Top 12 Tips for Planning Dog-Friendly Travel

Top 12 Tips for Planning Dog-Friendly Travel

Top 12 Nifty Tips for Planning Dog-Friendly Travel [ Dog Travel Tips]

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Dreaming of sandy beaches, mountaintop views, or bustling city vibes, but can’t bear to leave your four-legged friend behind? 😔 Well, stress no more! We’re here to help make your next vacation paws-itively pet-friendly. 🏖️⛰️🏙️

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Who says having a pet means you can’t explore the world? 🌍 With more and more airlines, hotels, and destinations rolling out the red carpet for our fur babies, travelling with your dog has never been easier – or more fun! 🐶💖

Top 12 Tips for Planning Dog-Friendly Travel

We’ll guide you through everything you need to know, from picking the best pet-friendly airlines 🛫, and finding top-rated dog-loving hotels 🏨, to discovering the most exciting dog-friendly attractions and activities around the globe. 🗺️

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure with your best furry friend by your side! 🐕‍🦺🧳 Stay tuned as we unleash the ultimate guide to dog-friendly travel. 🎉🐾

Dog Travel Tips

We have a road trip ( RV Caravan) every year with our cavoodle. We love it. This year will be our 2nd Road Trip with our 2 yo Cavoodle. 

We plan ahead of this Trip ( Mostly happens before Xmas, as Many caravan parks Do allow pets in Off-Season But restrict pets during Peak seasons.). 

We Hire a Caravan and Drive in for the road trip. First Year we were at SA Blue Lakes and this year we plan for a NSW visit.

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If you’re planning to take your dog with you on your next trip( Be it Road Or Flying) and whether it’s across the country or just across town, there are some things you should know before embarking on your journey. 

Just because the law says that dogs can travel in the passenger cabin of aeroplanes doesn’t mean they should. 

Make sure to check out these Ten+ tips for planning dogfriendly travel to avoid stressing both you and your pup during your trip.

If you’re planning to take your dog on vacation with you, you’ll want to consider several factors before deciding where to go. 

This can make the entire process more stressful than relaxing, but once you’ve considered these 10 tips for planning dog-friendly travel, you’ll be well on your way to having an unforgettable vacation while taking care of your four-legged Fur baby

1. Preparing The Dogs for the travel

If you are taking your dog with you for the trip, make sure that both dogs and humans are in good health. Be up to date on your dog’s vaccinations, and be aware of any health issues he or she may have. keep handy vet info in the place you are travelling to.


Visit a vet with your dog to have it checked for a travel health certificate. 

It’s a good idea to print two copies of the certificate and tape one to your dog’s carrier and one to your boarding paperwork. 

Top 12 Tips for Planning Dog-Friendly Travel

Ask your doctor if you have any special concerns about your dog’s ability to endure flying travel. 

Get your dog ready for the carrier.

Make careful to familiarise your dog with the box he’ll be riding in well in advance. You may try routinely putting your dog in its carrier. 

Then allow him to become accustomed to being imprisoned for progressively longer periods of time. 

By putting your dog in the carrier and then loading it into your car while you drive, you may practise the motion of travelling.

If you are not taking your Fido with you, make sure everyone knows their schedule and responsibilities, including where you’re going, how long you’ll be gone, what transportation is involved (if any), where pet care will be provided while you’re away (if needed), as well as where they can access dog-friendly facilities during your absence. 

Write out a plan to ensure that everyone knows their responsibilities with regard to caring for your pets while you’re gone.

2. Preparing your fur baby

First and foremost, bring your pet to a vet visit before leaving. 

You don’t want to have any surprises while on vacation. In addition, double check you have all the proper supplies food, bowls, collar and leash( All Portable )—and if you plan on travelling by air with your dog, be sure to follow all of your airline’s policies as well. 

Don’t forget to schedule a visit with a groomer too! You are welcome… 🙂

3. Preparing The Car for the Road trip

Top 12 Tips for Planning Dog-Friendly Travel

One of your most important preparations will be to make sure you’ve outfitted your car with everything your pet dog needs. 

Since you can’t leave him at home, it’s vital that he has a safe and comfortable ride to his destination. 

First, find or buy a carrier or dog seat that fits properly and is large enough to offer plenty of room for him to stretch out during stops.

 If necessary, be sure you have a portable water bowl for him and carry several bags of treats along with his favourite toys. 

