Which Nuts can dogs eat?List of nuts that are safe to Dogs

Which Nuts can dogs eat? List of nuts that are safe for Dogs

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We recently got a Cavapoo puppy home and our family is overjoyed to have a new four-legged companion. We haven’t done much research on the breed, but now that I have him, I’m curious to know a lot of things including which Nuts can we feed him.

I want to know if his treats ought to be mainly dog treats or if he can eat some nuts for treats. I would also like to know if any nuts he can not eat and nuts we can feed him.

Dog owners frequently find ways to indulge their four-legged family members, especially when it comes to food. Cavapoo owners are no exception to this stereotype, and they enjoy slipping something under the table. Is it, however, a smart idea to feed your curly-haired closest friend some nuts?

Some nuts are acceptable to cavoodles or any dogs for that matter. Dogs digest food in a different way than humans. While many Nuts are healthy for dogs to consume and can provide critical nutrients and good health advantages, feeding the wrong nuts can cause stomach aches, vomiting, and even death in severe circumstances.

Because some nuts might have disastrous consequences for dogs, cavoodle owners should consult this list before giving their cavoodles any additional treats.

I discovered some details on this subject today when I investigated it. I have listed some nuts that a cavoodle or any dog can eat.I hope you like this! I hope you enjoy it!

So, Can Dog Eat Nuts?

Dog owners routinely find ways to spoil their four-legged family members, particularly in the food department. 

Cavapoo owners are no exception to this notion, and they relish the opportunity to conceal anything. Is it, on the other hand, a good idea to give your curly-haired best friend some nuts?

Dogs can eat nuts, right?

Any nut can be harmful to dogs if consumed in large amounts. This is due to their high fat content and the ease with which they can be ingested by dogs. 

Nuts that provide only a moderate risk to dogs can be consumed on a limited basis. The insides of your dog can be permanently damaged if he consumes nuts that are toxic to dogs.

Dogs may develop pancreatitis if they consume the wrong type of nut. Pancreatitis, the inflammation of the pancreas, is connected to a fatty diet in dogs in general. 

Vomiting, diarrhoea, fatigue, and a lack of appetite are all symptoms of pancreatitis. He might also walk with his back arched or have an exaggerated tummy.

However, Certain nuts are appropriate to cavoodles and other dogs. Dogs digest food in a way that humans do not. 

While many nuts are safe for dogs to consume and can give vital nutrients and health benefits, eating the incorrect nuts can result in stomach pains, vomiting, and in severe cases, death.

Because some nuts can be fatal to dogs, cavoodle owners should examine this list before providing additional treats to their cavoodles.

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Dog-Friendly Nuts

Given that the majority of humans enjoy nuts and dogs constantly ask for them, it’s important determining whether it’s safe to share these goodies with your fluffy companion.

While nuts have several health advantages when included in a human diet, the long-term effect of nut consumption on canine health is still unknown.

The prevalent belief is that nuts are excessively calorie-dense and fatty for dogs and should not be included in their diet on a regular basis.

However, the majority of animal specialists believe that giving your dog a few nuts on occasion would not hurt them. All you need to know is which nuts are safe for your dog to consume.

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Dogs can Eat peanuts, YAY

Wow, that’s Good news. My dog loves Peanuts. Sometimes I feed them peanuts along with his main food as a Treat..

Dogs can eat peanuts, but they can’t be salted, coated, candied, or caramelised because of the fat content. Even though dogs can’t eat peanuts with their shells on, they will happily consume a handful of unshelled peanuts, whether roasted or raw.

Protein, which dogs require in large amounts, abounds in peanuts. Additionally, the amino acid arginine found in peanuts plays a critical role in the synthesis of nitric oxide, which improves blood circulation. 

As a result, peanuts may help lower your dog’s risk of cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.s.

Peanuts may be beneficial for your dog in many ways but bear in mind that they are heavy in fat, so only give your dog small amounts of peanut treats. It is possible that dogs are also allergic to peanuts.

Does Peanut Butter Good for Dogs?

It’s true that peanut butter isn’t technically a nut (nor are peanuts) but it’s still a popular treat made with nuts, so it’s worth mentioning. If the peanut butter is free of artificial preservatives, salt, and sugar, dogs can eat it.

Check the ingredient list for any elements that might be hazardous to dogs before giving your dog a dollop of creamy (or chunky!) delight (for example, Xylitol). 

Many dog owners use Peanut butter a way to lure dog to get his teeth cleaned .Using peanut butter as a medication aid for your dog should not include more than 10% of the dog’s daily caloric intake.

