My Puppy eating stones- [Should I be worried]

My Puppy eating stones- [Should I be worried]

My Puppy eating stones : [Should I be worried]

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Although it may not be appealing to Humans, dogs chew or even consume stones on a regular basis. 

This can be extremely dangerous, resulting in intestinal obstructions and immediate surgery. Contact a vet office right away if your dog has eaten a stone or anything else they shouldn’t have.

It is frightening to hear a dog chewing on stones and gravel. CRUNCH! Why does my puppy want to chew stones? Are they ill? How do we put a stop to this behaviour?

Puppies have a proclivity for misbehaving, which is why it’s critical to keep a tight check on them at all times.

Sometimes they know better and just don’t care, but most of the time they don’t.

My Puppy eating stones- [Should I be worried]

Why is my Puppy eating stone?

If your pup has lately begun eating or chewing on stones, it may indicate that they are in discomfort or have an underlying medical condition. 

However, it is generally a behavioural issue. If your dog is swallowing stones, this is referred to as ‘pica,’ which means ingesting non-food objects.

Dogs may chew on items as a symptom of boredom or distress, and some owners report that their dogs are fascinated with pebbles. 

Providing new toys and dog-friendly chews, as well as exploring other psychologically and physically rewarding activities, may assist to ease this.

 You should also consult with a canine behaviourist for further information. Prevent your dog from accessing stones, even if they are simply chewing on them, as they may accidentally ingest them. 

If your dog swallows a stone or rock, it might cause gastrointestinal blockage and necessitate surgery.

Why does my puppy want to chew rocks?

Medical Problems

The first reason your dog is eating rocks might be a sign of a more serious health problem.


Believe it or not, boredom and a lack of attention might be the main reasons your dog is eating pebbles. There is even a term for the ailment that dogs acquire from ingesting rocks: “PICA.”


This is arguably the least plausible of the three, but it should not be dismissed. 

This is because, in most cases, when you see a dog eating pebbles because he is starving or has been beaten, he was either homeless or living in very poor conditions.

Is it harmful to dogs to consume stones?

Yes, since consuming them can result in an intestinal obstruction, which is highly hazardous and necessitates surgery. 

It can also cause harm by penetrating the intestines, resulting in serious illness and leaking of contents into the stomach. In some cases, a stone may linger in the stomach and cause severe irritation.

If your dog is picking up stones but not eating them, it is most likely a behavioural issue. 

Some dog breeds like carrying or retrieving things in particular, but this behaviour should be guided towards safe toys rather than stones or sticks.

Will dogs pass through rocks?

They could work if the rocks are tiny enough. However, if your dog has swallowed a stone of any size, you should seek veterinarian attention.

How can I stop my puppy from chewing stones, gravel, and soil in the garden?

It is typical for pups to consume things they should not, however, it is better to avoid this. 

If you haven’t already, try to supply your puppy with lots of age-appropriate dog toys and chews, as well as a training regimen. Giving your dog something else to focus on might help to calm him down.

Teach your pet to Obey the “leave it.” word

Training your puppy to drop stones can protect them from health problems. The “leave it” command is useful in a variety of scenarios, including when your puppy is chewing on stones. 

When you find them chewing on anything they shouldn’t tell them firmly, “Drop it/ leave it”

You may teach your puppy to “leave it/drop it” by doing the following:

  • Give your dog a Chew toy.
  • Allow them a few seconds to play.
  • Put your Pooch’s fave treat in front of them.
  • As they finish the treat, pick up the toy and hide it behind your back.
  • Repeat with the toy when Fido has done eating.
  • When your dog starts dropping the toy when you offer him the goodie, say “Drop it.”( source)

Continue to repeat, and then provide the cue without revealing any goodies.

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My Puppy eating stones- [Should I be worried]

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At Pet Paws Hub, we strive to be the ultimate resource for learning everything about Owning & caring for your pet!

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