Why do Havanese dogs lick so much? Tips to control licking

Why do Havanese dogs lick so much? Tips to control licking

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In this article, you will learn all about the reasons why your Havanese enjoys licking and why some of them seem to do it obsessively.

I made the decision to delve deep into the subject and learn everything I could about it. For your convenience, I spent a significant amount of time researching and compiling all of the necessary information.

Havanese lick out of instinct, and this might be a sign of affection, stress, boredom, or allergies in the owner’s companion. Licking can be calming and therapeutic due to the release of endorphins that occur during the process. Havanese may attempt to lick the skin of other dogs as a show of dominance, and they may lick your skin because they enjoy the taste of your skin as well.

Why Do Havanese Dogs Lick So Much?

The act of licking has been an element of dogs’ communication since before they were tamed. Puppies begin their lives by being licked clean by their mothers in the early stages of development. Because their moms lick them, they are kept clean and healthy while also helping to keep their dens clean and free of sickness.

Licking each other as they mature into a pack is a way for them to communicate with one another. Liking the pack leader, for example, indicates to the Alpha dog that the canine is asking for permission to participate in the next meal or that the canine is acknowledging the Alpha dog’s authority.

In this way, not only are Havanese introduced to licking activity at a very young age, but they also develop an instinct to continue doing so throughout their entire lifetime. Let’s take a look at some of the other reasons why dogs lick their lips.

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7 Reasons Why Dogs Lick So Much

Your Havanese is a little boring.

In general, Havanese are peaceful and easygoing, but they still require exercise and mental stimulation to maintain their well-being.

When they don’t have much to do, they can be rather resourceful in coming up with something to keep their brains occupied, which may include some serious licking.

Your Havanese may be bored and in need of some mental stimulation if you have noticed them aimlessly licking your furniture, the walls, the floors, or other odd objects about the house.

Your Havanese is expressing his affection for you.

When your Havanese licks your face, he is expressing his appreciation for you.

In the same way that we demonstrate affection by kissing, our dogs exhibit affection by licking us! It dates all the way back to when they were puppies.

As we discussed earlier, mom dogs lick their babies to show them love and affection, and your dog has learnt that licking you is one of the ways he can express his love and affection for you.

In other cases, licking you may be an indication that your Havanese is trying to groom you, which is also a gesture of devotion and concern on his part.

Your Havanese is stressed or anxious

Observing your dog’s body language closely can allow you to determine whether or not your Havanese has been stressed.

This is an indication of stress if you observe your dog has whale eyes (large eyes where you can see the white area of the eyeball), tucked ears, a tucked tail, and excessive lip-licking.

Your Havanese may begin licking himself as a coping method to help him relax and quiet himself down.

Licking can be extremely self-soothing for dogs because it releases chemicals known as endorphins, which cause a happy mood and help to reduce stress.

Some Havanese owners say that their dogs prefer to lick themselves before curling up in a ball to sleep; it was almost like a ritual for them, and it seemed to help them settle down and go asleep more quickly.

Licking may also bring back memories of when they were children and their mother licked them frequently. It transports them to a state of relaxation and tranquilly.

Your Havanese is surrendering to Your Authority.

In addition to seeking to please you, your Havanese may attempt to do so in order to submit to your authority over him by licking your cheeks.

Dogs are mostly pack animals, and members of their pack are frequently greeted with a wet kiss on the face as they arrive.

With their body position somewhat lower than the pack leader, they are indicating that they are willing to submit to the pack leader’s authority.

Your Havanese may behave in this manner with another dog or pet in your home, or even when he meets them for the first time, if he has chosen to submit to that animal’s control over himself.

It’s a Pleasure to Lick.

Well, Most of you will understand what this one is about.

The first thing your dog will do if something smells good is lick it to test how it tastes. The fact that they are licking the floor or furniture at random can be explained by some sweet-smelling substance that was spilt on the floor or furniture last week.

If your Havanese is licking you a lot, it’s likely that he enjoys the flavour of the salt on your skin as well.

It is your scent and taste that distinguishes you from others, and licking you can help cement this into your Havanese’s memory, resulting in a stronger link between you both.

When Havanese owners were asked about their dog’s licking patterns, a startling number of them stated that their dogs licked significantly more than was considered typical by the breed standard. 

Your Havanese Is Trying to Get Your Attention

Havanese were bred to be companion animals. They adore you and would happily cuddle with you for the rest of the day if you allowed them.

Your Havanese will attempt to grab your attention in a variety of ways, including whining, barking, staring at, or licking you. Lurking on you is one of the more subtle methods for him to grab your attention, and it is also likely to be less annoying than barking or crying.

Your dog is intelligent, and he or she is undoubtedly aware that licking you will be more appreciated than barking in your face.

If your Havanese is attempting to communicate with you, he may lick you as a way of indicating that he desires something.

Someone saying something to you could be just declaring his or her love for you, or it could indicate that he is hungry, needs to use the restroom or wants you to join him in a game of some sort.

To Taste Something

To taste something dogs lick their meal bowl, floor, or even their own body if there are still any food particles left. So if your dog is licking too much after eating suggests he is appreciating the taste.

Also, your dog might lick your face and hand too much. It’s because either our skin is left with food particles that dogs can taste or the saltiness of our skin that dogs prefer to lick.

