How To Prevent Matting in Cavapoo -3 must-have dog brushes that works

How To Prevent Matting in Cavapoo -3 must-have dog brushes that works

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If you own a cavapoo,  you know you have the sweetest pet in the world. 

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The cross between a Poodle and the cavalier KC spaniel, whether American or Australian, has the kind of spaniel temperament and the pleasant, energetic attitude of the Poodle.

Now, if you’ve got cavapoo, you know that it can be quite a job to keep them well. While they are hypoallergenic and their coats are susceptible to matting, especially when your pup takes a lot more and has curlier fur after the poodle.

What Are the Different Coat Types for Cavapoos?

A cavapoo coat type is apparent around the age of six weeks. 

There are usually three types of coat that your dog can have: straight fur like the spaniel Cavalier, curly like the poodle or a wavy mix between the two of parent breeds. 

More Curly coats will be because of more poodles in the genes, which means they are from the F1b generation because they have more genes of a poodle in their DNA

Litters produced after this first generation can vary by three types of coats.

The various types require different levels of care. The straight-hair cavapoo needs less grooming and less common haircuts. 

The simple wet brush used several times a week (more on this product later) will keep your pup’s clothing bright.

There are NO undercoats in this crossbreed but still prone to matting. 

A wavy or curly coat cavapoos require more frequent grooming during the week to prevent matting and every 4 to 8 weeks Haircuts Full Grooming.

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What Is Matting and What Causes It?

A matted coat feels like a paddle. You will be easy to notice when you look at your dog’s body and feel lumpy. 

Fur mats take the form when the shed hairs from a dog’s undercoat mix and tangle with their topcoat, causing them to clump together.

Even if the Cavapoos have no undercoat (which means, therefore, they shed less or not at all) and are hypoallergenic, they can get tangled with each other and still produce matt.

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This matting is caused by disturbing the fur in any way. like too much petting,  or rubbing them against objects like the floor and furniture or playing with other dogs etc.

When the fur of the dog comes in touch with water. Whether your dog goes out for.a walk in the rain or enjoys swimming in your pool, its fur wet becomes matte.

Your cavapoo is in pain when its fur gets matted. The skin is tightened and tightened by the fur strands, and it is irritated after a while and sensitised. 

Another disadvantage is, the matt fur attracts more fleas and other parasites. 

A matted fur is a great place for these parasites to nest and is difficult to reach.

So all these make A matted cavapoo a sad cavapoo, so don’t make one. 

This matting is mainly caused due to Failure to care and not having a regular grooming routine like brushing and bathing. 

Why does my Cavapoo coat, Matt?

Dogs’ coats are constantly changing throughout their life.

The coat goes through several cycles that are pre-determined by genetics. 

It may also be affected by diet, environment and health.

The four main stages of coat growth are;

This is where your dog’s coat is in an active growth cycle and constantly growing. 

This is predetermined genetically, and some breeds have short coats while others have a long straight coats or curly coats. Some continue to grow for up to a year others 3 weeks

This stage is when the coat is reaching its maximum length and stops actively growing


The telogen phase is when your dog’s coat is dormant. It has reached its full length and remains attached, is no longer growing but it remains in the follicle.


Shedding and Moulting or Exogen Phase.

This is when the hair reaches the end of its life cycle. 

This happens to every hair eventually. Once in the exogen stage the hair is shed from the follicle and the process of anagen starts again.

Did you know All Dogs Shed Hair?

The root of the matter is in fact just as human hair dies and regrows so does dog hair.

The reason some do not appear to drop coat everywhere is that the coat may at any time have hair growing in 4 different phases in all different lengths and the hair attaches to other hairs holding into the coat.

Under a microscope, the hair reaching the end of its life cycle or Telogen Phase looks like a Christmas tree, with small branches or barbs along the length of the hair shaft.

This split fine coat or barbs acts like Velcro and the hair attaches to one another this hair may then start to matt, tangle or become compacted.

Exogen can be triggered by longer lighter days and warmer temperatures and anagen may be triggered by cooler temperatures.

With many pets living indoors in temperature-controlled homes these phases may be a little out of sync with nature. 

