Can Poodles Live in Apartments? Full Guide.

Can Poodles Live in Apartments? Full Guide.

Can Poodles Live in Apartments? Full Guide for Pet parents.

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When it comes to bringing a dog into your apartment, it is natural to wonder whether a specific dog breed would be appropriate. 

I am here to answer any questions you may have about the suitability of poodles in apartments.

Apartments are suitable for Poodles. Although smaller sizes such as toy and miniature poodles are better suited to apartment living, standard poodles can also live in apartments. Despite their high energy, poodles are easily trained and adaptable to new environments. 

Although poodles are considered apartment-friendly, there are some things you should consider about your apartment and schedule before bringing a poodle in.

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Poodles in Apartments

When you live in an apartment, it is critical that your dog’s lifestyle is appropriate for the small space he or she will be living in.

Even if there are no obvious problems, it could simply be a matter of emotion. 

Many dogs become depressed when they live in a small space. Certain dogs will be more depressed than their natural and free selves.

Fortunately, poodles are not like this.

Poodles can live in an apartment. Poodles enjoy being around their owners, which makes them ideal for apartment living.

Poodles form quick and easy bonds with their owners. Because of his or her love for you, the poodle will feel the need to be near you all the time. 

Poodles, in comparison to other dogs, do not require as much space because they are content to simply sit next to you.

The high energy level of a poodle, on the other hand, may not be compatible with an apartment lifestyle. 

You won’t want to confine your poodle to the apartment all day. 

Although some poodles may be able to handle it, most poodles will become destructive if they do not get their daily exercise. Apart from that, poodles are content to live with you in an apartment.

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Important Factors for Poodles in Apartments

When looking for a dog that will do well in an apartment, there are likely a few considerations that come to mind when considering what makes a good apartment dog.

You should keep those stuff in mind so you know your apartment and what you’re looking for.

I will, however, mention the most important factors in a dog’s suitability for an apartment to assist you in narrowing down your quest.

There is no set size limit on how big or small your dog should be in relation to the size of your apartment. 

However, you should understand the amount of room available for the poodle’s belongings. You’ll want to make sure your apartment has enough room for your poodle’s crate and bed.

Your poodle should also have enough space to walk around without running it over. 

Even if the only problem is a lack of room, you will find yourself irritated with your poodle if the walking space is too little.

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The barking of your Poodle: being Quiet

When it comes to pets that are suitable for homes, there is one important aspect that many people overlook.

However, in contrast to a home where your dog has plenty of room to bark, complain, and do other things, your dog should be quiet in an apartment.

There will be neighbours around you if you live in an apartment. The last thing you want is for your next-door neighbour to complain about your barking dog. Apart from your neighbours, there will most certainly be a large number of people passing by your apartment on a regular basis.

While poodles have excellent hearing and would love to warn you about strangers outside, it can become excessive when your dog barks at every move you make.

Energy Level of your Poodle

You won’t be allowed to get a doggy door in an apartment, so your dog won’t be able to go outside whenever he or she wants. 

Instead, the dog will be kept behind closed doors.

As a result, keeping a high-energy dog in an apartment is challenging.

Many dogs, on the other hand, have poor energy and activity levels. 

These dogs seem to be “lazy” since they are content to sit on the sofa all day.

Dogs with a high level of motivation and a desire to get around and get plenty of exercise are on the other end of the continuum. 

Poodles are considered to be high-energy dogs. Because of its high energy level, the poodle is more likely to bite.

Poodle is a Highly Adaptable Dog Breed

Poodles, on the other hand, are adaptable.

Poodles would adjust to your schedule because they are such caring pets that are attached to their owners.

 Poodles will learn when you will be home by repetition.

Poodles, instead of being aggressive and flipping out if they don’t get enough exercise, will wait until you get home.

However, just because poodles can adapt to your schedule so well does not mean you can ignore taking your poodle for a stroll. 

While poodles are more adaptable than other dogs, they still need exercise to get through the day.

Overall, poodles would be happy in your apartment if they are well cared for.

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Apartment Features Suitable for Poodles

Aside from your dog being appropriate for your apartment, your apartment must also be appropriate for your dog.

It could be simpler or more difficult to live with a poodle depending on where you live. 

However, if you are planning to move into an apartment soon, there are a few things to look for in an apartment that will make it more dog-friendly.