Top 12 Tips for Planning Dog-Friendly Travel

Be sure he has a leash attached in case there’s an emergency exit from your vehicle and don’t forget about food, bedding and other essentials too.

4. Getting Ready To Go

While on vacation, you might have to make some extra accommodations—such as bringing plenty of extra food and water, locating pet-friendly places to stay, or making sure you have enough time to get your dog comfortable with his new surroundings before a long car ride. 

When planning a dog-friendly trip, it’s important to be realistic about how much time and money you’re willing (and able) to invest in your pup’s travel needs. 

If bringing a four-legged friend along is really important but he can’t go on a very long hike every day because he has knee problems, then adjust your plans accordingly. 

For example, bring short hikes close to hotels so he can spend most of his time indoors.

5. While On The Road

Top 12 Tips for Planning Dog-Friendly Travel

When you’re on vacation, plan ahead to ensure your dog is safe, comfortable and well taken care of. 

You can’t always predict when it will happen, but if your dog becomes sick or injured while you’re away from home, it could turn a fun trip into a stressful one. 

To prepare for anything that comes up, carry copies of your dog’s shot records in case you need to take them to an animal hospital. 

Be sure to add emergency contact information in case someone needs to reach you at any time and be careful about your choice of accommodations. 

Even if it looks like most hotels are pet friendly, there may be fees or regulations that would be difficult with a pet in tow.

6. Flying Internationally with Fido

Top 12 Tips for Planning Dog-Friendly Travel

You will need to have the veterinary records for your dog on available if you want to travel overseas or across international boundaries (sort of like us humans and our passports). 

These are essential pieces of evidence proving your pet is in good health and has received all of the recommended vaccinations. 

If officials want to view them, they will either keep the originals or make a duplicate of them, depending on who you deal with. 

In the event that you find yourself in a situation where you need to find a new veterinarian while travelling, you will be able to give that professional with your animal companion’s complete medical history.

7. Double or even Better Triple check Airline Pet policies

We double-check, if not triple-check airline pet restrictions/Policies while travelling overseas. 

Airlines are Always-changing policies and rules. Make sure you and your dog can fly. When I fly with my dogs, I check the airline’s website, phone, and email.

Flying with your pet’s policies and fees also differ. They vary by airline, country, pet’s size, and breed. 

There’s also cabin, freight, and luggage travel. (Want to know the difference? Here)

Top 5 Dog-Friendly Airlines in the USA

Top 12 Tips for Planning Dog-Friendly Travel
  • American Airlines. Pet fee: $125 per carrier.
  • JetBlue Airlines. Pet fee: $125 per pet. 
  • Southwest Airlines. Pet fee: $95 per carrier. 
  • United Airlines. Pet fee: $125 per carrier. 
  • Delta Airlines. Pet fee: $125 per carrier.
  • American Airlines, Delta, Air France, and JetBlue are the most dog-friendly Airlines in the USA.
AirlinePricePet Policy
Southwest Airlines$95Pets are allowed in the cabin. Certain breed restrictions for cargo.
Delta Air Lines$125 domestic / $200 internationalPets are allowed in the cabin and cargo. Certain breed restrictions apply.
JetBlue Airways$125JetPaws program allows pets in the cabin. Small dogs and cats only.
American Airlines$125 domestic / $200 internationalPets are allowed in the cabin and cargo. Certain breed restrictions apply.
Alaska Airlines$100Pets allowed in the cabin and cargo. Certain breed restrictions apply.

Remember, always check the specific pet policy of any airline before you travel. Travelling can be stressful for pets, so make sure your furry friend is comfortable and safe throughout the journey! 🐾✈️

8. Make use of DOG-Friendly Apps

When travelling with your dog, there are a variety of applications that might be of use to you. 

When I used to backpack throughout the world without my iPhone, this task was a lot more difficult for me. Among my favourites are the following:

  1. All Trails( App) is the category that has the most extensive collection of trail maps (over 50,000). You may look through images and reviews, and you can even limit your search by dog-friendly routes, which will tell you which treks you and your dog can go on.

2.BringFido( App) is the equivalent of Yelp for dog owners. Bring Fido is a mobile application that assists users in locating nearby hotels, activities, and restaurants that are pet-friendly.

Check out our BringFido Reviews.

3. This software, which was developed by the American Red Cross, is called Pet First Aid. It assists users in locating the animal hospital that is closest to them and offers detailed instructions for dealing with frequent pet emergencies.

