foot care – If your dog licks you often, make sure your feet are well cleansed to make them less appealing to your dog. If your dog licks your feet after exercise, make sure you get to the shower before they do.
  • Observe your dog’s behaviour and attempt to predict when you’re most likely to get a covert lick assault.
  • Take a step away from your dog instead of offering it good or negative attention. 
  • Don’t say anything or establish eye contact. Then move away from your dog or exit the room. This should gradually convey to them that you dislike it.
  • Distract them – Give them a chew toy or a food puzzle to keep them from licking, or a lick mat to gratify their licking.
  • Consistently give your pooch One single message. Giving your dog contradictory signals can confuse them. Be consistent and explicit about your expectations.

Is There Anything You Can Do If Your Dog Will Not Stop Licking His Paws?

While it is totally normal for your dog to be interested in your feet, if he is licking his paws on a consistent basis, there may be an underlying medical reason for this behaviour. 

The local Veterinary Officer advises that if your canine friend is licking just one paw, search for injuries or abrasions on the affected paw and treat them immediately (or even an insect bite). 

Even while it is a natural inclination for dogs to lick their wounds, this may be counterproductive and result in a secondary infection and inflammation.

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If your dog licks you excessively, it is critical that you investigate the reason behind this. 

Attempt to recall the time when their excessive licking first began to determine whether they are worried or unwell. 

Is there anything else your dog is doing that is uncommon for them or has anything changed lately that you should be aware of?

 If you are concerned about your dog’s behaviour, you should always see your dog veterinarian or a dog behaviourist around your local area.

Why Does My Puppy Lick My Feet? [And How To Stop Them]

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