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20+ best dog toys for small dogs you’ll thank me for!- Review and; Top Picks

Affiliate Disclosure: When possible, Pet Paws hub uses affiliate links (at no additional cost to you).  Read the Disclosure here

We have a cavapoo dog , that weighs less than 10 Kgs .I always wonder which Toy will suit his size. 

Dog toys are essential whether your dog weighs more than 100 pounds or is a little breed such as a Havanese & cavapoo, and you should never be without them. 

In order to accommodate the many types of play that your dog loves, there are numerous options available. 

While some dogs may prefer a toy that they can tear to tears, other dogs may choose a toy that is more suited to their needs. 

At PetPwsHub, we recognise that no two dogs are identical – and that their toys should be as well.

The ideal toy for a cavapoo or Havanese would be swiftly destroyed by a Labrador who enjoys chewing.

On the other hand, a dog toy that can resist a powerful Labrador bite is likely to be too heavy for a tiny dog, such as a Chihuahua, to carry.

This makes it far too simple to purchase a toy that your dog will not play with. Or, much worse, it annihilates in a matter of seconds.

We were frustrated with squandering money on toys that fell short of our expectations and set out to locate the finest dog toys for all dogs.

We’ve thoroughly tested and assessed over 1,000 different dog toys to far, rating each one from best to worst.


Aside from that, little dogs have different requirements than large dogs, which might make it difficult to select the appropriate toys for them. 

We have compiled a buyer’s guide for the finest dog toys that you can buy for your little small  dogs to assist you in your search for the perfect toy. 

Here are the top ten best dog toys for small dogs in 2022, according to to survey we did on Facebook group for small dog Lovers.

20+ best dog toys for small dogs you'll thank me for!- Review and; Top Picks


You may find a variety of dog toys, ranging from frisbees and balls to squeakers, puzzles, and food-oriented toys, among other things. However, as every dog owner is well aware, a toy can be hit or miss. 

Perhaps your pet is completely uninterested in it, or, even worse, it is immediately shredded or too hard( for small breeds)

The question then becomes, how do you go about finding the greatest dog toys that are likely to provide hours of engagement and play? 

We turned to the professionals: The pet owners and the dogs.

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The Nina Ottosson Outward Hound Smart Puzzle2 Game is an interactive, treat-based puzzle toy that is our selection for the finest small dog toy overall. 

The mini-sized Outward Hound Puzzle toy is designed exclusively for smaller dogs and features nine distinct sections for your dog to solve. 

It stimulates the brain and can help build your dog’s confidence by encouraging problem-solving in canines and even pups. 

There are two difficulty levels to enhance the degree of complexity, which is ideal for dogs that require a more challenging problem to complete. 

The finest feature of the Outward Hound puzzle game toy is that it is excellent for bored or nervous dogs, providing them with something to focus on and so dissuading them from bored or anxious behaviour. 

However, because the Outward Hound Puzzle Game is designed for cerebral stimulation and problem-solving activity, you must ensure that your dog does not gnaw on it. Otherwise, it’s an excellent toy and our overall favourite tiny dog toy.

Our Pick
Wickedbone Smart Bone Toy Wickedbone Smart Bone Toy

This toy resembles bones and Wickedbone pet toy immediately draws a dog's interest, it accompanies your dog while playing in a mild or intense manner automatically, without the need for manual operation, and it is simple to use. 

Key Features:
  • Interactive Robotic Electronic Dog Toys,
  • App Control Pet Toy for Puppies and Cats, Rechargeable Toy Keep Your Pets Entertained All Day
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App To control Smart Dog’s toy, use the following commands: 

Automatically resembles bones Wickedbone pet toy immediately draws a dog’s interest, it accompanies your dog while playing in a mild or intense manner automatically, without the need for manual operation, and it is simple to use. 

Your dog will have a good time with the clever toy for dogs, which is intelligent enough to keep him entertained when you are busy or away from home.

Modes for driving and interacting: There are two distinct modes available to meet the demands of various pets. 

This smart dog toy in the shape of a bone can be operated with an iOS or Android device. 

Install the Wickedbone application on your smartphone and use your smartphone to move it around with a virtual joystick or to change its settings. 

Wickedbone also interacts with pets when it is touched by a dog while in interactive mode, making it suitable for usage both indoors and outdoors.

IS MY DOG SAD?How to tell and What to do.

Stuffed Plush Dog Toy

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For your tiny dog, the little size will give countless hours of amusement.
Tear Blok Technology, a proprietary invention, allows for greater playtime.

Tender-tuffs may continue to squeak thanks to a puncture-resistant squeake.

Using bright colours can help you capture your dog’s attention.

The use of an interactive toy encourages positive engagement between you and your dog..

Our next selection is possibly the most unique on our list of the greatest dog toys for smaller breeds. It was created with snuggling in mind.