Should I allow my Havanese to Lick me on my face and lips?

If you consider some of your dog’s habits, such as licking their bottoms or eating horrible items, such as their own faeces, it’s no surprise that dogs have a high concentration of bacteria and germs in their mouths.

Many medical specialists, as well as veterinarians, urge that you avoid allowing your dog to lick your lips, eyes, nose, or any open wounds, as this increases the likelihood of an infection or illness developing in these areas. If you prefer receiving doggy kisses, allowing your dog to lick your neck and then cleaning it afterwards is an excellent choice to consider.

For example, if you prefer that your dog does not lick you, diverting them with another action such as stroking or playing and rewarding them for it will encourage them to choose that behaviour as a source of affection rather than licking you.

Just keep in mind that for certain dogs that have a very strong inclination to lick, it may take some time and patience to train them to redirect their licking behaviour regularly.

If you’ve ever wondered why your dog is constantly attempting to lick your face, the explanation is not particularly pleasant. 

Before dogs were domesticated, they would lick their tongues to encourage the regurgitation of partially digested food, and this habit may be traced back to the time when they were wild.

This is how puppies progress from suckling on their mother’s milk to eating partially digested food to eating more solid food as they become older.

However, if you are trying to eat anything and your dog suddenly attacks you with licks, this could be the cause of the problem.

When your dog is excited and wants to show you affection, he or she will most likely attempt to lick you on the face.

Getting licked by your dog will not create any difficulties for the vast majority of healthy humans, but dogs do retain certain germs and bacteria that can be dangerous to some individuals.

What can I do to keep my Havanese from licking excessively?

The fact that your Havanese is licking himself so much is understandable, as is the fact that it is causing you stress and worry. As a dog owner, it is only normal for you to wish to put a stop to such behaviour. In order to prevent your Havanese from excessive licking, here are four effective methods to implement.

Keep Licking to a minimum.

If you can recognise that your Havanese is licking without a legitimate reason and is only attempting to get your attention or demanding anything, you can stop him. You have a chance to evade his licks. And then after some time, he will quit licking his own lips as well. Giving him undivided attention all of the time can make him spoiled.

Excessive Licking Should Be Redirected

By providing your Havanese dog with enough exercise, games, and activities, you may help to boost his cerebral stimulation and keep him happy. That will divert his excessive licking by diverting his attention and causing him to expend energy in a productive manner.

Observe Carefully

When you see that your Havanese is experiencing stress and separation anxiety, take steps to ensure that he feels loved and secure. So that he can learn to trust you and quit licking his lips.

Pay a visit to the veterinarian

If none of the methods is effective, then a veterinarian should be consulted. It’s possible that your dog is suffering from additional medical and emotional problems. In addition, a veterinarian is constantly on the scene to save the day.

What causes my Havanese to lick everything constantly and excessively?

It is possible that your Havanese is suffering from some mental or physical disorders that are causing him to lick excessively and continually do everything. Here is a list of the top 5 most common reasons for excessive licking.

Due to separation Anxiety

In addition to their dog parents, Havanese dogs have strong attachments to their human parents. It is possible that your young Havanese will miss his dog parents and have separation anxiety if you have adopted him.

And this can result in an excessive amount of licking activity. You’ll also notice that they lick practically everything, including their own faces.

Some random Allergies:

The allergies of Havanese can cause irritation in their bodies, which can be caused by dietary or environmental allergens in their diet. Thus, by licking the affected areas repeatedly, your Havanese will attempt to scratch the problem.

If your Havanese is licking their fur excessively, particularly if your Havanese is licking their paws, it could be an indication of allergies.

If you have checked their paws for injuries or wounds and they appear to be normal, the licking could indicate a skin condition known as dermatitis, which is often the result of bacterial problems, allergies, or food sensitivities.

A chemical in your yard, such as grass or weed killer, or any other harsh chemicals or items used in or around your home may have caused your Havanese to develop an allergy.

A severe reaction to fleas or an overreaction to a common staph bacteria that is typical to be present on your dog’s skin are other possibilities for your dog to experience.

It is also possible that your dog’s diet is causing the itching. Even if your dog has been eating the same food for its whole life, it is likely that there is an element in it that your dog has grown accustomed to over time and has acquired a sensitivity to.

They are Too Energetic and lack daily Physical Activity

Havanese dogs are known for being extremely playful and energetic.

However, if they do not get enough opportunities for exercise or other activities, they will begin to lose their energy. They will lick almost everything continually and obsessively, including their own skin.

Also, If your Havanese is suffering from OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), then he would lick objects incessantly as a result of his condition.

OCD is induced by stress, which can be triggered by environmental change, socialising pressure, stress, or even being left alone for an extended amount of time. Separation from a dog’s mother at an early age can also result in OCD.

In Order to Heal A Wound:

One of the most common reasons for extensive licking is the attempt to heal a wound. If your Havanese is injured, he will lick a specific area of his body for an extended period of time, sometimes lasting almost the entire day.

A dog’s saliva contains an enzyme that acts as a natural healer for canines. Why is this?


Before making any decisions that could affect the health and/or safety of your dog, you should always consult a trained veterinarian in your local area.

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Why do Havanese dogs lick so much? Tips to control licking

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