Is it common that my Puppy is obsessed with toilet paper?

Is it common that my Puppy is obsessed with toilet paper?

Is it common that my Puppy is obsessed with toilet paper

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My Puppy/Dog is obsessed with Toilet rolls, Is It common?

Why do my pup Shred toilet paper and why do my dog eat toilet paper.

These are the most Often Asked questions on Facebook Dog forums.

 Is it towels, toilet paper, or paper towels that your dog goes cuckoo? Yeah!  You are not alone. Many dog owners struggle to keep the sanity of trash in their homes, and Not to see their fur baby  wander around the House every day with trash in his/her mouth.

Stanley Coren, a dog expert, explains in a recent article in Psychological Today how the hunting instincts of a dog trigger this apparently weird fascination.

Psychology behind this Toilet roll Obsession

It is not just the texture of the paper does not only tap into the instincts of the dog. 

It’s just the behaviour of a dog in the wild that takes away his meat—the very act of holding down a fabric box or a toilet roll—and shredding it into a mulch.Also, many Pups and dogs eat Toilet paper.

Used paper products also have a variety of flavours and scents, which attract dogs. 

Like underwear and socks, a snacky fabric is a salty treasure, which tastes like you. (Have we mentioned the grossness of the dogs?).

Boredom, stress or fear can also send dogs to shred Toile paper. 

Ensure that your dog receives sufficient mental and physical stimulation when a you are away by hiring a Good Dog sitter or dog walker.

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It’s PICA – have you heard about it?

Is your dog frequently doing a dumpster dive at your house in search of some less-than-appetizing goodies to consume?

 If you are concerned that you have the strangest dog in the neighbourhood, be assured that you are not alone. 

Pica, which is the eating of tissues and other non-food objects and It’s called PICA. Pica is “the persistent yearning and obsessive eating of nonfood substances,” according to the Farlex Free Dictionary. 

Does your dog consume paper, dirt, manure, pebbles, or anything else he is not supposed to consume? 

Pica is the term for eating non-food objects, while coprophagia is the term for eating faeces specifically. 

Apart from being destructive or repulsive, is this behaviour detrimental to your dog’s health? 

Is it a sign of an underlying health condition that you should be concerned about? 

How can you safeguard your dog and your property from his odd eating habits? Let’s look at pica and coprophagia in detail so that you have the knowledge necessary to safeguard your dog.

Pica is also the Latin word for magpie, a bird that eats almost anything.

Pica and coprophagia have a variety of underlying causes, both physical and psychological. These may include:

  • Anemia
  • -Neurological disease
  • –Poisoning
  • -Malnutrition
  • -Vitamin deficiency
  • –Increased appetite
  • –Diabetes
  • -Boredom
  • –Anxiety
  • Thyroid disease
  • –Parasites
  • -Undigested articles of food in feces
  • -Extra protein in cat feces
  • –Inflammatory bowel disease

Let’s take a look at why your dog behaves in this manner and how you may discourage this undesirable behaviour.

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Does Eating Toilet Paper makes my dog sick?

Sometimes a little paper will not lead to more than a disturbing stomach, if anything. Some confetti can be seen, but not too alarming.

However, If Pica persists, it may pose a threat: Dogs (and people, for that matter) aren’t designed to eat items like paper, and their bodies can’t naturally absorb it.

You face the chance of your dog’s intestines becoming “blocked” by foreign things if you don’t handle your dog’s toilet paper fixation, which will require a very expensive trip to the doctor, surgery, and more trauma than either you, your dog, or your vet want to deal with to solve.

Eating toilet paper can also create other concerns in your dog, such as lethargy or digestive problems, according to PetMD.

Why Does My Dog Eat Tissues?

Toilet Paper Can Relieve Puppy
Teething Pain

Puppies and small dogs are particularly prone to behavioural chewing. 

Toilet paper seems like a logical pick for puppies since, well, it’s soft and squishy and enjoyable to rip and bite, and it’s part of the normal teething process. 

Toilet paper is also likely to help the itching, unpleasant sensation that comes with teething.

If your puppy is teething and reaching for the toilet paper, replace it with something more suitable to chew on before it develops into a bad habit. 

Check out our list of puppy teething toys – many of them can be frozen to help soothe and numb your puppy’s sensitive chompers.

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Paper shredding and eating due
to Stress & Boredom

Some dogs & Puppies , particularly those who rush to the hoard of toilet paper rolls when you leave them at home for the day, engage in this behaviour to relieve tension or boredom.

If your dog is exhibiting other indicators of stress, such as a decrease in playfulness or a fixation on certain activities, such as toilet paper munching, you should evaluate whether any new or unexpected home activity is causing your dog to get stressed. 

If you’re stumped, you may need to consult a veterinarian for assistance in determining the reason of your dog’s worry.

