Do cavapoos like water_ the water fun and wellbeing guide

Do cavapoos like water? the water fun and wellbeing guide

The day we got Rover ( Our 7 Months Old Cavapoo Puppy) in Oct 2020( he was just an 8 weeks puppy then) One of the main Questions my little daughter asked was “do they like water”?.

I asked her back.. are you thinking about If they like to swim on the beach or do they like to drink water often?. 

In both cases the answer is yes ! they are Kind of water dogs. However, the question is more about whether can cavapoos swim.

Can Cavapoos Swim? The Cavapoos can generally make excellent swimmers as a Mix breed between Poodle( a water dog) – and King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.

Do they like to get wet, do they like to swim Or do they like to drink more water? Let’s discover…

Do cavapoos like water? the water fun and wellbeing guide

Do cavapoos like water?

Do Cavapoos like to swim?

The Cavapoos can generally make excellent swimmers as a Mix breed between Poodle( a water dog) – and King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. 

Once they are comfortable with water ( lake or ocean) they are happy to run around the water and play.

 The Cavapoo is the ideal size to swim. Be careful however because toy breeds such as the smaller Cavapoo tend to pull out fast, and have little resistance or power to swim long distances.

Do the Cavapoo like to drink water often?

Our cavapoo, Poppy Rover,  drank less water when he was a little puppy, and also when he was not taken out for walks  (much before he Got all his 3 jabs).

However, It all changed after his  3 jabs and we started taking out walks – He started to drink a lot more water. 

So, when they start their Outside walk cavapoo Puppies tend to drink a lot more water.

Do cavapoo Like getting wet?

With the perfect combination of a warm and isolated cover from the Poodle with a small lapdog size and a booming shape from the KC Cavalier, 9 out of 10 Cavapoos love sprinkling in the water and waving with excitement and enthusiasm along the surface.

You might find that the rocky, unpredictable and noisy oceans are disliked by smaller Cavapoo. It’s pretty common things that I have noticed.

 You may discover that in all its forms, sometimes even rain, your Cavapoo hates water. 

For Instance, Our Rover( cavapoo Pup) does not like to walk on wet grass. So, On rainy days he won’t pee or poo outside even on the daily walks. 

However, most Cavoodles at least tolerate the pleasure of spending a little time in a small paddling pool.

Attention Cavoodle Lovers!


Do cavapoos like water? the water fun and wellbeing guide

Do cavapoo Like to walk on the beach?

There’s nothing like going to the beach on a hot summer day, and beach walk in the evenings and you should definitely consider bringing your puppy along to have some fun in the sun.

Cavapoos enjoy being in the water, and walking around the beach and are usually excellent swimmers. They are playful and have a great time playing in the sand or chasing waves.

How to Introduce my Cavapoo to Water?

Fortunately, it’s simple to get the water dog Cavapoo comfortable in the water, ready to spend longer and longer periods of time splashing around or just chilling out.

Try bringing a toy or a stick the next time you take your Cavapoo for a walk by the beach or by a river. Then, walk very close to, or in, the water.

Throw the stick or toy into the water for your Cavapoo to retrieve, initially sticking to the most shallow part of the water right next to you, but later progressing to throwing your chosen object right into the deeper parts of the water, where your pooch will have to paddle a bit to retrieve the object.

Do cavapoos like water? the water fun and wellbeing guide

When to Introduce my Cavapoo to the Water?

Well, for this there are no genuine standardised guidelines. 

Some Cavapoos almost immediately introduce themselves as puppies into the water and some are more afraid, perhaps postponed by the pure noise or strength of the Ocean currents.

Our Pup Rover was more than happy to dip in the Ocean and was not afraid of the currents either. If your Cavapoo starts to toss itself into the water, it’s fantastic! 

Take a look at them to ensure they are safe, but keep them exploring the water at their own pace.

But how about a Cavapoo who doesn’t care, or even fears, water? Now, as we have put it before, it is a great way to subtly get your cavapoo more used to getting into the water when you play fetch at the water.

But if that doesn’t work and your Cavapoo has a different game or toy they prefer, don’t hesitate to use it in the water until you think it will be well. It works well to play with a Frisbee until it flies out too far. Or even a softer toy can be thrown in, so long as it floats.

If your Cavapoo likes to just walk on the beach or play some other game, you can even pull them into the water with them to start a tug-of-war game and then slowly return to deeper and deeper water.

What Kind of Games Can my Cavapoo play in the seawater?

As mentioned above, the first introduction to water by Cavapoo to play fetch on the shore is a great game to play. But later on, what about it?

What if they swim around like a pro, sprinkling water with their tails left and right as they go? 

You may have to be careful that they don’t go to the sea. You can begin to get in the water quite quickly.

Frisbee has been mentioned earlier – this is undoubtedly one of the best games to play with any dog in the ocean because there are zero barriers to bumping into or stuck on the disc.