This may be why your dog sheds less or more and may vary depending on where you live.

How To Prevent Matting on cavapoo

The best to way to avoid a matted cavapoo is to establish a grooming routine.

Brushing your dog at least three times a week will remove any loose hair and detangle the healthy fur.

To avoid matting of a Cavapoos’ fur, focus on specific areas of their body where this is more common, and don’t bathe them first unless you want more trouble. 

All of the rubbing and scrubbing that occurs during a bath, can aggravate the problem. It is far preferable to address the problem with their dry fur.

This is especially crucial to do if you like to keep your cavapoo’s fur long & Healthy.

Frequent brushing keeps your dog’s fur free of knots and dirt and leaves it feeling sleek and soft.

Brush your cavapoo and trim them before bathing them. Water will create or worsen the mats and prevent a deep even cleansing of the fur and skin.

A professional groomer’s comb is an excellent tool to use to prevent matting. It has rounded teeth that are differently spaced for different-sized knots.

The smoothness of the teeth is gentle on the dog’s skin. While it is good for avoiding matted fur, it is not the best tool for existing mats.

Use In between  Baths combing and use detangling sprays to your Pooch. Detangling and Shine Spray aid in detangling fur and loosening knots, leaving behind a shiny coat and a pleasant aroma.

Silk proteins and nourishing vitamins work together to gently soften your pet’s coat after or in between baths.

Pro-Vet Tip:

No matter what tool you use, brush against the growth of your cavapoo’s fur to find the mats, then gently work them off.

Preventing Matting and reducing Shedding

If your dog’s coat is left unattended, gets dirty or wet it will matt more easily When dog hair becomes wet for example the hair shrinks and tightens further as it dries.

This will eventually lead to dreadlocks or compacted coats depending on your dog’s coat type. 

Most coats like hand-stripped terrier coats or smooth coats such as Labradors even poodle coats will repel dirt and water more easily when kept in optimum condition.

To prevent your dog’s coat from becoming matted or compacted and reduce shedding:

  • Brush or de-shed your dog’s coat regularly, a minimum of once a week and anytime before and after it becomes wet, through swimming, washing or running through muddy puddles.
  • Keep your dog’s coat clean and well-conditioned, this helps maintain the healthy hair shaft and smooth down those barbs.
  • Always rinse thoroughly as shampoo residue will cause dirt to stick to your dog’s coat more.
  • Dry the coat and brush thoroughly using a comb to check for knots in longer coats “remove knots with a brush, not a comb”. If you have a longer or curly-coated breed, keep your dog’s coat trimmed regularly to prevent those split hairs from matting. 
  • Longer coated breeds need clipping a minimum of every 8 weeks if they are not brushed in between.
  •  Allowing a dog’s coat to become tightly matted to the skin is painful for your dog and the only thing that can be done is to shave it off extremely short.

It is vital to the health and welfare to maintain your dog’s coat through the winter months. 

  • Many people worry the dog will get cold and leave grooming aside until we are in the middle or end stages of winter.
  •  Keep your dog on a healthy diet rich in omega oils, a glossy healthy coat will also shed less and repel dirt and water.
  • Regular de-shedding unclogs blocked hair follicles reducing itchy skin and conditions like seborrhoea which results in waxy greasy discharge and foul odours.
  • Ideally, a bath and full brush out once a month from a professional groomer will prevent your dog’s coat matting and there will be no need to shave short during the colder months.

For high-shedding dog breeds more frequent de-shedding treatments, baths and blow drys will help reduce the amount of hair around your home as the life cycle of these coats is much shorter than a curly, long or wavy coat.

Is it painful for a Cavapoo when they have a matted coat?

Yes, matted fur is painful for any breed of dog. This is why it is critical for pet parents to prevent the problem from occurring in the first place.

Many people believe that the Cavapoo does not notice the matting of their fur, but anyone with a young child knows that this is not the case.

Matting and knotting can be excruciatingly painful, and it happens all too frequently.

A Cavapoo may begin with a tiny knot or a section of matted fur. 

However, if this is left unattended, the dog’s activities can promote its growth, not to mention the possibility of it tightening right against the dog’s skin, which is extremely painful for them.

