Are Poodles Good with Kids_ Tips for Parents

Are Poodles Good with Kids? Tips for Parents

Are poodles Good with Kids? A Complete Guide for Parents

When bringing a dog into your home, you must ensure that the dog will get along with your children. So, I’m here to discuss how poodles interact with children.

Poodles are excellent with children. The high energy level of poodles is frequently compared to that of children. Poodles are very loving, protective and gentle, making them an excellent choice for families with children. Standard poodles are the best type of poodle for children.

Now that you’ve determined that poodles are a good fit for children, there are a few things you should know before bringing a poodle into your home. 

I’ll go over each of the characteristics that your children will appreciate in a poodle, as well as some that will irritate them.

Poodles and Children compatibility

Some of the most important traits for a dog to have to be considered good with kids is:

  • Loving 
  • Playful and fun
  • Gentle and calm
  • Friendly
  • Alert and protective
  • Cuddly and funny
  • Patience and calm

Poodles meet all of these qualifications.

Despite how poodles are portrayed in movies, they are actually very playful, athletic, and generally fun dogs. They are the ideal playmate for your children.

Poodles are extremely energetic dogs.

Poodles may spend the entire day playing if you allow them to. Poodles simply enjoy running around and playing.

This is just one of the many reasons why poodles make excellent family pets. Your children and your poodle will have a great time playing together. Simply take your poodle and children outside, and the games will begin.

But, after a long day of playing, you’ll want a dog who can calm down and come inside to rest. poodles do well both indoors and outdoors.

If you want a dog that will come right up to you on the couch and be loving and cuddly, a poodle is a dog for you.

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This is especially beneficial for children who do not always express their emotions well. Having a poodle around to cuddle with and be there for your children will be reassuring.

Poodles make excellent service dogs and will provide excellent protection to your family.

The ability to switch between tasks is one of the best characteristics of a poodle. It can be difficult to calm down some dogs once they have become agitated. Poodles, on the other hand, can easily switch between activities (they may even be a good example for your kids).

Another quality that people look for in a family dog is alertness. This trait is essential for a family dog to develop into a guard dog. Poodles have a high level of alertness. In fact, because they are so alert, they frequently jump when surprised.

What do Poodles Offer to Children?

Are Poodles Good with Kids? Tips for Parents

Poodles are naturally great dogs for children

But what makes them so great as family dogs? There are many things that poodles have that make them a perfect fit for your family.

1..Poodles come with A Sense of Responsibility
and Protectiveness

We all want the best for our children as parents.

One of the lessons we want our children to learn is responsibility. This is such an important lesson for children to learn, but it can also be one of the most difficult to teach.

Your children will gain responsibility as a result of having a dog.

Your children will learn about responsibility, especially if you leave them in charge of things like filling up the food bowl, etc.

Poodles are extremely protective towards their owners, so they get along very well with everyone in the family Including your cat(if any).

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2. Poodles are Hypoallergenic

It is possible that all of a child’s allergies have not yet manifested themselves. You may be allergic to something. Certain allergies can show up anytime even in adults.

Even if you are aware of your allergies, it is best to get a dog that will not aggravate them.

Poodles’ hair is constantly growing rather than shedding. 

Even though the hair is smooth and silky it becomes entangled in the curls and does not fall on the floor or elsewhere. As a result, poodles are hypoallergenic and have a low risk of irritating allergies.

3. Poodles can be a Best Friend to your child.

For children especially, it is important to have someone there. Although they have you and possibly others, they will enjoy a new best friend as well.

Poodles bond to their owners easily.

Although poodles are not extroverts who love everyone including strangers, they do love their owners. In fact, the bond between a poodle and owner is higher than many other dogs because poodles are so loving and loyal.

Once a poodle loves you, he/ she will stay by your side forever.

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Let’s talk about The Downside of Having Poodles and Kids

Poodles have high-level Separation Anxiety

As is the case with anything, there is good and bad.

The same applies to poodles. Although poodles are a great family dogs, they are not perfect by any means

Unfortunately, in addition to the bond formed between a poodle and its owner, poodles experience separation anxiety when left alone.

When left behind, poodles do not fare well. If your poodle could choose, he or she would stay by your side 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Nonetheless, this is not a likely scenario.

The fact in the real world is : You can’t be with your poodle all of the time.

Children will have a difficult time leaving the poodle behind. Depending on your children’s ages, leaving the house for a few minutes and saying goodbye to your poodle can be a big deal.

We have all seen kids cry when they have to leave their pet poodle alone at home

Since poodles have separation anxiety, your kid may catch on to this.

If they catch on, it may be even harder for your kid to leave your poodle alone. Because it is necessary to leave your poodle at home sometimes, you should do the best you can to make sure your kid does not notice your poodle’s separation anxiety.

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Poodle needs constant Grooming

You will receive a large ball of hair/fur in addition to the loving and wonderful poodle.

Poodles are well-known for having long, curly hair. Although it has a lovely appearance and is very soft to pet, it is quite difficult to care for. Poodles require the most grooming when compared to other dog breeds.

Daily grooming is the most important thing that will need to happen in the house.

Poodles should be brushed thoroughly every day to avoid mattes, which can be painful to your poodle. Fortunately for you, this is a task you can delegate to your children.

Overall the grooming required for poodles is extremely high.

Not only will this be bothersome to your time, but also to your bank account. You will truly find that adding a poodle to the family is similar to adding another child. Your poodle will require your time in money.

Adding one more thing to your do list, especially when you have children can seem like too much.

But in the end, you will just love your poodle, so it’s okay.

Welcoming a Poodle to Your Family

If you, like me, see more benefits than drawbacks to having a poodle as the family dog, I encourage you to take the next step towards getting a poodle for your family.

However, it is critical that your children are prepared for a dog as you take these steps. In order to avoid being bitten, you should make a few behavioural expectations clear to your children.

Biting is not common in poodles due to their patience, but it is still possible.

So, what should children be aware of in order to avoid being bitten? 

  1. Don’t yell at the poodle. Poodles are extremely sensitive to sound. They are also extremely vigilant and alert. As a result, when a child starts screaming in their ears, they may become irritated.
  2. Do not play rough with the poodle. This will most likely be resolved over time. Show how to properly hold and play with the poodle.
  3. Don’t play with the poodles’ toys. This is significant because some children are unable to distinguish between when a dog wants to play and when they simply want their toy. Make certain that your child does not take the toy directly from the poodle’s mouth.
  4. Don’t play with the poodle while he’s eating. Even when you’re eating, kids want to play. However, if they try to play with a poodle while eating, the poodle may become irritated.

Wrapping up Note…

Overall, poodles are very patient, Calm, Protective and loving. You should not have any problems with your kids getting hurt by the poodle. However, it is important to teach them how to treat the poodle to ensure the poodle’s and your kid’s safety.

Poodles are great family dogs, and I would highly recommend them for you and your kids.

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