Are Yorkies smart- things you need to know

Are Yorkies smart- things you need to know

Are Yorkies smart- things you need to know

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Yorkshire terriers, usually known as Yorkies, are small dog breeds that make excellent house companions. Their friendly attitude and devotion to family members make their excellent lap dogs. But how intelligent is a Yorkshire terrier?

How Intelligent Is a Yorkshire Terrier?

The Yorkshire terrier is quite intelligent, ranking 27th in IQ scores. They are rapid learners, and after 15 to 25 repetitions, they may learn, understand, and obey a new order. In most circumstances, a Yorkie will remember the information and orders it receives throughout its life.

Bella, my two-year-old Yorkie, is incredibly smart and a good problem solver. She is able to analyse a situation, determine whether a solution exists, and put it into action. 

She has the sense to ask someone who can, like myself, if she can’t solve the issue.

A prime example is Last weekend, she was playing with her friend Blu in the park. I was tossing frisbees for them, and Lisa (BLu’s owner) was doing the same. 

By some strange coincidence, both frisbees wound up very high in a tree. Blue sprang to attempt to reach his right away, but it was too high for him to ever succeed. Bella just said, “Get my frisbee please,” as she trotted over to me and stared at me before turning to stare at her frisbee. 

She didn’t waste time or effort trying to reach it because she realised right away that she couldn’t. Ten minutes later, Blue was still attempting to retrieve his frisbee when Lisa finally stopped laughing, got it for him, and advised him to take a few lessons from Bella.

What are the facts that Yorkies are smart?

According to Stanley Coren, who has conducted substantial research on the subject of canine intelligence, there are three primary types of canine intelligence: adaptive intelligence, instinctive intelligence, and working/obedience intelligence.

Naturally, you will need to begin at the very beginning by harnessing this innate intelligence in the appropriate manner. 

You have the potential to significantly improve the working/obedience intelligence measurement of your Yorkie if you carry out these steps correctly.

 According to the findings of Coren’s research, Yorkshire Terriers, like all other types of terriers, have an exceptionally high level of innate intelligence. 

Because the Yorkshire terrier was developed specifically for the purpose of rat-catching, many of its natural behaviours are hard-wired into its DNA.

The breed comes in at number 34 on a well-known list that ranks the intelligence of 135 different dog breeds.

Yorkies are known to be friendly towards members of their own families but reserved towards strangers due to their high intellect. 

In most cases, Yorkies are capable of recognising unfamiliar people and will bark to alert their owners, making them effective watchdogs.

If you already have a Yorkie, you are aware of the potential intelligence of this small dog breed since you have experienced it directly. However, if you are seeking for a little dog breed that is known for its intelligence, the Yorkie is the one for you. 

The following is what gives the Yorkshire Terrier its intelligence:

  • Instincts for naturally taking down game or hunting.
  • Establish an emotional connection with you by trying to cheer you up when you’re in a bad mood or consoling you when you’re in a good one.
  • Easily amenable to training.
  • They are quite flexible in their approach.

What is it About Yorkshire Terriers That Makes Them Such Smart Dogs?

Even without training or exposure to other intellectual dog breeds, Yorkies demonstrate intelligence in the way that they engage with members of their families, youngsters, and toys that need interaction. 

The intelligence of Yorkshire Terriers can be attributed, in part, to the following factors:

Natural Instincts – Intuitive Intelligence

The ability of a canine to carry out the functions for which it was bred, such as retrieving, hunting, and guarding, is what is meant by the term “instinctive intelligence” in this context. 

In contrast to adaptive intelligence, Yorkies typically share a common trait known as instinctive intelligence.

Given that Yorkshire terriers were originally bred as ratters to help catch rats in mines and mills in Northern England, they display a high hunting intelligence while following small prey and when playing with interactive toys. 

This is because Yorkshire terriers were originally bred as ratters.

Facilitation and eagerness of Learning

In most cases, the number of times you have to repeat a new command before the dog understands it and begins to obey it can serve as a good indicator of the dog’s intelligence. In general, the dog will be smarter if it has less instances of the problem.

A high level of intelligence enables a Yorkie to successfully learn and obey a new command after 15 to 25 tries of the same command. Due to their aptitude for picking up new skills rapidly, Yorkies are ranked as the 27th smartest breed of dog.

Intelligence that Can Adapt-Adaptive Intelligence

The ability to engage with one’s environment, learn from it, and then use that information to find solutions to a variety of issues is an example of adaptive intelligence. 

Yorkies have a high level of adaptive intelligence because they are able to learn and adjust to new environments without the assistance of their human companions.

Keep in mind that the level of adaptive intelligence exhibited by Yorkshire terriers can vary greatly from one dog to the next; therefore, you shouldn’t anticipate that your dog will exhibit the same level of adaptive intelligence as your neighbours’ dogs.

