Can a cavoodle puppy be left home alone? Home alone training

Can a cavoodle puppy be left home alone? Home alone training

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Can a cavoodle puppy be left alone?

Cavoodles are arguably one of the best family dogs available, and they’re a pleasure to have around the house. 

However, if you intend to get one, you should ensure that they will be fine if left alone. So, can you leave a Cavoodle Home alone?

Yes, you can leave a Cavoodle alone, but not for an extended period of time. 

This is a dog breed that becomes very attached to its owners(pawrents!!), and separation anxiety is a very real issue for them. 

However, if properly trained, they can do quite well on their own and be very happy when you return home to them!

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Can a cavoodle puppy be left alone?

As a matter of fact, it is far more beneficial to train your Cavoodle to be left alone rather than keeping them by your side at all times. 

When considering getting a Cavapoo Puppy, keep in mind that they are a highly attention-seeking breed that enjoys being around people. 

This is due to the dog’s two parent breeds, the Poodle and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – two supremely affectionate and loving dogs who adore the company of their families

How Many Hours Can A Cavoodle Puppy Cope With Being Alone?

Many people with dogs work full-time hours and they should train their dogs to manage alone at home…

Personally, my Cavapoo Puppy (Rover 7 Mo puppy now ) is trained to stay alone for a few hours per day and is left alone for about 10-12  hours per week. 

Even though My Hubby and I work from home most of the days, we both would travel to the city to meet up with our new Clients and so on. 

Plus,  we may need to go out shopping etc where we may not be able to take him. 

Having said this, I didn’t just show up at my house and be thrown into that situation: “staying alone training” was carried out when we got him home in October 2020.

Do Cavoodles get Separation Anxiety?

Yes! Cavoodle gets separation anxiety when left alone if they are not trained to handle it. The main issue that Cavoodles face is separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is the extreme stress that your poor pooch experiences when they are separated from its owner or family.

It can manifest in a variety of ways and is extremely harmful to dogs.

When your Cavoodle suffers from separation anxiety, he or she may become destructive. 

That is, they scratch, claw, dig, chew, rip, and tear anything in their path. They perform these actions to relieve their emotions and stress.

When you need to go out, leaving them at home is the best thing you can do for your Cavoodle. 

While it may appear that leaving them at home is not the best option, it will gradually accustom them to being alone

When they realise you will return in a short period of time, they will experience less and less separation anxiety.

Having them with you all the time will encourage their clingy behaviour and make it more difficult for you and your dog when you have no choice but to leave them alone.

Of course, if you’re going to the park for a run or on a hike, don’t be afraid to bring your adorable little Cavoodle with you!

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What are the reactions of Cavapoos when they are left alone?

Cavapoos are naturally attracted to and receptive to their owner’s attention and love. They are afflicted with separation anxiety.

This breed was developed as companion animals, much like their Cavalier forebears, and they continue in this tradition.

They’re really affectionate, and they’ll follow you around merely to protect you from getting lost in their territory.

Their favourite activities include falling asleep on your lap while you watch television or going for walks around the neighbourhood with your family.

Cavapoos don’t fare well when they’re left alone since they were raised to be companions all of the time.

Many of these puppies suffer from significant separation anxiety and may feel as if they have been abandoned, which may make socialisation with humans and other dogs much more difficult later on in their lives.

Attention Cavoodle Lovers!


Can a cavoodle puppy be left home alone? Home alone training

How to Tell if Your Cavapoo Is Stressed Because He Is Home Alone

Because every dog and Cavoodle puppy is unique, I am unable to predict with certainty what signals your dog will exhibit. 

The fact is, there are a few milestones that are almost impossible to overlook.

  • Whining and barking are common.
  • Causing damage to objects that are not intended for them to chew on, like as furniture.
  • Destructive tendencies like digging and scratching at furniture and doors are also present.
  • Even when adequately taught, some dogs may pace or gallop about the house to relieve themselves.
  • Other than hyperactivity, anxious or aggressive behaviours like as growling and snarling are common.
  • You should be aware that your dog may be feeling stress even after a short excursion if you see any of the indicators listed above after coming home.
  • Avoid administering severe penalties to your dog, such as shouting or rubbing their face in a sloppy mess, since this may increase the frequency and intensity of episodes, as well as cause trauma or make separation anxiety worse.

Tips for When You Need to Leave Your Cavoodle puppy Alone

Fortunately, Cavoodles are a very intelligent breed of dog that is very easy to train. 

