Can Poodles Howl? Interesting facts Explained

Can Poodles Howl? Interesting facts Explained

Can Poodles Howl? Interesting facts Explained

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Poodles are never shown howling in movies or on television. So, can poodles even howl? What about Poodle crossbreeds?

Poodles have the ability to howl. Poodles can howl, but they don’t do it very often. 

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The most common reason people report their poodle’s howling is separation anxiety, or they’ve been “taught” to howl by another dog that regularly howls, such as a beagle.

Poodles come in a variety of breeds and varieties. Can they all howl at the same time? And what does a poodle howl sound like? Is it possible to find a dog breed that cannot howl?

Why do dogs howl?

Dogs howl for a bunch of reasons – sometimes, they might just be having a blast and expressing their joy. However, it’s also a form of long-distance communication.

In fact, a howl can carry as far as 10 kilometres through open terrain! So, this howl could be a dog’s way of saying, “Hey, this is my territory,” or “Where’s the pack at?”

💡In a study published in 2016, researchers found out that 67% of dog owners reported their dogs howling more often when sirens or high-pitched sounds were present. 
This might be because these sounds are kind of like the doggie version of a group call or it could be because the sound is hurting their ears – dog hearing is significantly more sensitive than ours, you know.

Sometimes, dogs howl because they’re lonely or anxious. A study in 2001 showed that dogs left alone for long periods were more likely to develop problem behaviors like howling.

And some breeds are more likely to howl than others, like Siberian Huskies or Alaskan Malamutes, which were bred to work in packs and use howling as a way to communicate.

So there you have it! The next time you hear a dog howl, you’ll know a bit more about why they’re letting out that long, lonesome song. Whether it’s a neighborhood update, a shout-out to their buddies, or just a reaction to the wail of a siren, it’s all part of being a dog!

Can Poodles Howl

Can Toy Poodles HOWL?

Not only standard poodles, but also toy poodles, miniature poodles, and poodle mixes, can howl. 

So, why haven’t you ever heard your poodle howl? While all poodles have the ability to howl, some are unsure how to do so.

Contrast the howling of a dog with the whistling of a person. 

Except for those with specific physical limitations, we can all whistle, but not everyone knows how. 

You can easily pick it up if you have enough exposure to it, but most dogs, especially poodles, will not start howling if they haven’t.

Is There a Dog Breed That Doesn’t Howl?

There is no dog breed known to have the ability to howl. 

While some dogs have malformed vocal cords and are physically unable to howl, this is not a breed-specific issue. 

It appears to be distributed evenly among dog breeds.Of course, some breeds are more likely than others to howl or not howl. 

Everyone knows how famous any breed of hound or wolf-like dogs, such as huskies and Alaskan Malamutes are for howling.

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Which Poodle Mixes Are Most Prone to Howl?

Today, poodle mixes are very common and popular. 

The breed of a dog mixed with a Poodle, on the other hand, can change its characteristics slightly. 

Some dog breeds are more likely to howl than others, including:

Any type of hunting dog will do. Hounds are mostly included in this category. 

Hunting dogs were trained to howl when they found their prise so that you could retrieve it from them, and as a result, they were bred to become louder and louder until we have the big bloodhound bellow we have today.

As an example of a poodle mix: Bassetdoodle

Any dog that looks like a wolf, such as huskies, American Eskimo dogs, and so on. These dogs are also known as ‘chatty’ dogs because they aren’t afraid to communicate with their owners.

Poodle mix example: Eskapoo

  • Any dog with hound mixed in, such as Dachshunds which don’t look much like their bloodhound brothers, but still have the howling gene.

Poodle mix example: Doxiepoo

A poodle mix with any of these breeds mixed in is more likely to howl than a purebred poodle.

How Do You Teach Your Poodle to Howl?

Some poodles will learn to howl as puppies, at the dog park, or in a kennel setting. 

But what if you have a full-grown poodle who you regularly take to the dog park, but your poodle has never howled, and you don’t want to put them in a kennel just to learn to howl?

One of the first things you should do is introduce your dog to other dogs who howl. 

Schedule play dates with other dogs, particularly huskies, beagles, and hounds, which are all known to be very vocal. The more time spent with a howler, the more likely it is that they will howl.

Then, start singing with your poodle! Dogs howl to communicate, so talk to your pup. 

Stick to high-pitched notes, which are the closest to a dog’s howl. If your dog mimics you, reward him with a treat, just as you would with any other training procedure.

Just as you would with “Sit!” or any other command, any treat rewards should be accompanied by a verbal cue, such as “Howl!” or “Sing!” You can use whatever word you want, but you must be consistent. 

