How to get rid of pet hair at home

How to get rid of pet hair at home

Nifty Tips to get rid of pet hair at home

Do you have cat or dog hair on your couch, drapes, or clothing? It’s easy for pet fur to become out of control, especially during shedding season. Here are the quickest and easiest ways to get rid of pet fur to help you get over the worst of it.

Pets not only improve our mental health, but they also become important parts of our families for the majority of us. According to a recent poll, three out of every five Australian homes own a pet.

But, as much as we adore them, dogs have a disadvantage that cats do not, and it is known as continuous shedding. Yes, dog and cat hair, or dander, is like glitter in that it gets everywhere. On your furniture, clothing, carpets, and even your own hair.

What more can you do to get rid of dander, pet hair/fur and flyaway fluff besides never wearing black again? Continue reading for advice on how to remove pet hair from furniture, carpets, and clothing, as well as grooming suggestions.

How to remove pet hair from furniture

Invest in one of the best vacuums for pet hair.

A vacuum cleaner is one of the most efficient ways to remove pet hair from your furniture and carpets.

However, some models outperform others, particularly in the animal arena. 

Check out our recommendations of the finest vacuum cleaners for eliminating pet hair (all with 100 per cent hair removal ratings! ), ranging from $92 to $580.

Make use of blankets 

Is your pet a Couch potato?  A dedicated blanket for them to lie on will help keep stains, odours, and tufts of fur to a minimum — especially on a fabric sofa. After all, a throw is much easier to clean than a couch.

Put your hair-laden blankets in the dryer for 10 minutes before washing them for a useful laundry trick. This will assist loosen strands, allowing them to fall into the lint trap and be disposed of.

You may also try using a dryer sheet or dryer balls to help reduce static buildup (which can cause hair to become caught in the fabric). After that, shake the blanket and then wash it as usual.

 Rubber gloves hack

A pair of rubber gloves is another simple technique to remove fur from furniture. Draw them on and run your hands over the sofa (or anything else that needs de-furring) to pull up the hair instead of using them while washing dishes. 

The surface of the gloves produces tension with the surface of the furniture, and the fur will roll off in hunks that are readily discarded.

Move over, dish duty: it turns out that rubber gloves are also effective at removing pet hair. Put on a pair, softly dampen them, then run them over your soft furnishings.

Because of the friction, static energy is created, which attracts pet hair. Rinse away any debris and repeat as needed.

List of  the best and trusted vacuum Cleaners for Pet Fur/Hair

How to remove pet hair from clothes

Make Your Own Lint Roller:

Lint rollers are useful for removing cat and dog fur, but their replacement sheets may be rather pricey! Instead, just wrap some sticky-side-out packing tape in a circle. You’ll get the same amount of pick-up power for a fraction of the price.

Fabric brushes are a wonderful alternative to lint rollers, and they perform better on certain types of clothing. The greatest fabric brushes even include built-in fur removers that make cleaning the brush snap.

Use Fur Zappers 

Fur Zappers are somewhat sticky silicone doodahs meant to catch and retain fur while your clothes is being washed and dried.

These reusable fur catchers should not be used with fabric softener or dryer sheets because they will adhere to the Fur Zappers, but they can be used with wool dryer balls.

While owners reported different degrees of efficacy, the Fur Zapper seems to significantly reduce the amount of left-behind fur for the majority of them. 

As an added benefit, the Fur Zapper appears to capture long locks as well, making it an excellent choice for owners with long hair.

After every few the washes, you should rinse your fur Zapper. Because of their robust construction, a 2-pack of Fur Zappers should last most dog owners at least a year with continuous use.

Using an anti-static spray, spritz the area.

Some dog parents we have spoken to ,  swear by anti-static spray for loosening tough pet hair from your favourite threads before using a roller or other hair removal procedure.

It may also serve as a prophylactic strategy for soft furnishings by assisting in preventing hair from adhering to the fabric in the first place.