That means you’ll be able to teach them to cope with being left alone. 

Training methods differ depending on whether the Cavoodle is a puppy or an adult dog.

The Steps to leaving  Your Cavapoo home alone

The majority of specialists think that with sufficient training, a Cavapoo may ultimately be left alone for brief periods of time. 

While they may not love it, this does not imply it has to be unpleasant or bad for their long-term health.

Early  Training helps

Cavapoos are clever dogs that like learning and exploring, making training them quite simply. 

It is recommended to begin teaching and socialising your puppy as soon as possible; most puppies may begin training at around six weeks of age.

Ascertain that your puppy is educated to waste itself in a designated area, such as a pad indoors or outdoors. 

This may begin as early as eight weeks. Begin by assuring them of their comfort in the location they will be occupying.

Additionally, you should teach them to avoid biting on furniture or chewing up blankets, cables, or other potentially harmful materials.

Begin with Short Journeys

Avoid leaving your puppy alone for more than two hours at a time, and never for more than six hours. 

When you leave, ensure that you are acclimating your dog to being alone by just saying goodbye and then departing quietly.

As Much As Possible, Avoid Stress

If you have a Cavoodle Puppy, you will most likely need to devote a significant amount of time to giving them attention and training them. 

This way, when they’re older, they’ll be completely trained and prepared for the times when you need to leave them alone.

You can begin by providing them with their own special space within the house where they will feel safe and secure. 

This can take the form of a sleeping area, doggy bed, or crate in which they sleep.

You can give them their doggy treats in this area to help them remember that this is a special place. 

Instead of kenneling your Cavapoo, you may want to consider establishing a special area for them. cavapoos are not fond of kennels. 

We put our Rover( the cavapoo) in a small area in the living room with his toys and he loves it there. He spends most of his time on the couch.

This may be accomplished via the use of a baby gate that leads to a particular area (such as a restroom) or through the use of a tiny fence that divides a room into sections.

When selecting this location, make sure it is not secluded. Make it a room where your puppy can always see you and keep an eye on you, as well as a room where family people pass through. 

This will help them feel secure while also providing them with their own space to call their own.

If you must leave your Cavapoo alone, they should have easy access to a few items that will help them cope with stress and stay healthy.

Read our Blog what treats are good for cavoodles 

Leave your Cavapoo inside while you are gone, since this exposes them to changes in weather and, because to their tiny size, to possible predators. 

Additionally, you should ensure that everything you don’t want to be harmed is either out of reach or properly covered before you leave, at least initially

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Additionally, if you keep them in a crate at night, try to keep the crate in your bedroom. 

This helps to reassure them that you are still nearby but that they are safe being apart from you.

Next, whenever you plan to leave your puppy alone, try to give them some playtime to tire them out. 

If they have been out when you need to leave, they are less likely to try to entertain themselves while you are gone.

When you finally leave, make sure your puppy has a chew toy with him. 

These are excellent stress relievers and will keep your dog from chewing on other items, such as your furniture.

They also have numerous health benefits, such as helping to strengthen your puppy’s teeth and jaws.

You can also invite your friends and family over to play and socialise with your Cavoodle puppy. 

Allowing your puppy to interact with new people will help them to become less reliant on you and will make it much easier to leave them alone in the future.

Finally, begin to spend more and more time away from your new puppy. 

This may appear difficult given how adorable Cavoodle puppies are, but it is a necessary step in ensuring that they can cope with being alone when the time comes.

This teaches your puppy that you will eventually return home to them after they spend time alone. 

And gradually accustoming them to being alone in the house is far preferable to emotionally scarring them by suddenly leaving them alone for an extended period of time.

Note: Make sure you get your Puppy from a Reputable and known  Breeder  

Wrapping up

Leaving your adorable Cavoodle Puppy alone is a difficult but entirely doable task. 

All it takes is a little discipline (on your part as well as your pup’s), training, and self-control. 

When your Cavoodle overcomes separation anxiety and learns that it is okay to be left alone for a short period of time, he or she will be a much happier dog, and both of you will be relieved of the stress of being apart.

Hopefully, you can use the advice in this article to teach and train your puppy to cope with being separated from you. 

Just remember to take things slowly, to be patient, and to have plenty of love and care ready for your lovely Cavoodle when you return home.


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Can a cavoodle puppy be left home alone? Home alone training

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