The Snuggle Dog provides companionship for your puppy as he adjusts to his new home. With an integrated heartbeat vibrator and warming pack, it’s as though you’re cuddling a real dog — no more separation anxiety.

However, as our tests revealed, the puppy is also excellent for worried older dogs. During thunderstorms, our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel would worry…

He would settle down when he laid his chin on the Snuggle Puppy. The heartbeat calmed him to the point that he was oblivious to even the most deafening bangs.

Snuggle Puppy Heartbeat Stuffed Toy – Pet Anxiety Relief

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frisbee for small Dogs

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The KONG Classic Flyer Dog Frisbee is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional frisbee, designed to protect your hands and your dog’s mouth while you play. 

The KONG Flyer is designed similarly to a standard frisbee, in keeping with more traditional flyers. It’s constructed of rubber, which is gentle on your dog’s teeth and won’t hurt when he catches it. 

The KONG Flyer, on the other hand, is not nearly as robust as their other goods, which is surprising since their products are often designed for aggressive chewers. 

While it is shaped like a disc, the soft rubber makes it difficult to fly far. 

Additionally, some dogs find it difficult to pick up, which might cause a dog to lose interest after a time. 

While the KONG Flyer is a suitable toy for certain dogs, it may not be the ideal choice for aggressive or hyperactive dogs.

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Our top picks for Aggressive Chewers

Interactive Corn Toys

Interactive Corn Toys

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The innovative zigzag-shaped corn molars may be brushed on your dog’s mouth both horizontally and vertically.

Almost unbreakable dog chew toys Many aggressive chewers have approved. This dog chew toy isn’t unbreakable, but it’s close.

This product is composed of bite resistant TPR material that will not deform even if your dog plays with it for a long period.

Squeaky Dog Toys: This product makes a sound when the dog bites it, attracting the dog’s attention and increasing their interest in playing with it.

This dog chew toy is constructed entirely of natural rubber with a milk flavour. 

It is completely eco-friendly and non-toxic, making it safe for dogs to chew. 

It has a considerable positive effect on the dog’s enjoyment and safety.

Durable Rubber Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers!

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iFetch iDig Stay Dog Toy Blue

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A secure digging outlet for your dog, protecting your furniture and walls from continuous scratching. 

It encourages your dog to forage and dig instinctively, which may be mentally stimulating. 

Also included are retractable flaps with extra hiding locations and compartments for food and toys.

While the iDig is a terrific toy for certain dogs, it may be too large for toy-sized canines. 

Also, the material is fragile for a digging toy, therefore it’s not suitable for destructive dogs. 

The iDig, like the iFetch, is a premium product, therefore it may be out of your current budget. It also slips on smooth surfaces, making digging and foraging difficult.

We propose additional interactive toys for dogs with varied destructive behaviours besides the iDig.

We discovered that it was too enormous to roll beneath our sofa because it was nearly the size of a softball. 

Surprisingly, this is one of the few dog toys that hasn’t disappeared down the dark hole behind our sofa.

Perhaps most importantly, the Chuckit! As it rolls on wooden floors, the Indoor Ball is completely silent — no more rolling balls waking you up in the morning!

Naturally, being a lighter-weight dog toy, an aggressive pittbull will quickly eat this ball apart. However, for mild pups, this is the best option.

Chuckit! Indoor Dog Toy

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Nerf Dog LED Bash Barbell Dog Toy

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Small canines will love the NERF LED Bash Barbell Dog Toy. It has two shake-to-light LED lights on each ends of the firm rubber bone. 

The shake-lights make the bone visible at night or in dimly lit areas, so you can play with your dog at any time. 

The NERF Dog Bash Barbell has a few flaws that placed it at the bottom of our list. While we enjoy the shaking activation, it might be tough to truly ignite the LEDs.

 Also, the material is of mediocre quality for a well-known brand like NERF. For extreme chewers, the rubber is too soft for extensive chew sessions. 

For smaller dogs, the NERF Bash Barbell may be too huge or hefty for toy-sized canines.

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This dog tug toy will delight dogs of all ages and stages with its ability to stretch to double its original length and provide hours of entertainment for gentle chewers.

Pet play toys that are lightweight and have an S-shape design are ideal for playing catch and interacting with your canine friend when your pet is out for a walk or exercising.

Is your dog so enamoured with toys that he would rather spend his time playing with them than eating treats? 

A reward toy may be the most effective method of training your dog.

The Nero Ball Ultra meets all of these requirements. When it comes to dog training, there isn’t a better toy on the market than this one.

Despite its softness, the rubber ball is quite durable. Even our feisty Belgian Malinois and Weimaraners were unable to penetrate the tough rubber despite their best efforts – and believe me, they tried their hardest.

Nero Ball Toy

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Squeaky Plush Dog Toys

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The Squeaker Matz dog toys are designed for dogs who like lying, tugging, digging, and chewing on squeaker toys. 

The little Gator dog toy includes six squeakers that will endure till pierced.

