Are Macaws Friendly? 5 Facts You Must Know

Are Macaws Friendly? 5 Facts You Must Know

Are macaws friendly and  nice? Let’s not fool you with the sheer size and noisy nature of these birds, the macaws are really very affectionate and require a lot of social interaction.

Some of them may at first appear shy, but they may be great companions once they become familiar with you.

Macaw is very smart birds and the only thing they can get is if they don’t receive enough consideration – so make sure that you have time and energy to dedicate to it if you plan to keep a macaw as a pet.

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Macaws are highly social

The macaws in the wild are barely seen by themselves. These birds are usually found in small family flocks due to their friendly nature and their affection for close ties.

You will need to make sure the bird feels like it is part of your family, if you are planning to take a pet home with you, that it has a lot of human interactions throughout the day.

The loud and disorientation side of these giant parrots will be brought forth if a macaw does not feel included or loved.

If you have other animals at home, it is better for you to initially monitor your macaw around them. The macaw is known to be jealous and perhaps not happy to share your attention with other animals.

You should feel comfortable with leaving your own animals only if you know that the macaw is linked with the other animals and is friendly to them. This is further explained in this article

You must keep it busy if you want to have a friendly macaw

As they’re not ordinary birds, macaws need large and large cages to move around because of their size and level of activity.

A large cage is required by the long tail feathers of the Macau, whilst the extra room allows them to swing and play. This also means that it is important to have toys or accessories in your cage to keep you stimulated, active and, mostly, enjoyable.

Soft, clean branches are your favourite and can keep you occupied along with wooden toys. Boredom often can lead them to throw their food or any other material from their cage if they do not have toys and accessories to play with.
They are also known to pick up their feathers if they have nothing else to chew on, so that is one more point to be taken into account when they set up their cage and plan their diet.

We created a few papers to help you find the right parrot toys. See our following articles:


Macaws are exotic birds from South America. You can purchase them if you want from a pet-store, reputed breeder or adopt them.   

Macaw must be connected with its owners

Macaws are delightful and often humorous birds. All could be cute and friendly one minute, and then they could suddenly lunge at you to just ruffle your features, not attack you. They could simply frighten you a little and make fun for themselves.

To ensure that the new animal knows that it has your full attention and affection it is important for a macaw owner to set the rules right away.

As they connect to their owner, Macaws are able to distinguish them from strangers.

While most people are usually friendly, there will only be a macaw in the eyes of a person they love, usually their owners or the family they spend most of their time with.

Although macaws like to pamper their favourite person, sometimes they can get too much. Why here, we explain!

Structured and loving homes is good for Macaws

Since macaws are such smart birds, certain ground rules can be easily set. Even if it’s negative, you understand how to take notice and how to shout for it.

In order to reduce the typical macaw ear-breaking screaming, you will be suggested to create a routine which birds can recognise and pay sufficient attention to maintain happiness, healthyness and wellbeing during that routine.


Even the most friendly macaws can be destroying

While they are known to be friendly and loving, the Macaws are by their nature destructive as well. It is unlikely that they will be trained to get rid of the practise of chewing furniture, paper and other materials all around the house.

The most easy and effective way is to make sure that your pet macaw has plenty of time to play and practise throughout the day. A few days away, boredom and loneliness would help to eliminate.


Macaws are as loud as they are friendly

For those seeking quiet pets, Macaws are definitely not recommended. They are the most distinctive part of their size, bold colours, and noise, and make this clear. These vocal birds enjoy singing and squawking and are even able to speak!

Trying to hush them is useless because it is a part of their natural behaviour, and it can certainly increase if they are discouraged

Macaws love their food very much.

Most pet owners report that food can be used as an incentive to promote good behaviour, as a macaw is trained. Because these birds like a lot to eat, food is useful as an incentive to keep them aggressive or destructive.


Macavian fruits, seeds and nuts usually enjoy. They eat more fat because they are such big birds. Your food needs to be selected carefully, although it can also be harmful to some vegetables or fruits.

They also need to be provided with clean water at all times.

Questions related to macaws

How many different macaw types are there? There are currently 17 different macaw breeds. Each of these different breed, which are mainly from South and Central America as well as Mexico, has its own unique characteristics and needs. They are the largest of the 370 different parrot species in the world.


What is the size of the macaws? Macaws are large birds which can grow up to more than 3 feet high. The jacinth macaw can reach up to 3 1⁄2 feet and has a span of up to 60 centimetres. The owner of a pet must make sure his cage fits their height and weight, because of its large size.

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