Obviously, these values would not be available in every apartment. Indeed, some apartments can be the polar opposite of the ideal.

Even if your living situation is less than ideal, you can always make living with a dog in an apartment work. 

However, if you look for these attributes in an apartment, it will be much easier for you and your poodle.

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1. Elevator in the Apartment

If you don’t live on the first floor of your apartment complex, you’ll appreciate having an elevator.

This is particularly critical to have. You’ll be desperate for an elevator if your poodle sustains an accident and requires you to lift him or her. Taking the stairs with a poodle in your arms would be the worst thing you might do.

There will be several cases where you have stuff in your arms, in addition to an emergency. You could take the elevator instead of letting go of your dog’s leash.

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2. Balcony in the Apartment

You’ll want to give your poodle a contingency plan in case of an emergency, as one of the most critical problems of keeping a poodle in an apartment is bathroom breaks.

You could put a patch of artificial grass on your balcony if you have one. Your poodle could run around on this artificial grass patch.

I recommend doing this on a balcony because you don’t want the scent to get into your building.

The scent will not enter and stay in your apartment if you are on the balcony.

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3. Position of your Apartment (Preferably on the Ground floor ( near the yard)

When you own a house, it doesn’t matter where you put your Poodle. Your poodle is outside peeing in the backyard as soon as you open the door.

However, if you live in an apartment with no backyard, it is important that you are able to be nearby in the event of an emergency. When your poodle has to go to the bathroom, you don’t want to make him walk around a large house.

The perfect scenario would be for your poodle to be able to go outside right away.

The best apartment floor you can have to build this situation is the first floor. You’ll want the apartment nearest to the exit, depending on where your yard space is.

It’ll make a huge difference where you put your puppy, particularly if you’re housetraining him.

Also, If you have a garden or park nearby your Apartment, it’s more convenient for you to take your poodle for daily walks.

Training your poodle to live in an Apartment

1. Make a Routine for your Poodle

To make the adjustment to getting a poodle in an apartment, you’ll need to establish a consistent potty schedule for him.

Your poodle can become used to going to the toilet at specific times if you stick to the same schedule. With the same routine, your poodle will know when it’s time to pee and will be able to wait.

2. Let Your Poodle Get Comfortable with Noise

It is important to desensitise dogs, such as poodles, to various sounds.

Poodles are naturally vulnerable to being surprised due to their temperament. Poodles are hyper-alert and have excellent senses.

Poodles are quickly surprised as a result of this.

As a result, if there are sounds outside, the poodle is likely to bark. 

You’ll want to get your poodle used to these various sounds to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Bringing your poodle around various people is a fun way to do this. Your poodle can become desensitised to the sounds simply by being around people and being used to them.

3. Get to Know some Indoor Exercises

You might not be able to take your poodle outside for exercise depending on the weather. Your poodle, on the other hand, would need to expend some energy in order to remain comfortable and fulfilled.

You could try some different exercises, such as nose tricks.

You can do a variety of things with your poodle on the inside. Take the time to become familiar with a variety of indoor exercises.

4. Train your Poodle to Bark less.

You should teach your poodle to stop barking.

When you’re in the apartment with your poodle, keep an ear out for sounds. Stop your dog until he barks if you see him perking up. 

Simply say “nice dog” in a cheerful tone.

After that, you should reward your poodle. Give your dog something to love, whether it’s petting, tossing a toy, or treats.

Your poodle will then be on his way to not barking.

Wrapping Up:

While everyone’s schedule is different, and I can’t predict everyone’s schedule with a poodle, I can give you a general idea of what your schedule should be with a poodle.

Simply take your poodle for a walk before you leave in the morning. 

This will help you expend some energy. Then it’s time to feed your poodle.

With their schedules, not everybody will come home in the middle of the day. 

However, if you are willing, take your poodle for a midday stroll. If you are unable to walk your poodle, you can always find someone to do it for you.

Giving your poodle a Kong treat at this time is also a nice idea. When you’re gone, Kong treats will keep your poodle entertained.

The longest workout session of the day can take place in the evening. You’ll have to brush your poodle every day in the evening if you have one.

It will take a lot of effort in the end, but a poodle is still a poodle.

Can Poodles Live in Apartments? Full Guide.

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