Is Cavoodle a good family dog?

Is Cavoodle a good family dog?

Is Cavoodle a good family dog- let’s Find out in this Article…

If you are new to Puppies in your Life, You Might Have Heaps of Questions. We get you. We have been there when we got our Cavoodle Puppy(Rover) last year. One of the main and vital questions is that If Cavoodles are a good family dog.

This Blog makes it clear for you and helps you make that decision of either Apadpting Or Purchasing a Cavoodle Puppy.

Cavoodles have been around long enough for us to know that they are one of the best family dogs available. 

We are One of the happy Cavoodle parents. You might have small children, older children, or no children at all. The Cavoodle is a dog that will fit into almost every family.

If you think you can take all the goodies they come with, then there is nothing that can stop to from having a Cavapoo Pup in your family.

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In this article let’s see what makes Cavapoos the good family dogs.

What type of dog is a Cavoodle

A Cavoodle is a hybrid of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle (either Toy which is the smallest or a Miniature Poodle). 

Purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are known for having one of the sweetest temperaments of all purebreds.

They are one of the sweetest, Petite, Just adorable Fun Loving, curious, and Energetic Dog breeds. and they make an amazing friendly dog for your kids and family.

They are small-sized dogs that weigh around 2-20 Kg. They are eager for affection. cavapoo craves Love and Care. 

They are Highly playful and their 2 major Temperament 1. lazy periods of sleep and 2 . highly playful. This makes them a great companion dog for your family.

They are Highly adaptable, they can live both in Big House and small Apartments -what matters to them is the care you give them. 

They make Outstanding babysitters. 

They don’t get aggressive even though they are a bit hurt. They need Constant Physical training.

Exercise keeps their mind stimulated.

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Cavoodles have become one of Australia’s most famous family dogs because they have proved to be highly adaptable, excellent around children and other pets, and simply a fun dog to be around. 

Owners of Cavoodles are so pleased with them that they’ve been telling all of their friends and relatives about what a great breed they have. 

This has resulted in an increase in their success over the last decade.

Cavapoo is a Friendly dog breed

Cavapoos are generally very friendly and caring dogs, and when properly socialised, they can get along with other dogs and even cats. They love to cuddle and be happy.

Having said that, they do crave attention, so if they are not the only animal in the house, make sure you can still provide it to your Cavapoo.

Cavapoos are easier to home-train ( Compared to other Dog breeds)

You’ll be pleased to find that Cavapoos are actually pretty straightforward to train, particularly if you have prior experience or are ready to learn. 

This simplicity of training is largely attributable to the disposition of the majority of Cavapoos, which is clearly inherited.

Toilet training is frequently the first skill taught to a dog by its owner. And while some children may pick it up quickly, others may struggle with the concept of potty training.

To toilet train your Cavapoo, keep an eye on them at all times. 

This enables you to detect when they need to pee while also preventing accidents. 

By praising your Cavapoo for going outside, you can assist in reinforcing proper toileting behaviour.

Good Natured dogs

Cavapoos are well-known as family dogs. They are excellent around children and make excellent pets for children to grow up with. 

Cavapoos are exceptionally sociable creatures with the energy to keep up with busy children.

Essentially, they’re enjoyable and loving dogs to have around, and your children will never be bored with these pets. 

Is Cavapoos Expensive?

A puppy from a respectable breeder will often cost more than $1,500+. In Australia they are costing around $3500-$8000

Some breeders may charge slightly more, but the general guideline is that if they are less than $1,200, you should be careful.

Because of his increased popularity and demand, the number of Cavapoo breeders has increased dramatically over the last decade

Prospective owners profit from the rise in breeder options since they now have more options. 

However, it also means that unscrupulous puppy mill breeders have the potential to profit from this current trend. 

Do your homework if anyone is selling a puppy for considerably less than the normal price. 

There is a good chance that the puppy will be very unwell, and you will waste a lot of money and time in the long run.

Though not a pure race, it is not difficult to find Cavapoo breeders in person or online.

However, for your designer puppy, you will probably have to shell out premium prices. 

You may want to do some Research on the breeders and Check out this Article that talks about what questions you need to ask to find a Reputable Breeder- How to make sure that you are getting your Cavapoo from a Reputable Breeder.

Ensure that a responsible breeder is involved and that Cavapoo puppies are brought up in a safe environment. During the Covid times in 2020, the price of Cavapoos went High due to scarcity of pups.

In Australia the cost of Purchasing a cavapoos Puppy range from $4000-$8000 as per the breeder and demand. 

There are Other Yearly costs( after you Purchase)when you own a Cavapoo Puppy Like Regular Grooming, Vaccinations and Other vet visits.

Before the Purchase, If Possible meet the parents of your puppy just to have a general idea about their Temperament.

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Be aware of Dodgy Breeders and Scammers

Unfortunately, due to their popularity, some unscrupulous breeders (such as backyard breeders and puppy farms) have started breeding Cavoodles. 

If you plan to buy a Cavoodle puppy, you can make sure the breeder is a licensed breeder. 

A DOMESTIC ANIMAL BUSINESS NUMBER should be available from a licensed breeder.

This guarantees that the breeder will give you a health guarantee, that the puppies will be ethically born and raised, that the breeder will follow the Code of Practice for Dog Breeding and Rearing, and that they will be inspected by their local authority on a regular basis.

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Fun facts about Cavapoos

  • Cavapoos were  first made in Australia 
  • There are many Facebook Groups dedicated to this Cute and Friendly Breed.
  • Cavapoos even have a children’s book dedicated to them in the USA now.
  • Cavapoos are often seen as cute and cute  teddy bear dogs!, They can be Groomed to Look Just Like Teddy Bears
  • And finally, the dating app “Dig owes” its beginnings to a Pet Cavapoo 
  • When the owner discovered that many people on dating apps make false claims about being dog lovers, she started a new dating platform for people who really Love & Care  about dogs to find Love…

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Is Cavoodle a good family dog?

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Is Cavoodle a good family dog?

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