Are Yorkies diggers ? Tips to stop them digging

Are Yorkies diggers ? Tips to stop them digging

Are Yorkies diggers?- Tips to Stop them digging

While not every Yorkie enjoys digging, many do. For many, many years, the act of digging has been ingrained in the breed. Yorkshire terriers are now mostly used as companion dogs, with some owners even transporting their dogs in enormous purses throughout town. 

Terrestrials have a natural instinct to dig, and they’re also brave and full of energy. 

A Yorkie perceives himself as much larger than he actually is. Without a doubt, your Yorkie is much more than just a cute little companion.

Originally used as a hunting/ratting dog, the Yorkie’s primary function in nineteenth-century England was to pursue vermin and dig tunnels.

During the Victorian era, this dog breed evolved from a hunting/ratting dog to a highly sought-after companion/lap dog for Royalty and upper-class communities. However, the instinct to dig has persisted slightly.

Yorkie Digging Behaviour :

A Yorkie may dig in the yard, the sandbox, the park, in the bed or almost anywhere else where sand, soil, or gravel is available

They may love digging numerous tiny holes in the ground or working on a larger one each day. 

Some may attempt to dig inside, scratching at the carpets, which may be extremely damaging. Two of the most common Yorkie digging behaviours are Digging a yard and Digging a bed.

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Why Do Yorkies Dig?

Yorkies are a type of canine breed that is known for being inherently lively. 

Like any other dog, they exhibit or exhibit a variety of behaviours that their fur parents find difficult to comprehend. 

One of the most prevalent behaviours that they exhibit is circling around, digging yard and digging bed.So, What causes Yorkies to burrow into their beds? Yorkies digging in their beds is, in theory, explained by the fact that it is their innate activity. It is their way of ensuring that their bed is safe and cosy before falling asleep.

The Reasons Why Yorkies Dig in bed

The Reasons Why Yorkies Dig In Bed Wild dogs employed digging activities such as scratching the floor to construct a “nest” to aid in their sleep.

While domesticated dogs today have a cosy place to sleep, the canine DNA encodes the impulse to scratch the floor before resting. 

That is, they are powerless to resist. To further understand why Yorkies do it, consider the following: 

Territorial Claims The unique glands located on the bottom of your Yorkie’s paws release a scent that is amplified by scratching.

And by digging up the surface of the bed where they intend to sleep, they claim it with the odour of their paws.

Though it may seem absurd to humans, researchers suggest that these acts are amusing to some dogs.

This is because they feel that the earth assists them in de-stressing and releasing energy from the bedroom.

As previously said, Yorkies, like other dogs, dig their beds to ensure their comfort.

While in some locations, they dig in order to cool off. Additionally, they do this to assist them in locating the most comfortable position prior to taking a break.

Digging enables them to remove undesirable elements: According to the SPCA of Texas, both wild and domestic dogs engaged in the same rituals prior to bedtime: sniffing followed by digging.

After they finish excavating, they whirl in a few circles and then lower themselves into the hole they formed.

They Desire To Be Hidden dogs, like Yorkies, have an innate desire to dig and conceal themselves in order to remain safe in the wild. Apart from allowing them to locate a comfy position, this also allows them to conceal themselves from other animals.

While this activity is useless when they are inside the house, keep in mind that their instincts persist, forcing them to dig in the bed.

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Tips To Help Yorkies Stop The Digging Behavior

Keep them Supervised:If the Yorkie is supervised and not permitted to dig holes in the yard, they will not dig holes. 

When left alone and unsupervised, any dog will exhibit inappropriate behaviour. The dog is bored and alone…and will begin to engage in activities to occupy themselves.

It is always essential to keep an eye on your Yorkie. Even if you have a fenced-in yard, if this dog is left alone, he or she may dig under the barrier and then disappear! 

When you take your Yorkie outside for exercise or housebreaking, do it solely for those purposes.

Increase Exercise Activities For your Yorkies, you can add one more walk each day. 

Then, add at least 20 minutes of command training per session per day. With these additional workouts, your Yorkies will be able to release energy and manage their digging behaviour. 

If your Yorkie digs in a certain location, attempt to search under it. It’s possible that their favourite toys are hidden beneath it. 

Increase outdoor and indoor activities by one walk every day and at least one 20-minute command training session per day. Orders help a dog release energy (which might otherwise be spent digging up carpets) and help manage behaviour. 

Check if a toy may have rolled under the sofa or chairs, causing your Yorkie to dig away.

Keep your Yorkies nails as short as possible. We recommend a little nail grinder because it is easy to use and nails can be filed as needed. 