Best Dog Accessories for Travel 

About BringFido App & Website

BringFido is the most popular pet travel and lifestyle brand in the entire globe. It’s available as a website and App.

Through Bringfido website and smartphone applications, it’s possible to link millions of pet owners all over the world with over 500,000 locations that are friendly to pets.

Users have the ability to effortlessly compare and book thousands of pet-friendly hotels and vacation rentals directly on the app, and there are no booking fees associated with any of these bookings.

BringFido’s database of pup-approved restaurants, dog parks, hiking trails, and retail places makes it simple to organise an epic dog-friendly road trip.

BringFido is also a great resource for finding dog-friendly hiking routes. 

Pet Parents who have pets may have peace of mind knowing that our list has registered veterinarians, pet sitters, and groomers who are all easily accessible with the tap of a finger.

BringFido’s team of pet travel specialists are accessible via phone or chat to assist you in locating pet-friendly resources or in booking a hotel that welcomes pets, regardless of the distance you are travelling.

BringFido is every dog owner’s second best friend since it has over 12 years of expertise assisting millions of dog lovers in the search for and planning of their ideal vacation that is pet friendly.

Pet-Friendly Airports

Even for humans, flying isn’t the most enjoyable experience. However, a growing number of airports are starting to adopt pet-friendly features.

 It’s usually a good idea to check the airport’s website to see if there are any specific pet-friendly areas or regulations before preparing your dog for air travel.

GPS tracker and ID tag

Consider buying a GPS dog tracker and an ID tag if you wish to take your dog on vacation. 

Some animals have an adventurous spirit, so you never know when your dog could decide to run off and explore the neighbourhood. Enjoy your flight!

USA Only
GPS Pet Tracker GPS Pet Tracker

Thanks to the NB-IoT technology and our exclusive algorithm for dogs, it has unmatched 30 days battery lifeextended cellular range and timely refresh rate of location data.

It‘s also your pet’s personal trainer by setting daily exercise goals and feeding recommendation for pets based on their breed, age and weight, helps keep your pet safe and healthy.

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KEKID QR Code Dog Tags KEKID QR Code Dog Tags

We always Love Pets, this is a one-of-a-kind personalized dog name tag made just for pets, a status symbol for pets, keep them safe from loss

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Take Good Pet Carrier( Airline approve carrier if you are flying with your Fido)

When it comes to carrying your pet, you have a lot of choices available to you on the market. 

One of my favourites ( If you are Backpacking with your Fido)is the k9 Sport Sack, which is a dog carrier backpack that can accommodate dogs weighing up to forty pounds.  It is available in a variety of colours, and patches may be added to customise it. 

If you are Flying make sure You Buy airline-approved Pet Carriers. Check Out our Blog The 9 best dog travel carrier reviews in 2022 and select one that suits your requirement.

In addition to that, I make use of The Roodie- pet Pouch which is a pet carrier sweatshirt capable of holding dogs weighing up to 15 pounds each. Best suited for small dogs.

Our Pick for backpackers
K9 Sport Sack K9 Sport Sack

This backpack is best suited for The owners of dogs that suffer from anxiety, depression, or who have a physical limitation will find this dog sports bag to be an excellent purchase.

It's possible that your older dog or puppy doesn't have the stamina for your next big journey, but our pet backpacks are perfect for them anyhow.

This dog carrying bag is made specifically to keep your pet safe and sound while you are on the go.

It is the pinnacle of dog backpacking gear for outdoor adventures!

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Best for small dogs & Pups
Pet Pouch Hoodie Small Pet Carrier Pet Pouch Hoodie Small Pet Carrier

This pet Pouch hoodie is bets suitable for Small pet (cat, dog, etc.).

The huge, expandable, heavy duty, plush pet holding pouch can contain a small pet. The pet carrier pocket is perfect for inside snuggling and outdoor walks.

Roodie pet holder hoodie pouches gives rescue animals intimacy, warmth, and protection. Aging dogs tyre easily and welcome a ride when their legs are too tired.

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Wheeled Pet Carrier Backpack  for Dogs, cats & puppies Wheeled Pet Carrier Backpack for Dogs, cats & puppies

Pet travel Bag with Large Space

  • The well-ventilated design can provide the best airflow.
  • Portable pet carrier bag/pet carrier backpack/travel cart, this carrier can be seamlessly converted into a backpack.
  • The four wheels are detachable. The wheels can roll smoothly in any direction
Key Features:
  • Pet Stroller, Travel Carrier,
  • Car Seat for Small Dogs Cats Puppies,
  • Comfort Cat Backpack
  • Removable Rolling Wheels
  • Mesh Ventilation Windows,
  • Storage Pockets
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Best for Medium - Small Dogs
Airline Approved Pet Carrier Airline Approved Pet Carrier

Suits for Flight Travel: TSA airline approved design, this soft-sided pet carrier comply with cabin requirements of most airlines. Noted that every airline has its specific rules and regulations, please contact with airline before flying with your pet.

