How to get a Dog in the Shower -7 Quick Tips To Get Your Unwilling Dog Into The Shower

How to get a Dog in the Shower -7 Quick Tips To Get Your Unwilling Dog Into The Shower

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How to get a Dog in the Shower -7 Quick Tips To Get Your Unwilling Dog Into The Shower

Some dogs dislike and resent taking a shower. Does this sound familiar to you?

Our Pet dog Rover ( A cavapoo) do not like to take shower. I did a lot research on how to get you dog in to shower and make them stay there for some time.

Here are our best tips for getting an unwilling dog into and staying in the shower.

How Do You Get Dogs To Bathe In The Shower?

Be firm and make it clear to the dog that bath time is important to you. Introduce the shower area to the dog a few days ahead of time with a handful of treats to help the dog associate the room with pleasant memories. If necessary, use a collar and leash.

Here are SEVEN great ideas for you to use!

1. Make use of the Collar and Leash

You must demonstrate to the dog who is the master.

When introducing bath time for your dog, it is critical to be firm and direct. 

There should be no shaking in your voice, and you should be able to enter within a minute or two.

The longer you allow the dog to resist and procrastinate, the longer it will take to teach him how to use the shower.

You may have to physically lift him the first couple of times, and if that is not possible, you may be able to enlist the assistance of a friend. 

When dealing with a large dog, it is even more critical that you establish yourself as the master and leader.

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2. Use Rubber Gloves in place of the brush.

Many dogs dislike getting in the shower because they dislike de-shedding tools like the brush.Here’s a great tip that could change everything about your dog’s bath time.

These rubber gloves are fantastic because they offer several benefits:

  1. They are pleasurable for the dog.
  2. They function as a non-loss brush.
  3. They shield your hands.
  4. They are excellent for shedding the dog.

The gloves, as seen in the image below, have rubber spikes that go into the fur and remove the excess hair. 

Similar to a brush, but much gentler.Because you are using your hands instead of an instrument, you have more control over the dog.

You can also use these rubber gloves in the garden to shed your dog during the shedding season. 

They will frequently create a positive experience that will bind you and your dog together.

When these rubber gloves are combined with de-shedding shampoo, you will have a much cleaner home.

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3. Allow your dog to pay you a visit when you shower.

You should not shower with your dog, but you can bring them into the bathroom once in a while while you prepare your own shower.

This will cause them to associate the splashing sound of water with things other than bath time. 

You can even give them a few treats while you’re in the shower to give them a new perspective on the room and what’s going on.

This will show them that this is not a dangerous place, and they will also notice how well you handle it.

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4. Use only lukewarm water.

Some dogs are extremely sensitive to both cold and warm water. It is critical to always introduce the water at a lukewarm temperature so that the dog does not panic.

Don’t spray directly on the dog at first.

Begin by adding a small amount of water to the bottom of the tub to get the dog used to what is about to happen.

5. Between baths, get your Pooch a visit to the shower area.

It is critical to introduce the shower area before turning on the water. 

Make an effort to visit the tub or shower area on a regular basis in order to obtain a small treat or simply to relax and have fun.

After a while, Pooch will become accustomed to the surroundings, and you can gradually begin turning on the water once in a while.

Most dogs like it after a few weeks, and only a few dogs like it from the start the first couple of times.

6. Make use of non-slip mats.

It is critical that the dog feels in command of the session.

It’s never fun to scurry around in a tap and lose your footing. It may also end up scratching your tiles or the tub’s bottom.

As a result, make sure to lay down some good and safe rubber mats on the floor so the dog feels more in control.

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7. Use Desensitization and counterconditioning Methods to to calm anxious Dogs

If your dog has already decided that bath time is terrible, you’ll need to bring out the big guns of training to solve the problem.

Over time, a process of desensitisation and counterconditioning can help a dog go from being afraid of baths to being tolerant of them.

Start by giving your dog a lot of amazing treats just for coming near the bathtub.
Once they are used to this, you can give them a treat for getting into a dry bathtub.
Later, you can turn the water on and off quickly or pour a little water on them and then give them a tasty treat.

Talk to a certified positive-reinforcement trainer or a veterinary behaviourist if you need help. The key to these methods is to start small and slowly (re)introduce your dog to the bathroom and bathtub. 

See the AKC’s review of this method in response to a Norwegian elkhound owner whose dog doesn’t like to get washed for more information.

How to Make Dog Bath Time Fun

Bath time should not be taken too seriously. Especially when it comes to puppies or dogs who aren’t used to getting into the shower or tub.

There are several things you can do to lighten the dog’s spirit and make it a more enjoyable experience.

1. Make use of dog Treats

Bring some treats into the shower to reward the dog for good behaviour.

When used in conjunction with encouraging words such as “Good boy” or “Good girl.”

Make sure your dog’s favourite treats are easily accessible, and you can even show him that they are on the table.

Bring any special treats you use for learning tricks or having fun with your friends into the room.

2. Bring your Pooch’s Favourite Toys

Bringing some of the dogs’ favourite toys into the shower area is a good idea.

Allow him to have fun and play for a short period of time before turning on the water to ensure that the dogs are in a good mood. After a while, turn on the (warm) water and gradually introduce the brushes and soap.

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3. Begin with a Good Walk

It’s a good idea to go for a long walk together before introducing shower time.

This way, you can ensure a strong bond and connection between the two of you, and it doesn’t hurt if the dog is tired from a long walk.

Wrapping you Note

Aside from that, keep in mind that you and your dog are in this for the long haul.

It doesn’t matter if you get it right the first few times, as long as you’re making slow progress. 

You’ll have many years to learn this, and your dog may eventually enjoy taking a shower. Just be patient and try all of the above-mentioned tricks.

After a while, you’ll get it.

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