Much sought dog friendly beaches in NSW you cant resist visiting with your Pooch

Much sought dog friendly beaches in NSW you cant resist visiting with your Pooch

TOP 10 dog friendly beaches in NSW

If you’re looking for the greatest dog-friendly beaches in New South Wales, you’ve come to the right place. Following a road journey up and down the coast with my dog ( Cavoodle Rover),  here is our list of the top  10 dog beaches in New South Wales.

Nota bene: For the sake of this list, we’ve defined dog-friendly beaches as those on the coast that allow dogs off-leash 24 hours a day (or at least from sunrise to sunset), with no annoying summer month restrictions.

All of these beaches are easily accessible without requiring 4WD, and ideally offer free parking, waste bags and bins, and possibly even water bubblers for pups and humans. Have a great day at the beach!

I’ve done the legwork and located the greatest  and Top 10 dog-friendly spots in town!. Check them out.

Quick Guide

Things to remember when walking your dog on beaches

  1. It is an offence not to take sufficient bags with you and pick up after your dog.
  2. Dispose of dog poo in the public bins provided or at home. It is an offence to put waste in another resident’s bin.
  3. Always walk your dog on leash, unless in a designated off leash area.
  4. You can only walk up to four dogs at once.
  5. Dogs are prohibited entry to some parks and reserves, check signage before entry.
  6. Make sure your dog is wearing its Council registration tag.

Your responsibilities in off-leash areas

Dogs must be on a chain, cord or leash if the dog is within 20 metres of:

  • a children’s play equipment area
  • an area where a public meeting is being held
  • a permanently designated barbeque and picnic area
  • an on-leash signed lake or pond
  • an area where an organised sporting event is taking place.

Dogs must be on leash in all car parks.

It is still your responsibility to take bags and pick up after your dog.

Owners must have effective control of their dog at all times. You must be able to recall your dog promptly and place it back on a leash if the need arises( Source)

North Wall Beach, Coffs Harbour

While few centrally located beaches around NSW’s cities and towns permit dogs on the sand, this is not the case in Coffs Harbour. North Wall Beach, one of the town’s closest beaches, is dog-friendly 24 hours a day.

The beach is located near the marina and historic jetty, just north of the break wall. There is enough parking available just adjacent to the beach, as well as a huge grassy reserve (just keep dogs on a leash). Salute Coffee is nearby, a small kiosk-style cafe serving coffee and smoothies. Utilize Google Maps to locate the beach labelled “Park Beach South Dog Beach.”

Consult my comprehensive guide to dog-friendly Coffs Harbour.

Nobbys Beach, Port Macquarie

Nobbys Beach is the most popular off-leash dog beach near Port Macquarie’s central business district, and it’s simple to see why.

It’s conveniently located about 4 kilometres south of town, with a carpark at the beach’s southern end and a small staircase leading down to the sand. Additionally, the adjacent cliffs protect dogs from the nearby main traffic.

Just long enough for an enjoyable off-leash walk or play, the waters are largely protected but can still be a little turbulent depending on the wind direction.

Additional dog-friendly activities in Port Macquarie

Bagnalls Beach, Port Stephens

Port Stephens, located just a few hours north of Sydney, is a popular summer vacation for many Sydneysiders (and a more peaceful spot to escape to the rest of the year). 

While the majority of local beaches prohibit dogs, Bagnalls Beach is an exception.

Located a short walk west of Nelson Bay’s town centre, between Nelson Bay and Corlette, the beach faces the tranquil waters of the port rather than the open ocean, which ensures that the seas are always calm, ideal for more timid or smaller dogs. 

The seas are very clean due to the gorgeous white sand.

Rose Bay Beach, Central Sydney

Rose Bay Beach is the nicest off-leash dog beach in close proximity to Sydney’s central business district, and fortunately, dogs are able to run free on the beach 24 hours a day.

Rose Bay Beach, located on the harbour, is quite peaceful, making it an excellent site for SUPing with your pup. 

