10 Dog walking Tips and Tricks every Busy mum should know

10 Dog walking Tips and Tricks every Busy mum should know

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10 Dog walking Tips and Tricks every Busy mum should know…

An excellent approach for both of you to obtain daily exercise is by taking your dog for a walk with you. 

Not only does your dog receive some exercise and a toilet break, but he also gets some cerebral stimulation and a better understanding of his surroundings. 

It may, however, be impossible to walk your dog on a regular basis if you are busy mum and if your dog is tough to walk. 

The most important thing is that both you and your dog enjoy the stroll. Poor socialisation and fear are the most common causes of a dog’s leash pulling or barking.

Walking your dog should be a pleasurable experience for you and your pet, and the tips provided below can assist you in making it so.

To get the greatest outcomes from these dog walking suggestions, keep in mind to be persistent, and patient, and to practise a lot.

Fortunately, there are strategies you can use to teach your dog and guarantee that the experience is beneficial for everyone involved.

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Allow your Fur baby to sniff around

The smell is an important aspect of our dogs’ worldview. Dogs use their noses much like we do to take in our surroundings, therefore expecting them to move without smelling is unfair. 

When you rush your dog along on a walk, you eliminate one of the most important aspects of their well-being.

It’s also an easy technique to exercise your dog’s brain by getting it to sniff. It’s probable that a dog who’s permitted to smell his way through a stroll will tyre out faster than a dog who wasn’t.

It’s OK if you don’t want to stop every five seconds or let your dog sniff around in your neighbour’s yard. 

In order to keep them safe, you have to pick which regions they may go into. If you want to allow your dog a chance to take in the sights and scents around you, relax on their leash for a few minutes. 

For Rover ( Our Cavoodle ), I use a “go smell” cue and a “let’s walk” cue to signal that it’s time to go on.

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Use a Long Leash but avoid Retractable Leash

Taking a walk is a great opportunity for dogs to get some exercise, keep up with the “pee-mail” in their area, and leave their own autographs on fence posts.

If you use a short dog leash, your dog won’t have much of an opportunity to make its mark, and that’s a problem.

Taking a few steps off the route to investigate means that your dog will be tempted to tug on a shorter leash, which is a walking no-no.

Walking your dog in a busy metropolis may be OK with leashes no more than three feet in length, but if you want your dog to have a good time, allow him a little more liberty to wander.

For example, with a 6-foot length that gives him plenty of freedom while still keeping him secure.

Avoid using Retractable Leash  while walking your Pooch

I strongly advise against using a retractable leash while taking your dog for a stroll. When compared to regular leashes, retractable leashes pose a disproportionate number of dangers.

In high-traffic situations, the length of most retractable leashes makes it difficult for you to keep your dog under control. 

It’s simple for dogs to run into the street since their leashes are so long. Retractable leash locks, anyone? When under enough strain, they’ve been known to disconnect.

Do not pull the leash. 

In certain situations, you can’t tell which dog is tugging or yanking on the leash more! Your dog will learn nothing from you jerking or pulling on the leash. In actuality, the reverse occurs!

Despite the fact that they’re plainly choking, dogs continue to tug on their leashes. As the term “apposition reflex” suggests, they are predisposed to resist any force directed at them( Source)

Dogs naturally desire to move at a slower pace because head halters and chest-clip harnesses put pressure on areas that naturally cause this.

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Explore the Walking Trails with your Pooch

When it comes to walks, variety is the spice of life, yet many pet owners adhere to the same well-worn route. 

The sights and smells in different sections of the neighbourhood excite dogs much more than they do when you take them for a walk.

The good news is that you aren’t obligated to take your dog on a long excursion every time you leave the house. 

Even if you only travel in the other direction of where you regularly go, it might be a welcome change of pace to walk on a parallel street.

If we want our dogs to continue showering us with affection, we should at least allow them to safely smell, roam, and discover new things while we take regular walks. 

Taking a walk with your dog instead of checking your phone is a great approach to strengthening your relationship.

Incorporating a little fun into your dog’s daily walk is easy, and he’ll be grateful for your efforts. When you’re out on a stroll with your dog, keep these pointers in mind for a more enjoyable time.

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Do not treat your Fur baby for the Behavior you don’t admire

As a busy mum, you feel that you are giving your pooch less time. Many times we end up pricing our pets randomly. Be careful not to unintentionally praise your dog for behaviour that you dislike! 

Remember that food treats are not the only kind of reward that your pet may get. 

Attention, strolling, playing, and smelling or looking at intriguing objects are all forms of reward as well! Make good use of them.

Now go out there and start putting these dog-walking strategies to use right now! And keep in mind that it will take time and effort for your dog’s leash manners to improve; it will not happen overnight.

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Getting to Know Other Dogs around while walking

Make sure to keep an eye on your dog while he or she is meeting new dogs. If your dog’s tail is wagging and they seem to be interested, you may let your dog to approach gently as long as the other dog is willing to allow it to. 

Pay close attention to your dog as well as the surrounding area. 

If you see another dog, child, or person approaching you and you know your dog will be scared or overexcited, gently guide him to move in a different direction until the danger has passed.

In the event that your dog exhibits indications of hostility or fear, you should remove him or her from the situation immediately.

Training your dog to associate meeting new dogs with positive reinforcement and rewards will educate them that something good will happen when they meet new canines. 

If your dog need more time during training, be sure to employ the “sit” command or keep a safe space between him and other canines.

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Five Things You’ll Need to carry for Your walk with Pooch

Keep a small bag to keep all these 3 things before starting your walk. Here are three things you’ll want to have on hand if you’re going to be out and about for the whole of day:

  • When it’s hot outside, you need to drink a lot of water. Get a portable water Bottle
  • Treats should be given to encourage good behaviour and training.
  • It is imperative that you have extra poop bags on hand so that you can pick up your dog on a regular basis.
  • Get a small Pouch to keep all needed items. This Pouch is awesome I use them often when I take my pooch for walks.
  • Get Reflective Gears for your Pooch if you are walking in the Evenings

 Walk with a smile on your face.

Taking a walk with your dog is a great way to keep your pet active and entertained.

You may spice up your walk by taking them to various sites. To perfect your technique, go to a relaxing location like a dog park or a friend’s house.

If you want to take your dog to a dog park or another off-leash area, be sure they know how to come back when called.

Make sure you can rely on them while they’re not on a leash by practising having them come when called.

A walk with other dogs and their owners may be arranged as well if desired.

This generates a communal atmosphere that isn’t overshadowed by the park. 

Be patient and let them some time to scavenge the area. Sniffing relieves your dog’s stress via mental stimulation.

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Reflective Gear for you and your Pooch

If you’re going for a walk in the evening, be sure to wear reflective clothing for you and your Pooch. If you are walking your dog at night, make sure you are wearing something reflective to ensure your safety and the safety of your dog. 

If your area does not have sidewalks and street Lights, be sure that vehicles can see you & your pooch from a distance if you are walking along the street.

Additionally, if most of your walks are in the nighttime, you may get a luminous collar and leash combination for your dog.

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10 Dog walking Tips and Tricks every Busy mum should know

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