Is BringFido any Good? BringFido Honest Review

Is BringFido any Good? BringFido Honest Review

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Find Locations in Your Neighborhood That Are Accepting Of Pets
When you initially start up BringFido, the primary search menu will be the first item that appears on the screen (after a gorgeous puppy, of course). From this vantage point, you may access the following:

Hotels that welcome pets; restaurants with outdoor seating; dog-friendly public parks and beaches; other resources; and other types of accommodations.
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Simply enter your location and then touch on one of the categories that correspond to it, and you will immediately be presented with hundreds of results, depending on the coverage within your local region and depending on how pet-friendly your town is. 

All you need to do is key in your location.

There is a lot of information that may be helpful for your pet as well as your family if you look in the Other Resources area. 

This part is extremely helpful for locating items such as pet food stores, veterinary offices, and other related businesses. With the help of this application, I am able to locate hotels in the surrounding area that allow dogs and then reserve a room at one of the cheapest possible rates.

Find surrounding places of interest, upcoming activities that are related to dogs, and local resources such as dog walkers, groomers, sitters, veterinarians, and retailers that are friendly to pets. 

An app that is extremely helpful to those who own pets.

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What is BringFido?

BringFido is the most popular pet travel and lifestyle brand in the entire globe. Its available as a website and App.

Through the Bringfido website and smartphone applications, it’s Possible to link millions of pet owners all over the world with over 500,000 locations that are friendly to pets.

Users have the ability to effortlessly compare and book thousands of pet-friendly hotels and vacation rentals directly on the app, and there are no booking fees associated with any of these bookings.

BringFido’s database of pup-approved restaurants, dog parks, hiking trails, and retail places makes it simple to organise an epic dog-friendly road trip.

BringFido is also a great resource for finding dog-friendly hiking routes. 

Pet Parents who have pets may have peace of mind knowing that our list has registered veterinarians, pet sitters, and groomers who are all easily accessible with the tap of a finger.

BringFido’s team of pet travel specialists are accessible via phone or chat to assist you in locating pet-friendly resources or in booking a hotel that welcomes pets, regardless of the distance you are travelling.

BringFido is every dog owner’s second best friend since it has over 12 years of expertise assisting millions of dog lovers in the search for and planning of their ideal vacation that is pet friendly.

As a dog knows, it’s a rough ride

The Photos area is my favourite part of this programme. You’ll discover a plethora of user-submitted photographs of dogs frolicking and basically acting like themselves in this section.

The + icon in the upper right corner of the screen allows you to upload your own images, along with additional information such as location, description, and more.

In addition, if you come across a photo you like, you’ll be happy to hear that you can post it to Facebook and Twitter and show it to your friends and family. 

The Internet isn’t just for cats, it’s for everyone!

A new user interface was included in the most recent version, which enhanced the app’s overall functionality. 

Fixed issues and made this software so easy to use that even a dog could do it.

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What is bringFido

Bring Fido is an outstanding website, no question about it! 

BringFido focuses on travelling with dogs, as its name suggests. 

However, the majority of the information provided on the website is applicable to travelling with cats and other types of pets as well, particularly when it comes to making hotel reservations. 

The website has a wealth of information about dog-friendly locations all around the world, including beaches and parks specifically designated for dogs, as well as restaurants, hiking trails, tours, and stores. 

Because it contains such a plethora of information, a visit to Bring Fido is highly recommended for everyone who travels with a dog, regardless of whether or not they plan to rent a hotel room.

When it comes to Bring Fido’s hotel booking engine, one of the things that we like best about it is that the hotel listings make it clear right away whether or not the room cost offered includes a pet fee (although you have to click through to a hotel to find their specific pet policy). 

The fact that all of the property reviews, as well as a hotel’s rating from 0 to 5 bones, are provided by travellers who have stayed at that hotel with their dogs is another feature that we like. 

All of this is sufficient for us to forgive Bring Fido for the abundance of pop-up advertisements on the website. A Guide to Its Use

Users may look for places to stay by entering their travel dates and locations into the appropriate search boxes located on the homepage of the website (as depicted in the image above). 

They may also learn more about pet-friendly restaurants, activities, air travel, pet services, and activities as well as a pet forum by clicking on one of the tabs that are located at the top of the page.

Users of BringFrido are also able to review a variety of pet-friendly travel resources, such as information about 

  • dog-friendly restaurants;
  •  top dog attractions such as dog beaches and pet-friendly shopping; 
  • airline pet policies as well as tips for flying with your dog;  
  • information about dog grooming and veterinary clinics.

Bringfido users can also post Reviews and Photos of thier Pooch.

How to provide Review Via App

Through the BringFido mobile application or the mobile web

  • You can post a review of the app by going to the menu by clicking the + symbol that is located in the lower right corner of the app.
  • Simply enter the company’s name into the search bar on BringFido to locate it. 
  • After you have located it, finish your assessment by assigning a score out of one to five bones to the company and adding your thoughts.
  • Take it a step further and share a photo of your dog at the establishment on social media so that other people who own dogs can see how welcoming the establishment is to canine companions. 
  • If the location that is “pawfect” for Fido is not already mentioned, you may add it by selecting “Post a Spot” from the mobile menu.
Is BringFido any Good? BringFido Honest Review

BringFido Details

Bring Fido Customer Service

Phone: 877-411-FIDO

PO Box 1489
Travelers Rest, SC 29690 customer service and FAQ

The Good and the Bad of the Bringfido App & Website


  • A reliable site for dog owners seeking information on the top locations that are pet-friendly and provide services for animals
  • Find places to stay, eat, and play that are welcoming to pets in your immediate region, including parks, restaurants, and hotels.
  • Locate resources for your pet in your immediate neighbourhood, such as food stores and vets, for example.
  • Put up your own suggestions for places that welcome pets.
  • Check out this collection of amazing pictures of dogs.
    Put forth your own photographs.
  • Use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to show off your best digital photographs to the world.


On the iTunes description page, one user has posted a remark indicating that the programme does not work for them; however, this does appear to be an isolated incident.

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Is BringFido any Good? BringFido Honest Review

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