 In addition, a frisbee can easily take the wind and take your Cavapo for a considerable distance.

Fun Water Toys for your Pooch.

Even if you just seem to enjoy swimming, your Cavapoo will have even more fun with safe dog water toys. Some popular and cheap choices on Amazon are found here.

  • Kurgo dog floating water toys – These toys are brightly coloured that will float on the water. They’re shaped like skipping rocks!
  • Zenify Puppy Toys – In this box set, you’ll find a selection of balls to throw, toys that make noises and bounce randomly. Don’t let your puppy get bored 
  • Doggles Yellow Get Wet Duck – This toy is bright yellow, easy to throw, is soft, and it floats. 
  • Kurgo Fetch Toy– Easy to spot: bright, neon-coloured stones are visible from far distances to make it easy for your dog to spot and retrieve from water

Can Water cause health hazards for my Cavapoo?

Clean water is usually good for any dog, but most of the same hazards for humans like jellyfish, sharks, or pollution are just as dangerous if not more dangerous for your Cavapoo Pup.

You and your Pooch should prevent any of these risks completely by hearing news.

But the high likelihood of water entering the long, low-hanging ear canals is one of Cavapoo’s major risks.

This can cause infection, so be sure to remove the floppy ears of your Cavapoo as soon as you swim.

You may even plan to invest in a pair of canine silicone ovens that protect yourself when you swim together often.

Safety & Wellbeing Measures

It’s important not to overdo it when you’re playing with your Cavapoo in the water. 

Your Cavapoo might be excited to play in the water, or just frolic in the water, but he might not know if he had too much. Hyponatremia or water poisoning can be seen in dogs. 

This condition occurs when the dog is so excited that he is too quick to drink large amounts of water. Hyponatremia may be rare, but the dog may be fatal, so it is best to play safely.

We sometimes use Cavapoo dog life jackets, especially when they stay in the water for a long time. 

This is the best way to avoid hyponatremia and drowning while maintaining your Cavapoo warm and comfortable.

5 Crucial Pieces of Advice to Help You Keep Your Cavapoo Dog Safe Around Water

When deciding whether or not to let their four-legged family members go for a swim, pet owners should be aware of the following potential dangers in the water:

  • Take care to limit the amount of time that your dog spends in the water. Be sure to keep your dog from ingesting any of the saltwater if he goes swimming in the ocean. Consuming even a small amount will give your dog diarrhoea, but a high amount can be lethal to them. Bring a lot of fresh water for your dog whenever you go to the beach and make sure to bring lots of it.
  • Watch out for signs of weariness. It is only natural to want to play fetch with your dog when at the beach, but you should be careful not to throw the ball too far. When swimming in the ocean, even the most skilled swimmers, both human and canine, are susceptible to being surprised at some point.
  • Never let your dog swim unaccompanied. Make sure that regardless of whether your dog is swimming in a pool or the ocean, they are doing so in close proximity to either you or a lifeguard.
  • Check to See If Dogs Are Allowed in the Pool. Put up a fence to protect your swimming pool. This will avoid accidents and safeguard older animals and animals with disabilities from falling into the pool. It will also prevent young animals from falling into the pool. In the event that your pet does fall in by accident, there should be a straightforward route for them to get out of the pool.
  • Consider getting a doggie ramp in the event that there is not a shallow region located close to the pool steps.
  • Be aware of how much time your dog spends in the pool. If your dog drinks too much water from the pool, it could cause gastrointestinal distress. In addition, chlorine has the potential to irritate the eyes and respiratory system of your dog.

There are four dangers associated with water that dog owners should be aware of.

A riptide is something that can happen to your dog if he or she is swimming in the ocean. He may be carried out to sea in an instant if the current is strong enough. The more challenging this circumstance could be is proportional to the size of the dog. It is recommended that swimmers choose a location close to a lifeguard whenever possible.

  • Swimming is an enjoyable and beneficial exercise for dogs, but it is essential to be aware of the risks involved and to take the appropriate safety measures before taking them into the water.
  • Ear infections are a condition that frequently affects dogs who spend a lot of time in the water. The majority of the time, these infections are brought on by water getting into the ears of dogs while they are swimming and then not draining properly. After swimming, your dog’s ears will need to be dried out and cleaned, and your veterinarian can prescribe an ear cleaner for that purpose.
  • One of the potentially lethal pathogens that can be found in lakes and ponds is called leptospira. Leptospirosis is a dangerous disease that can be contracted by your dog if he has been exposed to an infected source or if he drinks from an infected source.
  • If a dog steps on a fishhook, it may cause the hook to become lodged in the paws, and the mouth, or even be ingested by the dog.
  • Doggy paddle training can put your four-legged pal at risk for a number of common ailments, some of which may be covered by the insurance you purchase for your pet. Pets Best is able to help give you peace of mind by assisting with a variety of issues, ranging from ear infections to swallowed objects.

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Do cavapoos like water? the water fun and wellbeing guide

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