To make matters worse, tangled fur can be a perfect breeding ground for fleas and parasites if it is left unattended and tightens against their skin. 

Pro-Vet Tip:

 it is always best to deal with minor issues as soon as possible in order to prevent major problems from arising.

Most Common Spots for Matted Fur to appear!

Any dog’s fur can become tangled, knotted, or matted, but some areas are more prone than others. These are some examples:

Joints, Hips, and Thighs:

It is common for a Cavapoo to have matted fur in the areas where their extremities meet their torso. 

These areas are ideal for the fur to become tangled, matted, and knotted because they are where the body moves back and forth against each other and where they sleep. 

These areas are frequently left a little longer during grooming sessions, which increases the likelihood of this happening.

Between the Ears

This is by far the most common area for a dog’s fur to become matted. Dogs scratch this area, and we, as pet parents, scratch it for them. 

It effectively traps moisture, oils, and a variety of other substances, not to mention that this area may have thicker, longer fur. 

It is the ideal location for deep knots and mats to form, but it is also a location that is frequently overlooked.

Easy Demat

Between the Stomach and the Hip

This area, which is prone to knots and tangles or matted fur, is easily felt by running a hand over the dog’s body. 

Many pet parents may have difficulty addressing knots, matting, and other issues in this area because it appears more delicate because it is close to their organs, but it still needs to be addressed to prevent more serious problems in the future.

Does bathing help with my Cavapoos matted fur?

Bathing your Cavapoo will not help their matted fur.

When their fur is matted and tangled, adding water and soap, even so-called detanglers, will only make matters worse, as all the swirling and scrubbing up can further complicate or tighten the matted fur.

If your dog’s tangled and matted fur isn’t too bad, meaning you can easily brush them, it’s fine to bathe them; however, if the fur has deeper, tighter tangles and knots, it’s not a good idea.

How can I groom my Cavapoo to prevent matting?

Giving your Cavapoo a short and simple haircut is the best way to prevent matting.

While this may not be exactly how the pet parent desires, they will still look adorable, and their fur will be less fussy and contain fewer knots, tangles, and matting: the shorter the haircut, the less likely these issues are.

When should I have my Cavapoo groomed?

Every four to six weeks, a Cavapoo should be groomed.

Depending on the season, the Cavapoo may need to be groomed every four weeks in the summer and every six weeks in the winter.

They can go longer at the six-week mark if you want them to have longer fur, which can mean more matting and knots. 

At four weeks, they should have shorter fur and be groomed more frequently.

If your Cavapoo enjoys being outside and in the water will most likely require more grooming every four weeks to avoid problems. 

They may extend grooming for six weeks if they are house, babies.

Pet parents who do not brush their Cavapoo frequently will find that they need to have them groomed at four weeks, or sooner depending on the dog.

Those pet parents who are diligent about brushing will find that they can go a little longer and reach the six-week mark.

My Cavapoo Top Grooming Secrets

3 Must-Have Dog Brushes

Wet Brush

The wet brush is advertised for human use but works perfectly for dogs, too. Just remember not to use the same one when grooming a matted cavapoo.

This product (Wetbrush)might be best for cavapoos with straighter hair since those are less prone to matting.

However, this can be good to use after more strenuous grooming as its flexible bristles and cushioned middle massage the skin (this increases blood circulation and relieves your pup’s post-grooming stress), which will feel amazing on sensitive skin. 

The wet brush is great for daily grooming as well because it does not rip out the healthy hair strands and works for all hair and fur types.

Professional 2-in-1 Dog Grooming wet Brush.

The soft rubber points wipe away filth, dead skin, and loose hair rapidly, making this an ideal pet brush for washing and grooming. It leaves pet skin clean and helps restore the coat's gloss and lustre. This pet grooming instrument does not tug on hair, making it ideal for pets with delicate skin.

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Slicker Brush:

After you get out all of the serious mats, the slicker brush can work off the smaller ones. This brush is great for dogs that have undercoats, too.

It has super thin bent wire bristles that are designed to brush the undercoat, or the thick curly fur of a cavapoo, without irritating the dog’s skin. 

