How to make sure you are Buying Puppy from a Cavoodle Reputable Breeder-

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Tips to Purchase Cavoodle Puppy from Reputable Dog Breeder 

You took the dip and decided that you're ready to purchase a puppy! Its Exciting times! Now will have to investigate a little bit what breed is right for you and you family. Read On...

Well, You have given in to your Kid’s wishes ,you took the dip and decided that you’re ready to purchase a puppy! It’s Exciting times!  Now will have to investigate a little bit what breed is right for you and you family. You Figured out that Cavoodles or Cavapoo Puppy will be ideal for your Family Environment.


You will have to do a bit of casual detective work to Audit the puppy and breeder. This is a big Time investment, after all, and you want to make sure you buy your precious Puppy from a  reputable breeder and Indeed Purchase a  healthy and happy Puppy.


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Arrange a visit by yourself after a short phone call with the selected Breeders.  I must say” Do not take your kids for the First Visit” . You must make your first visit by yourself,  Because you are sure yet about the breeder you are visiting and If you are Uncomfortable with the Breeder You may not Purchase from them.

Imagine how difficult it is to say NO to the sad face of your children.You do not want to be in that situation. Right eh?

Facts you must know about Selling or Re-Homing Cavoodle Puppies

    1. Puppies may be sold and re-homed only after 8 weeks old (age). They must have had their 6-week first vaccination.
    2. Puppies may only be sold to RPBA-audited pet stores, or stores that are members of PIAA, never at shows or fairs.
    3. Sale of puppies cannot be made to children under 16 years old.
    4. All advertisements for dogs  for sale must include the animal’s microchip number and vaccination status.
    5. The breeders must honestly share the upbringing/breeding/temperament of their kittens or puppies to prospective owners.
    6. Breeders must provide new and potential owners with comprehensive general information including feeding, desexing, vet care, worming, and flea treatment for their animal. These fact sheets must include at lease the below:
    7. General care requirements of the species, including appropriate diet and feeding regimes and expected costs
      The usual lifespan of the breed/species and Relevant information about the legal requirements for pet ownership in your state or area

What to expect from a Reputable Cavoodle Dog Breeder

To make sure you’re prepared, here’s our handy check list of the 12 questions you’ll need to ask your puppy breeder. If you are satisfied with the answers You seem to be good hands and the breeder seems to be reputable.


1. What’s the age of Pups?


It may seem like a nitwit question but you want to make sure they are between 8-12 weeks old. If they are any younger than 8 weeks, the breeder shouldn’t be accepting visits from prospective buyers and if they are any older than 12 weeks, it may suggest something is wrong with the puppies.


2. Would you be able to see the puppy’s  mum and dad?


You’re not always going to see  the puppy’s daddy, but you would want to see pup with mother. You want to assess the mother and the puppy’s temperament and how they interact. Is it aggressive or careful? how Hyperactive or docile is the puppy? These answers help you to decide if this is right for your family.

3.Are the Cavoodle Pups weaned?

Puppies should be fully weaned at seven weeks so if they aren’t, it could be a sign that they are actually younger than the breeder is letting on.

4. What social experiences have the Cavoodle puppies had so far?

Many of the modern/new breeders make sure that each puppy interacts with people and their puppy siblings well before it is ready for sale. Simple commands like “No,” or ” Sit Down” may have also begun to teach. However, besides their family, they should not have been outside their home or have contacted other dogs.

5. What should I feed the puppy? Can you Provide a diet sheet to take away?

You want to know what Kind of Or what Brand of food  the puppies are being fed because if you do decide they’re right for you to Purchase, it is best to keep them on a similar diet, at least for the first few days in your home. 

A lot of breeders even keep a diet sheet that you can take home with you, letting you know when to feed them and how much. Pretty handy!

How to make sure you are Buying Puppy from a Reputable Breeder

6.When am I allowed to take the Cavoodle puppy home?


Puppies should not be allowed to leave their mothers before 8 weeks because it can affect their development.

The majority of breeders will let you take the puppy home after 8 weeks but some choose to keep them until 12 weeks. Also , You would like to know what type of toys the puppy loves to play with.


You can Purchase Puppy Toys here


7. Which vaccinations has the Cavoodle puppy had and when is the next dose due?


Puppies should receive vaccinations between 6-9 weeks old and another dose at 10-12 weeks old. If you are keen to take the puppy home at 8 weeks old, you need to know what vaccinations they still need to have before they can go and explore the big wide world (or the local park).


8. Has the Cavapoo puppy received any other treatments such as worming, Tick Or Flea?


Similar to vaccinations, around the same time, puppies should be treated for worms, Ticks and fleas. Did you know all puppies are born with worms? 

Oh!! If they haven’t been treated, this will need to be added to your to-do list.

9. Do you have any copies of health certificates of the Pup’s Mum & dad- You need to know Mostly about genetics ?


Depending on the breed, some pedigree dogs have hereditary conditions that can be passed down to their puppies. By checking for health certificates, you’ll be able to see if there are any common problems that you might need to look out for.


10. Can I return the puppy if there are any health problems with the Pup Or If any of your Family members Turnout to be allergic to dander?


We do not expect this (fingers crossed) to be a problem, but if, in the first few weeks, you find your breeder willing to reimburse you, for any reason, for a serious health problems to any of them. Either the new Pup or your family member turns out to be allergic to dogs dander.


11. Are you able to get references from any previous puppy buyers?


If they are a professional breeder, you might be able to contact previous buyers and visit their dogs. This way you can get a second opinion about the breeder and discuss openly whether their dog is everything they hoped for.


12. Will there be a contract of sale?


A contract of sale should be provided to all reputable breeders. This will specify both your and the owner’s responsibilities and an official record.

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