The off-leash zone is located between Percival Park and Dumaresq Reserve, with the best access from Caledonian Road’s end. Parking can be a little challenging. 

If there are no available parking spaces in the nearby Dover Road carpark, proceed up New South Head Road.

Aslings Beach, Eden

Aslings Beach is located on the northern side of the town of Eden in New South Wales.

It’s a great place to stroll your dog or find an area to play.  Off-leash dogs are allowed in the skate park and nearby caravan park, as well as on the footpath that runs between the caravan park and the sand, for a distance of around 1km. Look for dolphins just off the coast!

See more dog-friendly activities on the NSW Far South Coast.

North Shelly Beach, Central Coast

There are numerous dog-friendly beaches throughout the Central Coast, including those that front the ocean and others that face the numerous canals and lakes. 

North Shelley Beach, which faces the ocean, is one of the most popular.Located not far south of The Entrance, verify that you are at the proper beach by browsing Google Maps for “North Shelly Beach Dog Beach.” When the swell is high, it’s a wonderful huge surf beach with just as many surfers as people with their pets.

The beach is off-leash from the access stairs marked by the pin, where ample free parking is available, south to the northern beach access boardwalk off Shelly Beach Road, near to the golf course.

Additional Central Coast dog-friendly beaches can be found here.

Washerwomans Beach, Bendalong

While the gorgeous beaches surrounding Jervis Bay only accept dogs during limited hours (and hence are not included on this list), a short drive south to Bendalong will take you to a beautiful beach that welcomes dogs all day.

Bendalong is located on the northern shore of Lake Conjola, approximately 30 minutes north of Ulladulla. It’s a small slice of paradise, but I’m sure it gets quite busy in the summer! During off-peak seasons, dogs are permitted in the adjacent caravan park.

Washerwomans Beach is one of Bendalong’s greatest dog-friendly attractions. 

This tranquil, secluded beach is a lovely setting. Your dog will enjoy running in the sand and paddling in the water. Keep a watch out for kangaroos on the beach during quiet hours – I observed some during an early morning stroll.

Read my comprehensive guide to the Ulladulla area that is dog-friendly.

McCauley’s Beach, Wollongong

If you’re up for a day excursion from Sydney, the Wollongong area has several beaches that allow dogs off-leash on the sand. McCauley’s Beach, located between Thirroul and Bulli, is one of the greatest possibilities.

McCauley’s Beach is best accessed via Corbett Avenue in Thirroul, towards the northern end of the dog-friendly beach. Additionally, you may park at Sandon Point in Bulli and walk down – just avoid the rock platform, which is dog-free.

If the surf is too rough for your pup, there is a stream with a lagoon adjacent to Corbett Avenue that is a popular swimming location for dogs as long as the water is running and not filthy.

Discover other suggestions for a dog-friendly vacation to Wollongong.

Bayview Dog Beach, Northern Sydney

There are fewer off-leash dog beach alternatives throughout the Sydney coastline, particularly when you remove beaches with time-limited entry for dogs. 

Bayview Dog Beach, located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, is one of the most popular off-leash dog beaches.Located on the tranquil waters of Pittwater, one of the best features of this dog beach is the adjacent vast grass area, which allows for off-leash fun even when the water is cold. 

Attempt to secure one of the designated one-hour complimentary parking spaces adjacent to the off-leash area; otherwise, parking can be costly.

Lions Park Beach, Pambula Beach

Many dog-friendly beaches can be found further down the coast, outside of the many national parks that dot the coastline. 

As well as several gorgeous beaches, the little coastal village of Pambula Beach also has an area where dogs are allowed on a leash, however they must be on a leash.

The small beach at Lions Park, on the other hand, is perfect for some off-leash playtime with your dog. 

There’s a tiny parking lot and picnic area nearby. It’s a somewhat safe place to let your dog off leash, with only one walkway providing easy access.
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