To clean the removed fur off the brush, simply click the button on the back of the brush and the bristles will retract, making pulling or combing through the bristles not necessary.

Slicker Brush for Small and Large Dogs Slicker Brush for Small and Large Dogs

How a dog's coat looks is frequently indicative of its overall health. Regular grooming may reveal your dog's overall health and wellness, as well as help avoid issues like allergies, poor nutrition, parasites, and infections.

In addition to preventing the transmission of fleas, ticks, and other parasites, regular grooming makes your dog (and you) more sociable.

Self-grooming your dog has many benefits, but maybe the greatest is the closeness you and your pet will experience. Grooming your dog at home has never been easier than with the Poodlie Pet Slicker Brush.

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De-matting comb:

This comb has steel serrated blades that easily remove matting while brushing through the rest of the fur. It is very gentle on the skin. 

Find out the price for De-matting comb for your cavapoo.

Since it is serrated, if a mat is unmanageable, you can put the comb under the base of the mat and shear it off by pulling it over the blade. 

This technique removes the mat without taking off any healthy fur.

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Poodle Pet Dematting Comb for Dogs

We love dematting dog comb for our Cavoodle, It has small blades that cut through matted hair softly yet effectively.

This is a NO-PAIN DEMATTING COMB, that is Designed to quickly and painlessly remove mats and tangles from your pet's fur, this dematting comb makes it easy to groom your dog. Grooming your dog has never been easier!

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Detangling products

Cowboy Magic: was recommended to me by a professional dog groomer here in Melbourne.

It is a deep conditioner that has silk protein and vitamin E. 

This detangling solution is concentrated and absorbs deep to strengthen and soften your pup’s fur, making it easier to manage.

It does not have water or alcohol in it, and is not oily. 

Cowboy Magic ( Amazon Link)keeps dirt, sand, and dust from sticking to the fur, keeping the dogs fur lustrous for longer.

Cavapoo Grooming Secrets with the Detangling Conditioner

To achieve the best results, I groom my cavapoo using the following routine:

First, I spray a generous amount of solution all over the area I’m going to work on and massage it into the fur.

I then use a wet brush to remove any loose hair strands or smaller mats.

On the larger mats, I usually apply more conditioner and let it soak in before loosening up as much as I can with the wet brush.

After that, I use the serrated comb to remove the most stubborn mats.

Once the worst mats have been removed, I go over the area again with the slicker or wet brush to ensure there are no lingering clumps.

The advantages of regular maintenance of your dog’s coat

  • Fewer vet expenditures from skin disorders caused by itchy, blocked follicles that require antibiotics, anti-itch medications, and anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Your dog’s odour and well-being will improve.
  • Your dog will be able to sleep indoors without losing fur or emitting unpleasant odours.
  • You could deter folks who would adore your dog and give you additional social media exposure.
  • You will be more conscious of health changes in your dog.
  • If possible, your dog will enjoy the attention and adore you even more.

Wrapping up…

Proper care is an important part of pet ownership. It helps keep your animal healthy. Grooming a matted cavapoo for its overall health is important.

As already mentioned, the tight and hardening mats can make your dog’s skin heavy and tighter.

Fur mating, knotting, and tangling can occur in any dog. It happens to some dogs more than others.

Whatever the cause, maintenance and prevention are essential for keeping your Cavapoo happy and pain-free. They can be free of matted fur while looking and feeling fabulous with a little time and patience!

This may cause irritation, soreness, or even rupture. Open cuts on your cavapoo can cause veterinary visits and  Your favourite pet is also going to suffer unnecessarily.

A well-groomed cavapoo is happy.

Make sure that you create a care routine for your cavapoo. 

Besides those described in this article, there are a host of ways and products to create one that fits the needs and preferences of your dog. 

You and your pup are patient. 

Be patient. The advantages of a good care routine outweigh the disadvantages and frustrations of finding it exponentially.

Try out the brushes, combs, and detangling conditioners that I recommend in this blog. 

It has taken many trials and mistakes. Much frustrated with my cavapoo, but finally, we got it down.

And you, too, can. Put your pup in the space for the best care experience. It’s worth it

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