Toilet training your dog when it is pouring rain outdoors

Toilet training your dog when it is pouring rain outdoors

Toilet training your dog when it is pouring rain outdoors

Why should your cute Lil doggo refuse to go pee outside in the rain and chilly weather? Is it really possible to blame him for this? 

He despises inclement weather just as much as you do. If it’s really cold outdoors, your canine companion may be better off remaining home since if he’s out for an extended period of time, he may suffer from hypothermia or frostbite. 

To avoid this, come up with ingenious ways that will allow your pet buddy to go pee regardless of the weather conditions. 

Wet dog cleanups will no longer be an issue, and both sides will be pleased with the arrangement.

So what do you all do for toilet training when it is pouring rain outdoors and the puppy refuses to go out? 

I’ve been trying to teach her to go on grass may indoors, but have not had a lot of success so far. 

Have any of you been able to dual-train your puppies to go on a mat and outdoors?

When it’s raining or chilly outside, Our 1 yo Cavapoo Rover doesn’t want to go outside to pee, but you don’t want him to make messes in the house. In the event that you do not intend to force him outside, you must offer him a place to relieve himself.

Why does my dog hate going out to pee & poo in the rain

First and first, it’s critical to determine exactly why your dog refuses to step foot outside in the first place before exploring your choices for encouraging him to relieve himself outside. 

Some dogs, according to Dr. Natalie Bill of Awwpetsvet, may suffer from thunderstorm phobia, which causes them to become overcome with worry at the sight or sound of rain or thunderstorms (or snow, or wind). 

If this is the case, a Thundershirt may be able to calm your canine companion long enough for you to get him out the door.

Another option is that some dogs will not relieve themselves in rain or snow simply because being cold and wet makes them uncomfortable (ask any dog owner). 

If your dog just does not want to go outside when the weather is less than ideal, there are a few easy steps you can take to get him or her out the door just long enough to take care of their business.

What To Do When Your Dog Won’t Pee or Poop in the Rain

Training tips for ongoing success

Training with a Pen or pad

Use the “can’t miss” elimination method to teach Beau to use paper. In his ex-pen or in a spot where the floor will not be damaged by urine or poop, spread papers side to side.

At least five times a day, bring him to this area and keep him there when you’re away or sleeping, so he doesn’t get out of hand.

Our Rover’s preferred place to relieve himself will become clear over the course of a week or so.

Begin by removing a section or two at a time, starting on the other side of the pen from him, until just the selected area of paper remains.

Retrace your steps if he begins to “miss” the papers you left behind. In the future, you can take him out and put down the papers as if he were a normal dog.

A Litter Pan is what you need

Using a litter pan can be taught to our cavapoo  if he’s already been paper-trained. ‘

The best place for him to relieve himself is at his favourite indoor potty spot. Use toilet paper or potty pads to line the pan’s bottom.

You can gradually introduce your chosen sort of litter once he gets used to using the lined pan.

The addition of a post in the middle of a pan provides male dogs with a target.

On Your Command!

Do not forget to teach your dog how to go to the bathroom if you do not have any pee pads or newspapers or if you do not have the time or energy to create a potty in your backyard. 

Using this method, you may immediately bring him outside and give him the order, wait till he does potty, and then return to the house. “Go potty” and other verbal commands like “do your business” should be used. 

It’s best to keep your pet on a leash when it’s raining or sleeting so that he doesn’t take you for a lengthy walk around the neighbourhood to relieve himself.

Use Toilet pads

If you and your dog don’t want to go outdoors in terrible weather, having pee pads on hand can come in handy. 

Place a pee pad on a floor that is easy to clean, then tell your pet to “go potty” as you bring him to the pad. 

With a urine-absorbing pad that offers an enticing scent for dogs, it’s easy to get rid of. A tray lined with artificial or real grass can also be used to spread newspapers on the floor. Training a puppy or a small dog to use a litter box is also possible.

Make Your Own Outdoor Toilet

Your dog’s bathroom should be in the backyard because it’s right outside the door and it’s convenient for you. 

Garden timbers can be used to create a barrier around a rectangular or square portion of the yard. It’s best to keep your dog dry during rainy weather by using a location that has an overhang. 

Sand and pea-sized stones should be spread over the ground in the region. When your dog needs to go to the toilet, take him to his backyard bathroom. Over time, he’ll learn what the place is used for and how to go there on his own.

Fake grass undercover easy to collect poo easy to hose dries fast

Make a Statement with Your dog’s Wardrobe

If you believe that putting clothing on your dog is humiliating, you should reconsider your position. 

Dog clothing is not only attractive, but it may also serve a practical purpose. If you put on a coat and shoes before venturing outdoors in the cold, why can’t your dog do the same thing?

 When it’s chilly and wet outside, dogs — especially those with delicate skin — will welcome being wrapped up in a nice sweater or jacket when they’re taken outdoors to go pee. 

Dog shoes may help keep your pet companion’s paws dry and clean, and during the winter, they can provide protection from the chemicals used to melt the snow that can cause irritation.

Reward your Doggo

Once you’ve trained your dog to use the toilet in inclement weather, it’s critical to praise him so he understands that urinating outside in the rain results in pleasant consequences. 

How you reward your pet will depend on his preferences; thus, find out what he enjoys and immediately present it to him as a positive treat once he has relieved himself.

You may also teach your dog to link enjoyable activities with severe weather by allowing him to play outside in the rain or snow. 

Make sure to lavish him with praise as you engage in positive reward training, and just do your best to make stepping outdoors in inclement weather enjoyable for everyone, which will give him something to look forwards to in the future.

Pro tip

We have fake grass indoors that’s really helpful when it’s pouring outside. So far she’s been good but just this morning I was outside with her for 10mins trying to make her wee and finally came in and she immediately did on the fake grass inside 🙄 Not sure if we have a new problem at hand now. Our pup is 11 weeks

Jan Robinson a writer who lives in the United Kingdom says …

My 7-year-old doggo will not venture outside in the rain. I’ve had the most luck with wee’s when I put her on a leash and take her on a walk. Otherwise, she waits till the rain has ceased before continuing. She has a doggy door and a covered concrete patio, but she doesn’t do anything but wait. I’m not going to pee on a grass mat.

Pro tip

Throw a ball out the back door and hopefully, he/she will chase after it and go to the toilet. If you have a covered area you can get a grass mat for your puppy to use. Give lots of treats if he/she goes!

Final Thoughts

Soak them in the rain on a regular basis so they become accustomed to it. Don’t let them think it’s bad. 

If it rained you can run around your yard screaming and yelling at him, looking like a crazy person, with a bunch of chickens in your hands, asking him to come to play with me!! 

He can now go outside to urinate without any problems even when it is pouring because the rain does not upset him.

If your dog will not go outdoors to relieve himself in severe weather, pee pads may be able to save you the trouble of taking him outside completely. 

Pads, of course, are often reserved for puppies and tiny dogs, but if your dog is ready to use them and you’re prepared to clean up the messes that result, it may be a viable alternative to investigate.

I learned a trick to leave their water a few mtrs out on the grass, that way they go out for a drink even if it’s raining a few times a day and they’ll go toilet too! is it not a good tip?

Toilet training your dog when it is pouring rain outdoors

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