You may prevent your dog from becoming bored by making sure they have enough activities to keep them occupied — I would  recommend dog puzzle toys that reward your dog with yummy treats as they accomplish specific obstacles.

Many owners find that packing Kongs with peanut butter or wet dog food and freezing the toy overnight works well.

The end result is a delectable pupsicle that your dog will enjoy all day!

Take into account whether or not your dog gets adequate exercise. 

The most effective way to reduce a dog’s destructive behaviour is to increase exercise.

Longer walks, more cardiovascular activities (how about some nice frisbee fetch sessions?) or hiring a walker to come out in the middle of the day for an extra excursion outside are all terrific ideas.

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Is it common that my Puppy is obsessed with toilet paper?

Puppies May Eat Toilet Paper
Because They’re Hungry!

Your puppy or the dog may be eating (not just shredding) tissues owing to simple hunger or malnutrition, according to this pet article (this can be the cause for poop-eating as well).

No, this does not automatically make you a bad dog owner; you simply need to address the underlying issue. Some of the reasons for this, according to PetMD, could be:

Your dog may have worms; the best course of action is to deworm them – as well as yourself – to see whether the condition goes away.

It’s possible that your dog isn’t getting enough nutrients from the food they’re eating: Consult your veterinarian about modifying your dog’s diet, or try one of the diets on our list of the healthiest dog foods.

It’s possible that your dog has stomach issues: Check with your veterinarian to see what may be done about the problem.

How to prevent this Toilet Paper Shredding Behaviour of your Dog?

Build a Shred Free Zone:

The biggest step you can take is restricting the access of your dog to the bathroom and kitchen. 

Naturally, when you aren’t certain what is causing a behaviour, it might be difficult to come up with a remedy. 

However, the good news is that there are a few common sense procedures you can do to help you maintain control over the situation.

Prevention is crucial.  Additional steps  to prevent this kind of Behaviour are simple:

  • Stocking or locking waste and recycling cans
  • keeping the paper products out of reach
  • Hang  the Toilet roll to the wall, a bit Higher so your dog can’t reach.
  • keep some toys that are chewable and kind os spreadable.

Make sure your dog has a range of safe toys to keep him entertained when he gets bored. 

Treat puzzles are a fun way to keep your dog entertained while you’re out and about. These toys may also help to improve your dog’s intelligence. In addition, resist boredom.

Restriction on your dog’s access to tissues is particularly important while you aren’t at home. 

Make it a practise to keep restroom doors locked and to use garbage cans that have a pup-proof lid on them.

Spend uninterrupted daily time with your canine companion so that they may absorb you in a more beneficial manner than usual. 

Take a stroll, cuddle up on the sofa, or kick the ball around with your friends. A little amount of affection may go a long way.

If your dog’s health is suffering as a result of an unbalanced diet, try increasing the variety of food available to him. 

Eating solely dry dog food is like to people only eating fortified morning cereal for the rest of their lives. 

Consider obtaining veterinary care to rule out any underlying illnesses or parasites that may be causing the problem.

Should I be concerned that my dog is consuming tissues?

The consumption of any non-food object is detrimental to your pup’s health, but a single tissue does not need an emergency vet visit, as long as the material is not consumed in large quantities. 

If she generally plays with tissues rather than eating them, you probably don’t need to worry about anything at all. 

The volume and size of the object are important considerations in this situation.

free-star Tissues are thin and delicate, and they will almost completely dissolve if exposed to enough fluids. 

Your dog will most likely merely pass these bits through her body if they are in little numbers. 

A more diverse selection of non-food things, on the other hand, is a source of serious worry.

The difficulty is that since these foreign items do not have the capacity to be broken down and digested, they might create a gastrointestinal obstruction. 

This will result in a considerable lot of discomfort, followed by surgery to remove the obstruction. 

Paper goods such as tampons, pads, and even paper towels are large enough to cause significant problems in your dog’s bowel movements.

You should believe your instincts if your dog is behaving unwell and doesn’t want to eat, vomits often, or simply doesn’t seem herself. Consult with your veterinarian about her condition.

So here is the perfect (and inexpensive) dog toy. Take a deep cotton knit sweat sock (or a flannel sock if you have one) and then take one of those small plastic bottles that water is sold in.

When empty these bottles make a crackling sound when they are crushed. 

Take the empty bottle and insert it into the sock, then tie off the end (or sew the end if you are feeling ambitious) and toss this new toy to your dog. That’s it!

Your dog will be attracted to the sock toy, and once in his mouth, the fact that it now responds with interesting noises when he bites hit it makes this a very desirable thing for him to play with.

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Is it common that my Puppy is obsessed with toilet paper?

Is it common that my Puppy is obsessed with toilet paper?

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