Are Yorkies Big Chewers? Easy & Effective Tips to Stop a Yorkie from Chewing.

Are Yorkies Big Chewers? Easy & Effective Tips to Stop a Yorkie from Chewing.

Are Yorkies Big Chewers?

Many dogs like chewing on various household items. They may discover that playing is a fun way to pass the time or that it comforts them when they are worried or anxious.

If you have a Yorkie, you may be wondering if this breed is prone to chewing around the house as well.

Yorkies can be voracious chewers. They may be lured to chew on various items around the house while they are anxious, bored, or getting their teeth in. Providing direction to the Yorkie and keeping them away from important stuff you don’t want to be destroyed will help. Spending time with the Yorkie and providing appropriate toys is another approach.

Let’s take a deeper look at whether Yorkies are a chewing breed, why you should discourage your Yorkie from chewing on household goods, and some simple methods you can do to discourage your Yorkie from chewing on household items.

Many dogs like chewing on various household items. They may discover that playing is a fun way to pass the time or that it comforts them when they are worried or anxious.

Yorkies can be voracious chewers. This is dependent on the individual dog and what they enjoy doing, although many dogs enjoy chewing to some extent. 

Yorkie owners must keep an eye on their Yorkie to see if they are chewing through stuff and devise a plan of action if the Yorkie does begin to chew frequently.

There are a variety of reasons why your Yorkie may chew on things. When the Yorkie’s huge teeth come in, it feels excellent to gnaw on something when that happens. 

In this scenario, giving the Yorkie something nice to chew on that you approve of, such as a dog treat or another toy made for this purpose, is a good way to stop the havoc around the house.

As a result, individuals may not chew when they are frightened about something, or when they are in an uncomfortable circumstance. Petting and reassuring your Yorkie is one of the greatest strategies to halt the chewing if this is the major source of the problem.

A bored Yorkie will often chew. Assuming your Yorkie chews when you leave him home alone for extended periods of time, this is the most likely cause of his chewing. 

When you are home, keep your Yorkie active and provide them with plenty of toys to play with when you are not home. When the Yorkie is not bored, chewing problems are less likely to occur.

How to Put an End to a Yorkie’s Chewing?

If your Yorkie does have a chewing problem on household items, there are a few things you can do to control the activity and persuade them to stop without destroying everything. 

Bear in mind that spanking and yelling at the Yorkie will not improve the issue; it will just make the puppy more aggressive. 

To ensure that your Yorkie does not chew on everything, follow these simple guidelines: It is essential to prevent the Yorkie from chewing on anything in the house. It is okay to provide them with approved chew toys. 

This will assist the Yorkie in satisfying his chewing desires and will keep all of the stuff in your home safe and secure.

Tips To Help Yorkies Stop The Chewing Behaviour

Utilize Behavior Modification

There is almost certainly a reason why your dog is chewing on stuff, so provide them with something they are permitted to chew on. 

When they attempt to chew on your furniture or on some of your favourite pairs of shoes, provide them with a specific toy to chew on. Then you can divert the Yorkies’ attention to the thing you desire.

After the Yorkie listens to you and begins chewing on the authorised object rather than the item you do not want them to chew on, you should praise and congratulate the Yorkie on being good.

This teaches the Yorkie to associate the positive response with chewing on their preferred item. If you are consistent, your Yorkie will quit chewing on furniture, shoes, and other items and will focus exclusively on the item you approve of.

Keep the Puppy Busy :

When a Yorkie or any other dog becomes bored, it is usual for them to begin chewing. If you frequently leave them alone at home for work and allow them unrestricted access to the house, they may become bored and look for something to do. 

This is also a good outlet for the Yorkie’s excess energy. You must take steps to keep the Yorkie occupied and to avoid them from becoming bored in the first place.

Consider taking the Yorkie for a walk before you go to work or leaving them alone. A lengthy walk will exhaust them, and they may slumber when you depart. 

This consumes some of your time away and leaves less room for boredom. Playing with the puppy and engaging in other activities can help keep them occupied.

Along with a good walk for the Yorkie, consider leaving plenty of toys out for them when you plan to leave. 

This provides them with options and prevents them from being left to their own devices. Keeping them in a single area of the house can also help prevent gnawing.

Aversion Sprays :

This is a technique that is effective only when you are at home. 

If you notice that your Yorkie chews on certain objects around the house, such as carpets, rags, and couches, you can apply an aversion spray to help. 

Grannick’s Bitter apple spray is one of the best since it irritates the Yorkie just enough to make them stop and move away from the object they want to chew on without actually harming them.

You may need to use the aversion spray several times before it takes effect. 

Add a No behind it to demonstrate to your Yorkie that you dislike chewing and that the Yorkie is no longer permitted to do so.

With consistency and persistence, you will notice that the aversion spray leaves an unpleasant taste and odour in the dog’s mouth and that the dog avoids chewing on objects as well.

Crate Training

If your Yorkie is a chewer, it may be time to introduce crate training. When you are not at home with the Yorkie all day, a create might help keep gnawing to a minimum. 

This crate serves as the dog’s home. It will restrict the Yorkie’s access to the rest of the house.

It does take some time for the Yorkie to become accustomed to using a crate and understanding how this all works. However, once you are finished, the Yorkie will regard this area as a secure haven and will be less likely to cause problems or prowl around the house chewing on items. 

Once the training is complete, you will discover that the Yorkie enjoys spending time in the crate while you are gone.

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To Control Excessive Chewing : 

Chewing is a hard habit to break, so allow days or up to weeks depending on your pet’s training capabilities!. However, we can try to use some remedies as listed below to get over that habit. 

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To Control Urinating all over the Place

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Chew Toys for Dogs

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Final Thoughts

Assisting Your Yorkie to Stop Chewing There are a variety of reasons why a Yorkie may begin chewing on anything in its vicinity. 

Some do it out of boredom and are seeking something to occupy their time. Others will do it out of concern or because their teeth are erupting.

By determining what is creating this issue and providing improved solutions and training, you may assist preserve the valuables in your home while also providing respite for your Yorkie.

Are Yorkies Big Chewers? Easy & Effective Tips to Stop a Yorkie from Chewing.

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