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Peanuts are safe, but be aware of any side effects.

There is good news for dog owners: peanuts are not poisonous to them. Even while peanuts are okay for use in dog cookies and other treats, it’s vital to remember that they are high in fat.

Fat is tough for dogs to digest. Discomfort in the stomach, including diarrhoea and vomiting, can be caused by an excess of fat in the diet.

Pancreatitis, a painful illness caused by an overindulgence in fat consumption, can occur in dogs. 

When the dog’s pancreas becomes inflamed from eating fat, this is what happens. 

Even while pancreatitis in dogs can be treated, the most severe cases can be life-threatening and very unpleasant for your pet.

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Avoid salt-coated peanuts for your Pooch

Use low-sodium peanut butter or lower-salted peanuts for making treats for your dog, such as stuffing a Kong toy with peanut butter or baking homemade cookies for your dog’s enjoyment.

Avoid foods that combine peanut butter with other ingredients (such as peanut butter cups and other candy bars) since they may contain chocolate, raisins, xylitol, and other poisons that could be harmful if consumed accidentally.

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Your Pooch can eat Chestnut

In the autumn, you could glance up and see your dog drooling over a plate of roasted chestnuts that you’ve just finished eating.

You may be wondering whether it is appropriate to share some of your chestnuts with your dog. What if your dog begins sniffing at chestnuts that have fallen on the ground while you’re out on a walk? To test their recollection, should you call them back and allow them to take a bite?

The American Chestnut is listed as non-toxic to dogs by the APSCA before we go into further specifics. Chestnuts are safe for your dog to consume in modest amounts.
Chestnuts are also a good source of omega fatty acids, which are essential for providing energy and maintaining a healthy coat and skin.

Chestnuts are the best source of potassium. Chestnuts provide 484mg of potassium per 100g serving. This mineral aids in the regulation of muscle and nerve activity, as well as the functioning of the brain and heart.

Chestnuts are also low in fat, which makes them a wonderful treat for dogs on a calorie-controlled diet, as an occasional treat.

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Pine Nuts- Yes to eat but sparingly

Your dog won’t be harmed by these nuts. Offer sparingly because of the high fat and phosphorus content. 

When taken in excess, they might induce digestive problems and possibly pancreatitis. 

Dogs that are prone to urinary system disorders may have difficulty because to the high phosphorus levels.

Brazil Nut – Ok for Larger Dogs, Not ok for smaller dogs

Your dog may eat these enormous nuts without any harm. They are, nevertheless, the heaviest of the nut species. Even if your huge dog is unaffected by one, giving him additional might result in an upset stomach or worse, pancreatitis. Even one brazil nut may be harmful to a little dog like cavoodles and Havanese and so on.

If your dog is enormous and gulps down his goodies, he might still choke or have an intestinal obstruction from these nuts since they are the largest in size.

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Factors to consider while feeding your dog nuts

When a dog is being fed some nuts, its overall daily food and lifestyle should be taken into account. Active dogs ( Big or small) can use a little more calories than less active dogs daily from some good nuts.

Some nuts have higher calories than others and can be eaten by a bigger dog but not to be eaten by smaller dogs like Cavapoo.

Consider the size and activity level of your Dog before feeding the fatty Nuts.

If your dog is not so keen on exercise and activity, You can continue to provide a smaller amounts of  Nuts as Treats.

If your dog Likes to eat  Nuts, it is important to remember to snack or treat these special foods only and not to take them for their regular dog food.

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The Thumb rule is  Portion Control:

The general rule of thumb is to avoid overdoing things. Peanuts or any safe nuts should only be given to your dog as a treat, not as a meal.

Too much peanut butter/ or any safe nut can cause pancreatitis, a painful and debilitating disease in dogs, due to its high-fat content.

If you’re unsure about whether or not you should feed nuts to your dog, go to your veterinarian.

Your Vet will be familiar with your dog’s health and diet.

Nuts to Stay away From

 Macadamia Nuts

Stay away from this nut. These nuts whether raw or roasted, are poisonous to your dog’s system. Dogs should never eat macadamia nuts, even if scientists don’t know why they’re harmful (like raisins and grapes). For your dog, there is no such thing as a safe serving size for these nuts.

Dogs with vomiting, diarrhoea and other significant gastrointestinal issues may be suffering from macadamia nut poisoning.


Roasting or baking the cashews removes the toxin, which is identical to that found in poison ivy, from the nuts. One or two unsalted cashews won’t be hazardous to healthy dogs. There is a choking concern associated with huge cashews, even in giant breeds.