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9. The countries are different when it comes to Pet Policies

When it comes to travelling across international borders, many nations have different policies and laws regarding the admission of your dog. 

Some need little more than a rabies vaccination and papers from your local veterinarian, while others demand that you place your pet in a quarantine facility and pay a significant cost. 

There is also a list of prohibited breeds, which certain nations do not let admission for under any circumstances.

Islands, such as Australia, Japan, Fiji, and Iceland, are typically regarded as some of the most difficult countries to enter. 

Countries in the European Union are the simplest to travel to with a dog (that is, provided your dog already has an EU passport!). 

Conduct in-depth research about the regulations of the country you plan to visit well in advance of your trip to guarantee that you will be able to fulfil all of the prerequisites.

10. Make Dog Friends:

As I mentioned before, dogs are sociable creatures, thus it is important that they have canine companions. 

When you go for walks or spend time at the park in the neighbourhood, make friends with both other dogs and the people who walk them. 

They will tell you everything about their favourite places to hang out, the restaurants in the region that are the most dog-friendly, and the veterinarians that they feel comfortable recommending. 

Dog owners are the most knowledgeable people about their pets, making them a valuable resource to have. 

The following is a list of the most effective techniques to locate a local dog community either online or in real life:

Grab your four-legged friend and go for a stroll around the neighbourhood with some fresh air and exercise. Make sure to take a whiff or two and chat with other folks who own dogs. 

Talking to others who live in the area who have dogs is the most effective approach to gathering information about the neighbourhood and locating all of the establishments in the region that are dog-friendly.

Pay a visit to a dog park. Dog parks are wonderful places to get some exercise and meet new people. They may be found in a number of the main cities. If there are no official dog parks in your region, you can ask other dog owners in your neighbourhood or individuals you meet online for recommendations on unofficial dog play areas in the area.

Discover an online community to join – There are a great many different organisations that can be found on online platforms, and they are organised according to criteria such as breed, area, dog size, and activity level. I suggest searching for information on Facebook and

You and your dog are welcome to participate in many of the meetings and other social occasions that are hosted by online groups. 

They’re also a wonderful location to have your questions answered.

Visit a local pet shop — these establishments are excellent information resources and should be visited. 

A lot of places will put up posters advertising local dog services or provide information on nearby dog-related activities that you and your four-legged companion may participate in together.

11. Don’t forget to pack the necessities.

There are a few items that you really have to bring along with you, despite the fact that you really just want to grab your dog and run out the door. 

A few examples of these are poop bags, a leash and harness, and ID tags. 

Bring along the necessities for your canine companion just in case you can’t locate them along the way (not every town has a nice pet store!).

The following is a list of items that you could require. This encompasses things such as:

  1. Food and water for the dog
  2. Collapsable Bowls
  3. Squeaky Toys
  4. A Portable/Travel-Friendly dog bed
  5. Treatment for fleas and ticks
  6. Medical records and travel documentation
  7. Also, make sure that your dog has a microchip implanted in its body and that its vaccines are always up to date.

Also Read: What to bring while Travelling with your Fido

12. Instill good manners in your dog.

It is highly recommended that your dog be well-trained before you go on your journey. 

Simple instructions, such as “sit” and “stay,” will make it much simpler to control a dog while you’re on the road. 

A dog that has been properly trained may be left alone in a rental unit or hotel room for a few hours while its owners go out to eat or visit a museum. 

This allows the owners to enjoy their time away without worrying about their pets.

In addition, if others perceive that your dog is well-behaved, they are more inclined to say “yes” to the requests that you make of them. 

A noisy, unruly dog that won’t listen to its owner is the last thing anyone wants to be around.

Work on your dog’s obedience and manners, and make sure it presents itself in the best possible light at all times.

If you are in need of assistance, it is recommended that you consult with a qualified trainer. 

In addition, there are a lot of tools available online that may assist you in making sure that your dog is obedient and prepared to go out into the world. 

Top 12 Tips for Planning Dog-Friendly Travel

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