Moodles Vs Cavoodles? All things you need to know
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Moodles Vs Cavoodles? All things you need to know

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Moodles Vs Cavoodles? We’re looking at getting a second dog, we have a male toy cavoodle, and we’re wondering what the main differences are. I did a lot of research and surveys on Facebook groups. And this is what is found.. Read on Hope this helps you decide.

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Moodle Vs. Cavoodle

Cavoodle vs Moodle – Which is better?

Doesn’t it seem like this is always a very ‘heated topic’!?
As an owner of both, I can confidently state that they are both equally as beautiful as each other in every way. Both are non-shedding, hypoallergenic, and have cheeky, playful personalities. 

If you prefer lighter colours such as white, latte, or light apricot, you may find that a Moodle is easier to find in that colouration, whereas the darker colours such as red, ruby, gold, and apricot are more commonly found in cavoodles. 

In fact, both breeds may have a bear appearance; for example, consider the F1 Moodle Angel, which has the appearance of a polar bear. 

(She is going to produce some very stunning-looking puppies.)

It’s really simply a matter of personal opinion; just make sure that if you want a Moodle, you don’t wind up with a Shmoodle (which also includes Shih Tzu, who are adorable dogs in their own right).

A lot of people will claim that Moodles yaps more than normal now. Because of the presence of the Maltese breed in them, I do not believe this to be the case. 

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There are no surprises in the fact that all dog breeds yap and bark! You should probably conduct some study on both breeds before making a decision; you can’t go wrong with either, of course! Moodles are pretty much quite similar to cavoodles overall.

The cavoodle is slightly bigger in size and has bigger ears. Moodles are absolutely delightful regarding temperament and they adjust really well to living in an apartment. Both cavoodles and Moodles are delightful to own.

Moodle is Super loving and a great guard dog as they will inform us of every approach which we appreciate.

Moodles Loves to snuggle and chill out on the couch with you and the family.

Moodles have a Soft fine coat and are only about 4kg.

Moodles are Not too much yappy at all and are fewer destroyers of slippers & shoes.

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Moodles & Cavoodles together

We have  both Moodle and cavoodle  of each

 They ( Moodle and Cavoodle) love each other and play well.

Moodle learns faster, the cavoodle is more submissive, and they are beautiful.

They are both equally happy being active or snuggling – just happy to be with your family.

The cavoodles coat grows faster and is more likely to get knotty – the moodle coat is straight so I think that’s why.

They both bark to protect their property but are not yappy – there’s always a reason for barking.

The cavoodle will not go on a walk without Moodle. All dogs have their own personality.

Cool things to know about cavoodle puppy

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Moodle Vs Cavoodle the differences

The main difference is in the coat. Both the Maltese and the poodle have a non-shedding coat so the offspring are guaranteed to have the same.

The Cavalier is a shedding coat so the pups might have a combination coat. 

Temperament-wise, the Cavoodle is generally a more low-energy, gentle-natured dog. 

The Moodle can be more playful/spirited or energetic but not always the case as it depends on how they are raised, and individual temperaments can vary as well.

The Cavoodle often has the large expressive eyes of the Cavalier and the Moodle has smaller eyes.

What is Cavoodle Temperament like?

Moodle and cavoodles both are great breeds and make amazing pets.

They Both require regular grooming and ear care. 

The cavoodle is laid back, super gentle and loves his snuggles and loves to lay at your feet, and extremely clever and easy to train.

Is cavapoo a Good family dog?

The Moodle is yappier and needier, must always sit on your lap and likes to lay near your face. Moodle will always be stealing all the toys and bones from the Cavoodle.

Another main difference is the size, They look alike but Moodles are smaller in size.  Th both breeds have a beautiful nature about them.

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Are Moodle puppies hard to get

Yes! True Moodles are hard to get. They are the most incorrectly and dodgy-bred cross. Pure Maltese are rare, and not many breeders have them.

They are either multi-generational, high percentage poodle, or have multiple breeds in them. I have seen short coat “Moodles” that is clearly a cross But, true Moodles are smaller than Cavoodles, and are absolutely non-shedding.

First gen Cavoodles can shed- F1B are at least 3/4 poodle and can have higher maintenance coats.

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Cavoodle Pros & Cons

Moodles Vs Cavoodles? All things you need to know

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Pros Of owning a Cavapoo

Cavapoo dogs are hypoallergenic

Cavapoo dog breeds are hypoallergenic and are totally fit for people with asthma & allergies. 

Cavapoo dogs are Human Friendly

Cavapoo puppies are so human-friendly that they become true companion dogs and they easily adapt to the lifestyle of their owners.

They can be easily trained

They are easily trained and they take part in activities. Cavapoo puppies require a moderate level of activity, including a leisurely nature walk and some indoor play sessions.