Walnuts should not be fed to pets due to the risk of intestinal obstruction and stomach irritation. Black walnuts can be toxic to dogs due to a high chance of mould contamination.


It’s another nut that’s great for you, but not so great for your dog. Toxins found in aspergillus mould or mycotoxins may induce liver failure in dogs when eaten, although pistachios themselves are safe for your dog to eat.

Pistachios are heavy in fat and calories, thus they should be used in moderation.

Dogs may choke or get obstructed by pistachios with their shells still on them, so it’s important to keep an eye on them. Remove the shells from the pistachios before giving them to your dog.

Hickory nuts

For the same reasons as pecans and walnuts, these nuts should not be fed to your dog. Mycotoxins or moulds that induce convulsions and seizures may be present in them.

Can I feed my dog Peanut Butter?

Peanut Butter/Peanuts

Who doesn’t enjoy watching a dog eat peanut butter and count the number of licks it takes to consume it? Is peanut butter, however, safe for your cavoodle? Yes, as long as there is no xylitol in it.

Dogs are highly poisonous to xylitol, a sugar substitute found in low-sugar or sugar-free products. Before feeding peanut butter to your cavoodle, carefully examine the product label for xylitol.

Unsalted and raw peanut butter is a good source of:
Niacin Protein Healthy Fats for Your Dog’s Heart Vitamin E Vitamin B
Peanuts are also safe for your cavoodle to consume, but use caution because they can be fatty. Also, only offer your dog unsalted butter.

How many Nuts can I feed my Dog at one time as a treat?

There is no quantity, as the size, health, diet, workout and lifestyle of every dog are different. When comparing the human food your cavapoo can eat as a treat to a normal dog treat, most pet parents can figure out an appropriate level.

If you would offer three or four dog treats after a trip to your dog park for good behaviour. It could be a quarter of a cup. This may be a bit of cooked sweet potato or chicken with four or five healthy vegetables like carrots.

As long as the dog does not take these foods too often during the day as a treat, they are okay. 

Sometimes, it can be both entertaining and healthy to provide small bits of human food as treats.

As a  pet parent, if you want to ensure that you are feeding the right amount of human foods to your Cavapoo puppy, you may consult your vet who knows about your dog.

Will my Cavapoo show up with signs of a food allergy if I feed him Nuts?

Food allergy in dogs includes issues such as itchy or irritated skin and digestive problems such as vomiting and diarrhoea if you feed human food to eat as a treat. 

Other signs may include energy shortage, nervousness, weight loss, hyperactivity and changes in behaviour.

Humans and dogs share many of the same allergies to nuts and other food. Furthermore, the dog model shows clinical symptoms typical of humans, that is, both experience vomiting and diarrhoea.

Source: The Dog as a Model for Food Allergy

Each cavapoo can react or show a food allergy or sensitivity as do people. Some cavapoos may have just one or two symptoms, while some may have multiple symptoms.

The signs can often be very subtle and overlooked, most of the time. The most common admonition of a Cavapoo or another dog race to an allergy to food is itchiness, irritations and digestive problems.

Once a food allergy or sensitivity has been detected, the food should be stopped immediately and the veterinarian must be consulted.

While many human foods are okay for your dog to consume, it’s not a good idea to feed him a diet that contains solely the same meals you consume. 

However, you’ll definitely want to give him a nibble from your plate now and then, so be sure you know what’s safe for him to eat before you do. Moderation is also crucial, since providing too much is not safe for your pooch.

Can I feed my dog grains?

Cereals are an essential component of numerous human diets, but grains are not healthy when it comes to a healthy diet for a dog, Cavapoo or otherwise.

If you look at the first set of healthy and nutritious dog food ingredients for any dog, you’ll find that the top ingredient is protein.

There are many forms of protein, from beef to chicken and fish, and even cheese or liver. So,  human food with proteins should always be the first choice to feed a dog.

If the grain is fed, small amounts should be offered. Think of the cookies without sugar OR  small Spoon of peanut butter as a Treat.

Sugar is another NON-healthy choice for any dog to eat. While sugar gives us humans a better taste, but dogs don’t need it. So, avoid feeding your cavapoo sugary food even as a Treat.

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Wrapping up…

While you can feed human food to your Cavapoo,  ensure to only feed them as small treats to keep them healthy.

Fortunately, they can enjoy a lot of human food and have a sense that we share our food with them. What could be more pleasant than sitting down and sharing a bowl of salad with your fur baby!!

Which Nuts can dogs eat?List of nuts that are safe to Dogs

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