If your poodle howls for your attention at any point, make sure to repeat the cue and treat.

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What Else Can I Try to Get My Poodle to Stop Howling?

Play the harmonica or another instrument with a variable pitch. 

Some dogs do not respond to singing, but they do enjoy singing along with instruments. Harmonicas are a popular choice for this, but any instrument can be used with your poodle.

Some dogs howl in response to sirens. Make sure you reward them for howling with a cue, a treat, and praise. 

You can even download apps or watch videos with sirens on your phone to encourage your poodle’s howling in the absence of a real siren.

Give it some time. Sometimes you’ll have to wait a long time to hear their howl. 

Just as people get rusty when they sing, dogs may feel insecure when they try to howl for the first time.

Here are some other things you can do to try to encourage your dog to howl:

You should be aware that not all poodles will howl. Just as not everyone whistles, some dogs simply do not want to, at least not in front of you. 

Set up a camera to watch your dog when you aren’t home if you really want to see if your dog ever howls.

What Causes Poodles to Howl?

Some dogs appear to be more prone to howling than others. This can differ from one dog to the next or from one breed to the next. 

For example, everyone is familiar with the howl of a beagle or hound.

However, some breeds that we don’t normally associate with howling, such as toy poodles, have exceptions that we’ve heard about.

If you have a howling poodle and are wondering how you got one of the few who just seems to know how to howl, here are some reasons why your poodle is howling.

The ability to communicate. Dogs, like humans, communicate through vocalisations and body language. 

Wolves howl to communicate with one another in packs. Your dog is attempting to communicate with you, your family, or other dogs in your home.

To safeguard. Dogs are territorial creatures, and howling alerts other dogs that this is not open territory. 

That’s probably why your dog spends so much time perched on the fence, howling his little heart out.

• To attract attention. This can be both good and bad. Dogs will sometimes howl if they are in pain or need your attention to alert you to something important. 

However, some will begin to howl simply for attention, which can quickly become annoying.

• To connect or respond. If your poodle only howls when you’re singing show tunes, he’s just trying to join in. 

Some dogs hear sirens, and the sound is similar enough to another dog’s howl that he may attempt to respond to the siren by howling back.

Is My Poodle howling as he is sad?

If your poodle is howling, it does not always mean he is sad. While we’ve all cried at the sight of a dog sadly sitting and letting out a low, mournful howl in a movie, this isn’t usually why dogs howl.

As we’ve seen, dogs typically howl to communicate. But what about those times when it sounds so depressing that your heart almost breaks? 

It’s possible that they’re depressed. It’s also possible that they simply want your attention.

A cry can be a long, low howl. This is frequently heard when a dog is injured and cries out for help. 

In the wild, if a lone wolf is left behind, he will alert his pack of an injury in this manner. This can also be used when your dog is sad, as depicted in the movies.

However, don’t assume that a sad howl indicates that your dog is heartbroken and depressed. 

If he appears to recover quickly, you may be witnessing a very common phenomenon with intelligent dogs known as manipulation. 

This simply means that your dog enjoys being showered with attention and knows how to get it from you.Also, use some of the available good calming Collars as shown in the below

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Summing up

Can Poodles Howl?

Oh, absolutely! 🐩 Poodles, just like any other breed of dog, can indeed howl. This expressive behavior doesn’t discriminate among breeds, and your little (or not so little) curly-furred friend can definitely participate in this canine symphony.

Poodles are an intelligent breed – super brainy 🧠 in fact! They can easily pick up behaviors, tricks, and yes, sounds, such as howling. Although they’re not as notorious howlers as, say, a Beagle or a Husky, if they hear a siren or another dog howling, they might feel the urge to join the choir 🎶.

Moreover, Poodles are known for their communicative nature. They love to ‘talk’ and express themselves, and howling might just be another way for them to voice their feelings, alert you to something unusual, or even demand your attention 👀.

Fun fact time! Did you know that Poodles come in three sizes: standard, miniature, and toy? But regardless of their size, they all pack the same charismatic, friendly nature, and of course, the potential for a hearty howl! 🐾

So, the next time you hear a wolf-like howl, don’t look around for a Husky – it could be your fancy, curly-haired Poodle giving their own solo performance! 🎵 But remember, excessive howling can sometimes be a sign of stress or anxiety, so always make sure your fur-baby is feeling happy and secure.

That’s all for now, folks! Poodles are amazing creatures – intelligent, expressive, and yes, capable of howling. Who knew, right? 🤷‍♀️ Stay tuned for more fascinating facts about our furry friends. 🐕‍🦺🐾

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Can Poodles Howl? Interesting facts Explained


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