Just remember to always perform a patch test before dousing anything in sight.

Latex Gloves:

With a short rub, latex gloves (either the sort you’d use in the kitchen or the more “surgical” version) can assist remove pet hair from your clothing or fabric. 

The latex makes it easy to separate hair or other debris from the cloth, allowing you to effectively gather and discard pet hair.

Kitchen Sponge:

In a pinch, you may also use a sponge to remove annoying hairs from your clothing or furnishings. Set one aside particularly for de-furring your garments if you don’t want dog hair clinging to your dishes. 

In fact, you might want to buy up a sponge made particularly for removing pet hair.

Tape – If everything else fails, you may always use tape to collect hound hair that has been left behind on clothing. Although heavy-duty tape, such as duct tape, may leave an unpleasant sticky residue, basic Scotch tape will do.

How to reduce shedding in pets

Establish a grooming routine.

Well, it’s a truth. It pays to be groomed since prevention is always better than cure.

“Grooming your pet on a regular basis helps keep your house free of hair and dander,” 

“While the skin and hair life cycle of each animal varies, a regular routine can help remove any dead coat that might otherwise be left on your clothes, furniture, and floors.”

Regardless of the animal or the length of the coat, I would recommend scheduling a weekly grooming appointment at home. “Ask your local groomer which tools are most suited to your pet’s needs.” 

“In addition, if you don’t have much time to groom at home, consider scheduling grooming visits every four to six weeks to help remove extra undercoat and reduce shedding at home.”

Bathe your Fur buddy on a regular basis.

A frequent bath may do wonders for your canine buddy. “

While frequent brushing is vital, detangling sprays and washes can help lift the hair and make removing that dead coat easier and more comfortable for your pet,” 

What about water-phobic cats?

If they’re young and healthy, cats with largely smooth or short coats may maintain their own grooming needs.

If your cat has a longer coat or is becoming older, they may be unable to manage the job on their own and would welcome assistance in staying clean and matt-free, as well as minimising fur-balls.

List of the best and trusted Dog shampoos, Conditioners and dry shampoo that can be purchased from Amazon. I use most of these products for my Pooch.

Dog shampoo & Conditioner

Dog Dry Shampoo & Body wash

Dog Hair/Fur Removal Frequently Asked Questions

Dealing with dog hair on your clothes is a very frequent problem that virtually all dog owners have to deal with on a regular basis. 

Due to the fact that it is such a prevalent problem, it generates a slew of identical queries among business owners. We’ll go through a handful of the more popular ones in the section below.

What is the best way to remove dog hair off clothes?

There are a variety of methods for removing dog hair from your clothes, but dryer sheets and Fur Zappers are two of the more effective options. 

It is also possible to use inexpensive lint rollers and fabric brushes.

So, what is the best way to remove dog hair from your washing machine?

Attempt to run your washing machine through a whole cycle when it is empty to remove the hair from it. 

However, before you start the machine, pour approximately 1/2 cup of vinegar into it.

What is the best way to remove dog hair from your dryer?

The quickest and most effective method of removing dog hair from your dryer is to simply wipe clean the interior with a moist, lint-free cloth. 

Don’t forget to empty the lint trap on a regular basis as well.
What causes dog hair to disintegrate in a washing machine?

You won’t be able to “dissolve” a dog’s fur by adding anything to your washing machine since dog hair is a challenging substance to break down (at least, not anything that wouldn’t also dissolve your clothing).

Remove pet hair from your clothing before you put them in the washing machine instead, and you will be able to reduce the quantity of hair that ends up in the machine.

What can I feed my dog in order for him to shed a little less?

There are certain supplements that include omega-3 fatty acids that may help to reduce your dog’s shedding to a certain extent, but there are no magic bullets that will instantly reduce the quantity of hair your dog sheds.

You may also want to look at his nutrition and make certain that you’re feeding him high-quality food since poor-quality food can worsen shedding difficulties in certain dogs.

How to get rid of pet hair at home

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