Cool Things to know about Cavapoo Puppies

Cool Things to know about Cavapoo Puppies

Interesting Things to Know about Cavapoo Puppies

If you are new to Puppies in your Life, You Might Have Heaps of Questions. We get you. We have been there when we got our Cavoodle Puppy(Rover) last year.

Some of the answers to the most common questions we had are listed in the below list. 

This Blog will get you going with your Fur-baby without hassles.

Cavapoo is a Mixed Breed / Designer Breed: King Charles Spaniel Poodle mix
Height: 9 – 14 inches
Weight: 12 – 25 pounds
Life Span: 13 – 15 years
Coat Colours: White, Black, Gold Chestnut, Tricolor
Grooming: Needs regular grooming
Health Issues: Progressive Retinal Atrophy
Needs daily exercise and mental stimulation. Benefits from positive reinforcement training
Great family pets

Cavapoo Looks/Appearance

Cavapoo puppies can take on either the physical characteristics of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels or Poodles, which breed they will use after more. It’s difficult to predict. 

Generally Cavapoos, like their parents, have sweet expressions and solid small bodies. Their coat is long, wavy or curly, and they are ether.

Colour: Blue, grey, silver, brown and lay-back cafe, apricots and creams. This is the most tasteful tone of a Poodle’s muted colour. Or it could be found in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels’ rich browns and black.

Cool Things to know about Cavapoo Puppies

How big do Cavapoos get?

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are usually no more than about 12–13 inches high at the shoulders.

Tipping the scales at 13–18 pounds, they are categorised as a toy breed.

But whether your other parent was a toy or a miniature poodle will be a major determiner of your adult Cavapoo puppy’s size. Miniature Poodles normally weigh between 10 to 15 centimetres high and 10 to 15 pounds on the shoulders.

The Poodle toy is less than 10″ high and weighs only 6 Pounds. The weight and height of the Cavapoo can vary, but the general rule is to look at their parents’ measurements. You can expect the range of parents to cover.

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How Often Should I Groom My Cavapoo

Depending on the Fur Growth, You must Groom your Cavoodle Pup every 3-4 weeks. If you know how to groom dogs, You can Groom Your pup at home. 

There are many tools available across the pet shops in Australia that you can make use of.  However, If you are new to pet Grooming It’s recommended to get it done professionally.

Either you can go for a full Groom Or Min Groom depending on the Coat Length. 

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What do I feed my Cavapoo Puppy?

The majority of Cavoodles are not picky eaters by nature, but some are pickier than others. 

Sticking to your dog’s previous diet ( Whether you you got him from a Breeder or a previous owner)is not only vital for avoiding gastric upsets, which can be serious in young puppies, but it will also be what a fussy pup is used to eating. 

Since Cavoodles are a small dog breed, they are usually inexpensive to feed. 

If you want to feed dry food, stick with a quality dry food since Cavoodles consume small quantities at a time and need this small amount to have all of the nutrition they require.

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Cool Things to know about Cavapoo Puppies

How much walk does a cavapoo need?

A Full Grown  Cavapoos will need a 40-60 minute a day workout. This can be best divided into two or three short walks. 

Your Cavapoo will require time and attention to play games again in your home.

And you can play fetch in an enclosed yard that’s perfect. You can also use interactive toys and puzzle feeders to use some of the mental energy of your Cavapoo.

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How much does a cavapoo cost?

Though not a pure race, it is not difficult to find Cavapoo breeders in person or online.

However, for your designer puppy, you will probably have to shell out premium prices. 

You may want to do some Research on the breeders and Check out this article that talks about what questions you need to ask to find a Reputable Breeder- How to make sure that you are getting your Cavapoo from a Reputable Breeder.

Ensure that a responsible breeder is involved and that Cavapoo puppies are brought up in a safe environment.

If Possible meet the parents of your puppy just to have a general idea about their Temperament.

What is cavapoo Temperament like?

King Charles Cavalier The Spaniels are gracious, sweet, and gentle, making fellow dogs good to all ages’ households. They have certain age-old sports, so they like to chase squirrels and so forth.

They are famous for adapting to the lifestyle of their owners and their ability to live actively or to live around. Poodles are known for their intelligence, athletics and strength, on the other hand.

These are agile dogs with great instincts to follow and nothing but a host of activities and play. In the home, Poodles live with lots of love and pride. But, while out and around, they are prone to timidity.

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Fun facts about Cavapoos

  • Cavapoos were  first made in Australia 
  • There are many Facebook Groups dedicated to this Cute and Friendly Breed.
  • Cavapoos even have a children’s book dedicated to them in the USA now.
  • Cavapoos are often seen as cute and cute  teddy bear dogs!, They can be Groomed to Look Just Like Teddy Bears
  • And finally, the dating app “Dig owes” its beginnings to a Pet Cavapoo 
  • When the owner discovered that many people on dating apps make false claims about being dog lovers, she started a new dating platform for people who really Love & Care  about dogs to find Love…

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Cool Things to know about Cavapoo Puppies

Cool Things to know about Cavapoo Puppies

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