What size bed for Cavapoo - What to choose Small, Medium or Large

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What size bed should I get for my Cavapoo?

The majority of Cavapoos will sleep in a small-sized dog bed. You can estimate the size of the bed based on their weight. Cavapoos typically weigh between nine and twenty-five pounds. If your Cavapoo is on the larger side, upgrading to a medium-size dog bed may be necessary.


The size of bed required for a Cavapoo is determined primarily by the dog’s size, as some Cavapoos are larger than others. A Cavapoo’s bed size is determined by their weight. Cavapoos typically weigh between nine and twenty-five pounds, but this is only a guideline.

Certain Cavapoos may be larger or smaller than this size. Dogs in this size range will typically fit in an extra-small to a small-sized dog bed. If your Cavapoo weighs slightly more than this, they will benefit from the medium size.

Dog beds are available in a variety of shapes and styles. Some are fluffier than others, while others are firmer and more contoured, just like human beds.

Dog beds are available in a variety of shapes and styles. Some are fluffier than others, while others are firmer and more contoured, just like human beds. While it is not always possible for pet parents to take their furry companion to the store and lay on various beds to determine which one they prefer, pet parents can usually get a pretty good idea of what their pet will like based on where they want to curl up at home.

If the Cavapoo prefers to curl up on something soft and fluffy, they will enjoy resting on that type of bed; if their prefered method of curling up is firmer and harder than normal, they may appreciate something firmer. If pet parents wish to purchase a larger-than-normal-sized bed for their Cavapoo, it is unlikely that the Cavapoo will object.

The size of the dog bed may also be determined by the location of the Cavapoo in their home and the amount of space they will have. Extra small dog beds are approximately eighteen inches in length, while small dog beds are approximately twenty-four inches in length, making them easily fit in numerous small spaces throughout the home.

Cavapoos are a mix of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. They range in size from small to medium. The type of Poodle used in the mix will affect the size of the Cavapoo, as well as the genetics and size of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. How much of each purebred dog they acquire determines which parent they will inherit and their size.

Reputable breeders typically have a good idea of the size of the Cavapoos in their litters.


Even so, there is always the possibility of a surprise, of one being slightly larger or smaller than the other, as this is a mixed breed that combines the characteristics of two different dog breeds.

That being said, determining the appropriate size bed for a Cavapoo is fairly straightforward, as their weight typically ranges between nine and twenty-five pounds, give or take a few pounds depending on age, genetics, and diet. The majority of dogs in this size group will fit comfortably in an extra-small or small-sized dog bed.

These beds, which measure eighteen inches in width for an extra small dog bed and twenty-four inches in width for a small dog bed, are available in a variety of shapes, textures, and fabrics. Additionally, they can be fluffy or firm, depending on the dog’s preference.

Choosing a dog bed is a relatively simple process.

Choose the appropriate size for your Cavapoo, then a style, fabric, shape, texture, and whether it will be firm or fluffy, and finally a colour, as most often there are multiple options.

That’s it; it’s quite simple, and while many of us pet parents wish our furry companions could accompany us and assist us in selecting their favourite, this is not usually the case.


While it is possible to find pet stores that allow dogs inside, encouraging your dog to try out different beds is probably not the best idea, as they will almost certainly leave their bodily scent and a bit of fur behind.

While the extra small and small sizes are most likely to fit a Cavapoo, dogs that are heavier than the breed’s average weight can be accommodated in the medium-sized dog beds.


In reality, no dog will object to receiving a slightly larger dog bed, as it simply means more space to move around and curl up.


One consideration when determining the appropriate size dog bed for a Cavapoo is the intended use of the bedding. If the bedding is intended for a crate, this will assist in determining the bedding’s size.

If it is to be placed in a specific location within the home, the size of the Cavapoo bedding will also be determined by that location. However, the extra small to small-sized bedding is quite small.

As a result, it should be simple to fit this bedding into a variety of locations, even if it requires moulding to fit into a small space.

How do I choose the proper bedding for my Cavapoo?

For those who already own a Cavapoo, the best way to determine the proper type of bedding for their comfort is to observe where they rest and lay down at home.

While dogs are not always picky about where they sleep, if a pet parent pays close attention, they will often discover that the majority of dogs have a favourite spot.

This is also an excellent way to note the location of their bed in the house.

If a Cavapoo puppy is still at the breeder, observe how they sleep with their littermates. If they are the lone puppy who prefers to sleep alone on a harder surface in a corner, they may opt for a firmer bed.


If they are the puppy that lies on top of the other puppies’ heads, they may prefer a super soft bed that is close to their pet parent’s bed, which may or may not work if the bed is to be used inside a dog crate.

Is it necessary for my Cavapoo to have a dog bed?

Yes, a dog bed is required for your Cavapoo. Which type of bedding is used is entirely up to the pet parent and household, but they should always have a comfortable place to rest and lay down.

Cavapoos are companion dogs who desire nothing more than to be physically close to their owners.

Depending on the family, household, and situation, purchasing a bed for them may seem counterproductive, as they may end up sleeping next to the pet parent, snuggled up on their pillow, or using them as a pillow.


Whatever the case, Cavapoo bedding is a must-have in any household. For pet parents who occasionally use a dog crate, providing a comfortable sleeping area for their Cavapoo in the crate is necessary.

For those who do not use crates, placing a bed throughout the house can benefit the Cavapoo by providing a comfortable place to lay in various household locations. While they may sleep with their pet parents, a bed in the living room or even the kitchen can provide them with a comfortable place to lounge while remaining close to their pet parents.

It’s also an excellent way to teach a Cavapoo to stay off the furniture if the pet parent is opposed to the Cavapoo being on it.


Note that if you have multiple dog beds in your house for your Cavapoo, you should keep the beds on the floor to prevent any accidents. Put the dog’s bedding on the couch or chair, or even your own bed, because dogs like to mess and can move around. When dogs are fussing with their bedding on the edge of the couch, this could be a dangerous occurrence as they could easily fall off.

Should I buy a dog bed for my Cavapoo?

Buying a dog bed is not necessary for Cavapoos. Some pet parents are creative and offer another alternative to store-bought bedding. As simple as a well-folded pillow or blanket, or a handmade design.

The experience will be as comfortable as the store-bought if not more comfortable because it may smell like home and the Cavapoos’ family.


Dogs are unlikely to complain about any bedding provided for them, as long as it meets their requirements for comfort and a cosy resting place.


Wrapping up:

Cavapoos require size bedding to match their size, with regard to the location and needs of the pet parents.

Even if the bedding fits perfectly, Cavapoos are unlikely to say that it is too small or slightly larger.

A Cavapoo wants a comfortable place to sleep and rest where they can be near their loved ones. Go in after your sweetheart and get cosy. dogs love to sleep besides their owners

Do you still have questions?

Pet ownership is a tricky business! Each one has different care and needs, so learning everything you can about your pet is the best way to ensure they get the best possible care.

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