Cons of Owning a Cavapoo

Not for Very busy paw-rents 

Cavapoos are not recommended for owners who are always on the go. 

Due to their active and curious personalities, they require regular exercise and mental stimulation, which can be time-consuming for their owners.

Fussy eaters

Cavoodles are Fussy eaters. Cavapoos are notoriously picky eaters, raising their cute little noses as soon as the bowl is placed beside them.

What is frequently scoffed at one day can be scoffed at the next! Most dog owners feed their Cavapoo the same food every day, from the same bowl, at the same time.

Not for Families with small babies:

Cavapoos are not recommended for families with very young children.

Children are too noisy and lively for this breed and Cavapoos can be easily scared if things get out of control or if children approach them a little too quickly.

Cavapoos are shy dogs

They are not really big-time watch/Guard dogs

Despite the fact that Cavapoos are an excellent alarm system, they are simply too small to physically protect you from any threat, and they are simply too adorable to be intimidating

Cavapoos have separation Anxiety

Cavapoos don’t like to be left alone for long periods and may develop behavioural issues such as excessive barking, destructive behaviour or separation anxiety.

Moodle Dog Pros and Cons – Must read before you get One

Moodles Vs Cavoodles? All things you need to know

Moodle Pros

Moodles shed less

Only someone who suffers from allergies understands the value of a dog with a low-shedding coat.

And if you’re searching for a breed with a low to non-shedding coat, Moodle is an excellent choice.

Moodle is a charming non-dominant dog that thrives on affectionate handling. 

It will not cause you any difficulty throughout the training sessions. 

All you need to do is avoid enforcing the dog and instead attempt to make the training sessions enjoyable.

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Superior Temperament
When purchasing a dog, one of the most critical factors to consider is its temperament. 

And when it comes to Moodle, he is a temperamental superstar. It is a friendly, lively, and well-tolerated breed of dog.

The best option for flats
You will not require a large property with a garden, as Moodle is a little dog that thrives in compact flats or condominiums.

Sensitive and compassionate
It is a sensitive and affectionate dog that quickly picks up on its owner’s mood and attempts to soothe them with love and attention. 

Moodle becomes a soulmate and a vital member of its owners’ families.

Daily Exercise at a moderate intensity is required.
Apart from being a lively dog, Moodle’s exercise requirements are moderate. 

You must take them for daily walks of around 30 minutes. Additionally, exercise them and engage them in enrichment activities to increase their cerebral stimulation.

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Canine companion
Moodle adores every single person. This affable canine makes friends with everyone, from infants to the elderly. If you have regular visitors, they will be startled to find Moodle greeting them.

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Moodle cons

Anxiety about being apart- Separation Anxiety

They are extremely devoted to their human companions and like spending as much time as possible with them. 

They can’t be left alone for a lengthy period of time because they develop separation anxiety, which in turn causes a wide range of behavioural difficulties.

Grooming is a major need for this breed.

The low-shedding dog breeds have a drawback, however, that they require a lot of maintenance. 

To minimise tangles and mats, you need to brush and groom your dog often, even if they don’t shed much.

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Can be Yappy

Despite their little cute stature, Moodle’s barking sound is too high-pitched. If you don’t start training them as soon as possible, they may end up making too much noise. 

The high-pitched barking makes them great security dogs, though.

Caboodle Vs Moodle

The cavoodle is laid back, super gentle and loves his snuggles and loves to lay at your feet, and extremely clever and easy to train.
The Moodle is yappier and needier, must always sit on your lap and likes to lay near your face. He’s always stealing all the toys and bones from the cavoodle

Meaghan Ritchie-Murray says

I have one of each- my girl Moodle just wants to please you, while my boy cavoodle is very boisterous and active, but they play well together and love each other.

Moodle Vs. Cavoodle

Moodles are loving and a friend to everyone, they have beautiful natures.. Some Moodles don’t yap much at all..They are perfect little family members

Final Thoughts & Our Verdict

We Love cavoodles. period!.. We have a cavoodle and we adore him to the nuts…With our personal experience with cavoodles, we are indeed biased and urge you to select a cavoodle as your 1st Or 2nd family dog..

Having said this, every dog, on the other hand, has both positive and negative characteristics.

All that is required is that you teach them with complete commitment, regardless of the breed you choose.

Second, consider adopting a dog rather than purchasing one from a puppy factory or breeder( We got ours from a breeder as we dint find any cavapoo for adaption)

And if you have chosen a certain breed that you are unable to obtain in a shelter, you should get it from a reputable breeder instead.

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Moodles Vs Cavoodles? All things you need to know

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Moodles Vs Cavoodles? All things you need to know

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