Another effective Tip ( that we use at home for our Yorkie) Give your Yorkshire Terrier a pile of old clothes to dig through. 

If he’s stumped, show him how you hid a toy or reward at the bottom. Make it more difficult by burying the toy or treat in one of the cloths. 

If he appears to love it, designate a room as his “digging pile. If all else fails, apply an apple-bitter spray. If your dog seems to prefer certain sections of the house, spray those.

While it may appear to be a pointless act, many dogs with a strong digging instinct will dig and scratch while indoors. 

If this is the case, the majority of people would opt for a flooring that has some give and pull, and wall-to-wall carpeting is frequently the victim. 

This can be a significant issue, as the Yorkshire Terrier’s sharp claws and swift scratching can quickly cause fraying and rips in the carpets.

There are a few things you can do to coax your Yorkie’s  digging into coming to an end!!

Distraction Dog Training Techniques:

 If a Yorkshire Terrier begins digging a hole and is then given the option of digging or playing with a new, entertaining dog toy, the dog will almost always choose the toy. 

While it may not be feasible to acquire a new toy every day, an owner can take the following steps:

Give them variety of toys. The majority of owners will have accumulated enough dog toys to split them into three or four categories. 

Each two weeks, just one batch of toys should be accessible. If the dog starts digging, he can simply be diverted with a toy from a different group that is not in use that week. 

When the dog discovers an interesting toy, he or she will typically stop digging to study the “new” dog toy.

Yorkie excavating the yard : Dog toys that need interaction from the dog work miracles. Canine toys with a small opening for hiding a tasty dog treat are widely available in pet supply stores, both online and offline. 

Smelling the concealed reward within, many dogs may busy themselves for hours attempting to get the goodie.

Additionally, distraction might be accomplished by luring the dog into play. A little distraction of 5 to 10 minutes of playtime might help the Yorkie forget why they were digging.

Whether through distraction with toys or play time, this dog should be rewarded each time they stop digging and instead do something else.

Give Your Yorkie Reward for not digging:

Nothing educates a dog more quickly than an incentive for acceptable conduct. 

Dogs who are screamed at for unacceptable behaviour have a difficult time grasping information. Puppies who are praised for good conduct rapidly pick up on expectations and thrive on pleasing their owners.

If your Yorkie is digging and you order an authoritative and firm “NO,” then lavish praise, cuddles, kisses, pats, and a tiny dog treat on the dog. Then, as indicated above, provide a dog toy as an alternative to the digging fun.

Yorkshire Terriers are excellent companion dogs. The Yorkie is playful, eager to please, and endowed with an endearing personality. 

A dog cannot perform tasks for which he has not been trained. 

Once this dog understands that digging is not desired and receives attention, prizes, and praise for not digging, the Yorkie will strive to please those who matter most to them: their human relatives You Might Also Enjoy

Encourage Their Behavior If you believe this behaviour is adorable and encourage your Yorkies to have fun in bed, there is no need to fear.

All you have to do is give your dog positive attention, and they will mimic the behaviour whenever you want.

However, if you believe your Yorkie is very energetic both on and off the bed, spend more time walking. Also, don’t forget to have fun with them.

Be Conscious But Not Excessive Yorkies, like other breeds, scratch the floors naturally, but terriers are regular diggers.

Though it may appear to be an endearing and funny quality in most dogs, most Yorkies do not cause problems. 

Some dogs tear up carpets, and in some cases, this behaviour has progressed to the point where they dig in the yard.

When your Yorkies reach this level, it’s time to start training them to limit or eliminate their digging tendency.

Alternative Solutions 

As a Yorkie owner, it’s critical to distinguish between excessive activity and a dog’s natural settling down. It’s critical, especially if you want them to sleep with you.

It is usual for your Yorkies to circle a few times and dogs to their prefered position before they lay down.

However, if they suddenly go bed crazy or show indications of emotional distress, take them to the vet.

They could be experiencing anxiety or a hormonal imbalance, which causes their behaviour to change.

Because they are unable to communicate, it is the obligation of the owner to be watchful and responsive to their requirements.

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Final Thoughts

Digging behaviour in Yorkies is typical, as it is in other dogs. If you want to reduce or eradicate this behaviour, use the ideas in this article.

This article also helps us comprehend that this conduct has a rationale, which makes it valid.

And, while you won’t be able to completely remove this Yorkie behaviour, it’s critical to distinguish between it and anxiety disorders.

Are Yorkies diggers ? Tips to stop them digging

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