More About Yorkies

    Pro Note

    The Intelligence Regarding Yorkies: What are the Facts?

    It is essential to have an understanding of a few key points regarding the concept of intelligence while discussing Yorkies. There are a variety of behaviours that may be seen in dogs in general that can be used as potential indicators of their intelligence level.

    There is a wide range of defining characteristics that researchers and veterinarians agree are indicative of a dog’s natural intelligence. For instance, Stanley Coren, the writer of “The Intelligence of Dogs,” is of the opinion that the three primary characteristics of canine intelligence are obedience, adaptability, and instinct. 

    Having said that, this is but one perspective to take on the matter. There are several various methodologies that can be used by specialists to evaluate your dog’s level of intelligence.

    What are some ways that I can make my Yorkie more intelligent/smarter

    You may boost your Yorkshire terrier’s general smartness by using the following recommendations, despite the fact that their adaptive and instinctive intelligence already allows them to learn and adjust to several fundamental things on their own.

    Offer Your Yorkie Some Fun and Engaging Puzzles and Toys to Play With

    Toys and puzzles are beneficial to the mental development of children, and Yorkshire terriers receive the same benefits in terms of increased mental activity and stimulation. 

    Yorkies’ intellect can be increased since they are forced to think more deeply in order to solve puzzles and play with toys.

    Participate in a game of hide-and-seek with your Yorkie.

    If you thought that this game could only engage the minds of your children, you should know that it can also stimulate the minds of Yorkies and sharpen their intelligence as well as their ability to search. 

    However, before you can play this game, you will first need to teach your Yorkie the stay command. This is a prerequisite.

    Give your Yorkie the commands to sit and stay, and then sneak off to a hidden spot in the backyard. 

    Allow the Yorkie to look for you, and once it does, shower it with praise and rewards when it finds you. 

    Your dog’s hunting skills will likely increase as a result of playing this game, and it will also become more focused on the task at hand.


    The process of socialisation is critical for canines of any breed. Socialization of dogs should begin at an early age, preferably when they are still puppies. 

    Your Yorkie should be socialised with the other puppies in its litter as soon as it is old enough to do so, and as they mature, it should acquire the typical puppy sounds and language.

    As your dog gets older, it should continue to be exposed to a wide variety of individuals in order to maintain healthy socialisation. This may include those who live in your house, your children, or even complete strangers.

    Early Training for your Yorkie

    Instilling good habits in your child at a young age is critical, and one of the most important ways to do it is through early training. Potty training is going to be one of the first things you will want to work on with your child. 

    When it is young, similar to how children learn, your dog is like a sponge and will take in a great deal of knowledge. 

    If you want to train your dog, teach it commands, and instruct it on how to behave, then you should do this while your Yorkie is still a puppy. 

    Training your Yorkie not only benefits it but also teaches it new things at the same time.

    How many words can Yorkie Learn?

    The number of words that each dog can genuinely understand varies. Since dogs and humans cannot interact, it is challenging to determine just how many words your dog actually understands. 

    A wonderful technique to teach your dog more words is through consistent training and command instruction. 

    The Yorkie can typically learn and comprehend 150 words. Once more, some canines have less knowledge than others.

    How Can I Determine Whether or Not My Yorkie Is Intelligent?

    Even though it may be difficult to determine whether or not the yorkie is intelligent enough, especially if you are a novice dog owner, you may determine whether or not your dog is intelligent based on whether or not it demonstrates the following behaviours:

    Having no trouble picking up new directives and procedures.
    Having an awareness of when you are angry or about to leave
    adjusting to a new setting while maintaining composure and being aware of how to avoid potential hazards.
    Activities such as putting together puzzles and playing with toys

    Are obstinate Yorkies capable of being smart?

    Yorkshire terriers with a stubborn nature are just as bright as other types of Yorkies, but they are more difficult to teach because of their strong territorial instincts. 

    When teaching obstinate Yorkies, it is recommended to make use of approaches that involve positive reinforcement.

    Is It Possible for a Yorkshire Terrier to Pick Up New Tricks?

    The answer is yes; Yorkies have a high level of intelligence and may pick up special feats such as standing on their hind legs, rolling over, and spinning around. 

    To accomplish this goal, you will, however, need to attract it with rewards such as praise and goodies in order to succeed.

    So, Are Yorkies smart?

    In conclusion, yes – Yorkies are intelligent and obedient dogs who are capable of picking up any tricks and orders you wish to teach them in a period of less than one day. 

    The breed, on the other hand, is notorious for being headstrong and tough. On example, they may refuse to enter a moist yard or go for walks during the rain.

    However, once you are aware of these issues, you will be able to incorporate them into your training and become more equipped to cope with them. 

    Now that you are armed with this information, I hope that you have a great deal of pleasure training your Yorkie to do a wide variety of tasks.

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