Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About CAVOODLE COATS

Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About CAVOODLE COATS

Cavoodle coats details that surprise you

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The Cavoodles are crossbred between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle.

Both of the parent breeds have a kind attitude, which is reflected in the Cavoodle’s temperament.

The Cavalier gives a laid-back attitude to life, while the Poodle adds brains and devotion to the table.

They combine the greatest characteristics of each breed, and as a result, they are often attractive, clever, affectionate, and kind.

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According to legend, the Cavalier may help reduce the neurotic characteristics of purebred Poodles.

Do My Cavoodle Dog Shed?

Hello fellow Dog lovers…Many people ask us if our Cavoodle puppy shed. We just have to remind you that all dogs shed. Even cavoodles, poodles, Maltese, Shih Tzus, bichon frises, and schnauzers, which many people believe don’t do. 

All dogs shed, but those listed will be a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10, as they are very low shedders, and the shed coat is frequently trapped in their coat, so nothing is shed.

We have a 1 Yo cavoodle and he does not shed much. However, we do find a bunch of his fur/hair once in while.

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Do Cavapoos coats change?

Will my puppy’s coat change?

The colour of your Cavapoo will most likely affect its price, but keep in mind that colour will change as your Cavapoo grows older. These “designer dogs” are relatively costly, even exceeding the expense of many purebreds.

You should be aware that most Cavapoo owners experience a significant change in colour in their dog’s coats as the Cavapoo matures, with most getting much lighter. 

This is the result of the “fading gene” inherited from the Poodle line.

A Cavapoo’s coat is less likely to lighten if the Poodle parent was red than if it was white. 

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Cavaliers are known to have a more enhanced coat colour when they mature, colours become richer and darker than as a puppy. However, with the Poodle, its colours often fade or seem to become diluted. 

As a result, some Cavoodles also change colour as they age. See some of our different coloured Cavoodle puppies, which are sometimes available below. Shading and markings can vary between puppies.

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Cavoodle coats

What is the difference between wool, fleece and hair coat types?

You may have spotted Cavoodles out and about on walks and with their human families that have varied seeming coat kinds. Cavoodles may be loosely categorised into 3 main coat types.

These are Hair, Fleece and Wool coats.

These coat kinds are not technically discrete coat types as you would find in Dachshunds for example where dogs would fall into having smooth, long or wire coat, but the coat types shift gradually on more of a sliding scale.

At one end are the hair-type jackets and at the other are the wool coats.

It is very unusual for Cavoodles to have a coat that will fall in between 2 varieties such as more of a fleece coat that has tighter and more curls than would be generally observed.

How to take care of your cavapoo coat

Below are the three categories and an explanation of their qualities.

Puppy coats.

New puppy owners may be unaware that all puppies have a “puppy” coat that they shed before developing their full adult coat. 

This is a fluffy fur that covers their whole body and is designed to keep them warm and protect them from the elements while they’re young. 

Each puppy’s coat will be unique, not just in appearance but also in texture.

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Coats made of hair

Are wiry, scruffy, and relatively short in length, and resemble the coat of a wire-haired Jack Russell Terrier, which is similar in appearance. 

Cavoodles with hair coats shed more and have a more normal dog odour, but they need the least amount of grooming effort when compared to their counterparts with fleece or wool coats.

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Fleece coat

Fleece coats have a wavy or very loose curl appearance, are very soft and silky to the touch, and tend to be a cross between hair and wool coats. 

They shed so infrequently that owners are hardly aware of it. 

If the dog is not properly groomed, it will shed a small amount of hair in the form of small hairballs that float down the hall. 

Fleece coats are a good option for those who live in colder climates.

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Wool Coat…

Wool coats have a dense texture and a closely curled look similar to lamb’s wool. 

They are also thought to have a non-shedding coat, but all dogs (except hairless breeds) can shed a few hairs from time to time. 

Poodles and cavapoos are excellent examples of a designer breed with a wool-like coat. Wool coats are known to be the most allergy-friendly.

Does the amount of curl in the coat
determine the amount of shedding?

Both yes and no. The shedding characteristics of many designer breed dogs (which we shall discuss later) may be determined using this method. 

However, many breeds with straight hair, such as the Maltese or Shih Tzu, are regarded to be low or non-shedding.

In many designer breeds, such as Cavoodles and Groodles, the degree of curl in the coat can be used to forecast the amount of shedding that a puppy will have as an adult, and this is especially true in Labradoodles. 

Using the varied levels of curl on their coats, these dogs are divided into three rough groupings based on the type of coat they have: wool, fleece, and hair. 

Rather than being exclusive and separate groups, these coat kinds are more like a sliding scale, with many dogs falling somewhere in between fleece and wool coat types.

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Although this is a useful guide for evaluating the shedding characteristics of many designer breed dogs (which we’ll address later), many breeds with straight furs, such as the Maltese or Shih Tzu, are considered low to non-shedding.

Here is the Cavoodle Fence for its safety.

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Unfortunately, you won’t be able to prevent your puppy from shedding. 

However, you can help to minimise it, and you’ll be glad to hear that the shedding from a puppy’s coat to an adult coat occurs only once!

Clean your dog often during the first few months of his or her life with you (every day for 15 minutes or more!) to reduce shedding and its effects on your life.

Here are Training pads for your Cavoodle.

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Regularly brushing your dog’s coat. Every dog has a distinct coat that distinguishes him from the others. It’s critical to select the appropriate brush for their individual fur type:

Bristle brushes are a fantastic choice for all coat types because they are so versatile. Long bristles will help you achieve a longer coat. Choose a firm brush for your dog if his coat is shorter in length.

Wire-pin brushes are the best choice for detangling woolly or curly coats that need to be brushed out.

Dogs who are prone to mats and tangles benefit the most from the usage of slicker brushes.

Rubber curry combs can be used to massage the skin of any dog, whether it has short hair or not. The use of combs can assist in the removal of dandruff, dead skin, and old hair.

Brushing using a rubber comb, which functions as a gentle massager, is something many dogs like doing for themselves.

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Groom …Groom Brush Brush is the Mantra

This time your dog will become really used to brushing you, allowing you regularly to brush him throughout your life. 

Your dog will brush him. It’s a great chance for you and your puppy to bond by simply patting and grooming him for 15 minutes every day!

You will prevent hair from flying all over your house and a lot of it will fall into the brush when you brush him, minimising the effect on your house and furniture.

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The curly hair may mean that the puppy hair gets stuck with the other hair as the hair comes out for most ‘oodles’ dogs like our cavoodles, spooodles and grooves. 

This can lead to matting that can happen really fast. 

By blowing out your puppy’s hair, Brushing it often it helps make sure that his coat doesn’t get tangled, which may make your puppy more painful when matting isn’t handled fast.

It promotes additional shedding by brushing hair, which helps to shed the phase much faster!

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Do Cavoodles lose their puppy coat?

Do Cavapoos have a shedding problem? Yes, but the majority of owners say that they have an incredibly little shedding, to the point where there is almost no shedding at all because it is such a small amount. 

Their coat type, DNA, generation, and the sire (dad) and dam (mum) from which they were bred can all have an impact on the amount of shedding they produce.

Regardless, they are an excellent alternative for people who are looking for an allergy-friendly dog breed.

Every puppy is different, but you should expect your cavoodle to lose his puppy coat between the ages of 12 weeks and 6 months. Over time, the adult coat will begin to take its place. 

This adult coat may be fuller and thicker than the puppy coat, and it might not be as fluffy or look exactly the same


Attention Cavoodle Lovers!


Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About CAVOODLE COATS

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