INTERACTIVE PLAY: The Squeaker Matz dog toy’s long floppy body is ideal for interactive tug-of-war activities between you and your pup or if you have numerous dogs!

 Designed to be tossed, pursued, and adored by your canine companion.

Dog Toys: A Buyer’s Guide to the Different Types

Well, it might be difficult to locate the perfect dog toys for your dog because there are so many different kinds of dog toys. 

When choosing a dog, take into account the breed, the type of play, the activity level, and the amount of destructiveness that your dog exhibits. 

All dogs love different hobbies, therefore it’s important to understand what your dog’s natural instincts can be before you start training him.

Animal Toys with a Plush or Stuffed Feeling

Toys that are soft and stuffed animals are the most popular sort of dog toy. 

They can differ in terms of material, size, quantity of filling, and form. 

Some are equipped with squeakers to provide additional entertainment, while others are designed for pulling and rougher play. 

Make certain that you purchase stuffed animals and plush toys that are specifically created for animals, since these will not have minor choking risks such as buttons or plastic eyes, which can be detrimental to your dog.

Toys for Solving Puzzles and Meeting Challenges

Puzzle and challenge toys are one of the most effective methods to keep your dog’s thinking brain occupied while also encouraging them to solve problems on their own.

 These sorts of toys are excellent for dogs that are easily bored or who have a strong desire to go foraging. 

There are many various sorts of problem-solving puzzle toys available, providing your dog with a wide range of alternatives and levels of difficulty to choose from.

Toys for fetching and launching

Fleecing and launching toys are the best option if your dog is a star athlete or has a strong prey drive. 

If you’re looking for an interactive retrieve and launching toy for your dog, there are many of options available, including dog-safe frisbees and tennis ball blasters. 

A number of launchers are equipped with hands-free loading, which your dog may learn to use, allowing you to sit back and watch your dog play.

Toys for Chewing and Teething

Teething pups and destructive chewers will ruin whatever they can get their mouths on, so they require toys that are durable enough to endure their destructive behaviour.

 Especially during the teething months, chew toys that are extremely robust are vital for keeping your home objects secure. 

Consider purchasing a chew toy that is both robust and long-lasting if your dog is continuously chewing everything around the house.

Dog Toys With Cutting-Edge Technology

With technology increasingly taking centre stage in both life and society, it should come as no surprise that there are a plethora of smart technologies and interactive toys available. 

A lot of these sorts of toys offer in-app settings and capabilities that allow you to customise your experience.

 Because smart toys are typically more expensive than traditional toys, they are not the greatest option if your dog is very destructive. 

For mature dogs that are not heavy chewers, smart tech toys might be a terrific solution for providing hours of fun for your canine companion.

Best Dog Toys for Small Dogs in Concluding Remarks

After thoroughly studying and evaluating each dog toy, we determined that the Nina By Outward Hound Smart Puzzle Game Dog Toy was the finest overall dog toy available on the market. 

It’s a fantastic approach to promote your dog’s innate instincts while also challenging them to find a solution to the situation in question. 

The Stuffed Plush Dog Toy is our top pick for the greatest overall value. 

In addition to being lightweight and simple to carry for tiny dogs, it is also an economical and somewhat more durable alternative to other plush toys in the same price range as other plush toys. 

All of the dog toys on our list have the potential to become your dog’s new favourite toy, so we hope our guide will assist you in making your selection.

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Our Tops Picks- Toys for Small breed Dogs


  1. Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper – Best Frisbee Dog Toy
  2. Dog Chew Toys– Chew Toys
  3. Tug of war Toy– chewy & Tug of war toy for small dogs
  4. Jolly Soccer Ball – Best Soccer Ball Dog Toy
  5. West Paw Bumi – Best Dog Tug Toy
  6. Snuggle Puppy – Best Cuddle Dog Toy
  7. Chuckit! Max Glow Ball – Best Night Time Dog Toy
  8. Chuckit! Indoor Ball – Best Indoor Dog Toy
  9. West Paw Boz – Best Floating Dog Toy
  10. Raindeer toy– Squeaky toys
  11. Pet Rope Toys – Best Rope Dog Toy
  12. Jolly Pets Pusn ‘N Play – Best Herding Ball Dog Toy
  13. Nero Ball Ultra – Best Reward Dog Toy
  14. Mammoth Flossy Chews Cotton Blend – Best Rope Dog Toy
  15. Benebone Wishbone – Best Nylon Dog Toy
  16. Firehose Fetch N’ Squake – Best Fire Hose Dog Toy
  17. West Paw Hurley – Best Small Dog Toy
  18. Starmark Treat Dispensing Chew Ball – Best Treat Ball Dog Toy
  19. Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole V2 – Best Flirt Pole Dog Toy
  20. PAW5 Snuffle Mat – Best Snuffle Mat Dog Toy
  21. Chuckit Launcher – Best Ball Thrower Dog Toy

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