Poodle curly
The curly fur will completely depend on the individual poodle's coat. Some colours are finer and less dense so tend to be wavy rather than curly.

How to make Poodle hair curly

 I’m a future mother of a poodle and I try to research all myself before my puppy returns home.  I like the curls look on the Poodles how do I use the brushes, or how do I make it look like the Poodle in the below Picture?


I did a lot of research and here is what I found out…


Poodle curly

Poodles's curly hair Texture

The curly fur will completely depend on the individual poodle’s coat. Some colours are finer and less dense so tend to be wavy rather than curly.


Puppy coats tend to be straighter or wavy and not become curly til after their coat change. Your best indicator will be the parent’s coats.


How to Groom your Poodle hair Curly.?


Before you bathe, and daily or every other day at the longest, use a greyhound comb to be sure there are absolutely no tangles or mats.


After the bath, comb and pin brush thru again then you can air dry or use a dryer but don’t comb or brush while drying. After the poodle is dry, whatever curl their coat has will be there.


Plus, misting after Blowdrying will bring out curls that have been smoothed by blow-drying.


Also, curls will start reappearing after a groom within a few days due to humidity and natural tendencies.


If you or anyone you know have naturally curly hair, basically the same thing and same procedures to reduce or show off the natural curl.

Make sure that you get your Poodle from reputed Breeder


Getting curls for a poodle is not tough just wet it down a bit with a mixture of water, detangler, and coat conditioner and let it air dry. Brushing will kind of fluff it up but you can just mist it down after brushing and it will go back to curly.

Of course, some poodles that aren’t from good breeders will have an improper coat and may not result in the texture you’re hoping for no matter what you do with the hair.


What Does it Mean for a Poodle to Be a Purebred?


The Oxford English Dictionary definition for the word purebred is, “An individual, especially a domesticated animal, bred from parents of the same breed or variety.” This means that your purebred poodle has to have parents that are also both purebred poodles. In addition, the puppy’s grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. should also be purebred poodles.


This does not exactly matter if you do not want to show your pup or breed it. But you can also get a better understanding of its final size, stature, and shape because your cum is purebred.

You can also learn more about the characteristics of your animal’s temperament and behaviour later on in life as mixed races may not be in a friendly way.


Is Your Poodle pup Pure Breed

Fortunately, every dog breed has an established basic standard to learn more about how your breed is supposed to look. The AKC website contains the specifications for many races so you can compare your dog with the standards for breeds. This can be difficult, however, as even pure-bred dogs have a slightly different appearance.

We will discuss ways to determine whether and how your dog is a pure breed poodle. If you go alone, however, you can reduce your purebred pudding search and ensure that your pet is full of blood.


Where Can You Get a Purebred Poodle?

While these physical characteristics can tell you a lot, distinguishing true purebred poodles from other breeds can be difficult. This is where buying from a reputable breeder comes into play.


If you’re looking for a poodle puppy, you want to make sure you’re getting the best. While there is nothing wrong with adopting or rescuing a dog, if you are paying a purebred price, you should expect a purebred pup.

There are four main ways to obtain a poodle puppy, which are as follows:


  • A puppy mill
  • A local rescue shelter or poodle rescue shelter
  • Originating from a purebred dog breeder
  • A dog breeder in the backyard

Poodle Har Grooming Tips

An important part of the hair care of the poodle is preventive. If you don’t stay ahead of your toiletries your curly hair can become unmanageable quickly.

Recently I wrote this article on 25 poodle haircuts. You will find pictures in it for your poodle of the most popular and unique haircut styles.

Brushing tips for Poodle


Here are a few tips to maintain a happy and healthy fur and skin:

Brush with strokes that massage and descend to the skin. This will stimulate movement. It also helps remove dander and any unnecessary skin particles.

Getting to the skin is extremely important because your hair can easily get matted and tangled and it starts from the root. Slicker pins are usually used to prevent matting because they can easily reach the root. They are tightly spaced and have thinner wires which allow the curly hair to penetrate.

Check always for fleas, ticks or anything else you have taken outdoors for your poodle.
Find your poodle in a daily routine to get used to it and start to receive it. Poodles are naturally stubborn pups who pride themselves on being independent, so let them know that you are there to assist them in this routine.

It also helps to increase the connection between you and keep you healthy.

Since your Poodles hair is different in texture and thickness to fur, it is important to use the correct type of brush. The slicker brush is popular for poodles, as this hair type works well.

But other tools and pins help a coat to keep smooth and shiny. These combs can also help with hair removal. 

Check with your veterinarian or groomer if you are unsure about how to use the brush on your poodle, and they can help them.


Bathing for Poodles

Every 4 to 6 weeks, Poodles should be bathed. If your poodle loves the outside and enjoys good swimming in the lake or frolic in the leaves and mud, it has to be more frequent. However, the ideal time is for most poodles, 4-6 weeks.


You don’t want to overdo it, because it can irritate your skin and damage the development of follicles. Dogs have natural cleansing skills that even without your help help help them maintain their hygiene. However, to release dirt, grime, dead hair or skin, they need that bath.


The shampoo and hair conditioner and plenty of space in a safe bathroom can be used for bathing at home. Some poodles will have a great order, but others will enjoy the experience because it relaxes and reinforces their skin. It is also a great experience of bonding.


Again you might want to contact your veterinarian or groomer for specific recommendations based on the hair and skin needs of your poodle.


But if you plan to spend time at home, here are some excellent things to keep an eye on in your selection of shampoo and conditioners.

No other sulphates, parabens, phosphates, or phthalates may harm your skin and overall health.

Poodles have waterproof coats, so they must be sufficiently strong and efficient to penetrate.

Stay out of the shampoo of soaping agents. When we wash our hair, we love good lather, but too much shampoo can dry the skin of a poodle and cause irritation.

The pH balance should be stable between 6.5 and 7.5.
If you have skin problems with your poodle, you should check with your vet before taking a bath at home.


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