Are macaws cuddly birds?6 Interesting things you should know

Are macaws cuddly birds?

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Big, beautiful and colourful macaws are very social and the ultimate pet bird for many. Many people are intimidated by macaws and their large beaks because of their huge size and their tendency to lunge at strangers.

But those who have this bird species and know it really will tell you that macaws are very fond parrots.

But the macaws are sweet and cuddly? Yes, macaws are one of the most cuddly parrots but only the people they well knew are physically fond of them. Do not expect that you can cuddle with an adult macaw if you only meet.

A macaw that truly loves you and trusts is almost puppy-like and even rolls on its back to get cuddles and belly rubs. Note, every macaw is an individual and yours might not be an abdominal rubber fan, but he might like some other kind of physical illness.

Keep in mind the distinctive personalities of parrots and the cuddlier and tamer hand-grown birds than wild parrots.

Can Cuddling Become Hormonal to Macaw?

While hormone behaviour for all parrots is entirely normal and natural, a new owner can be a little frightened. 

While hormonal surges in the wild are short-lived, we often do things that lead to aggressive, destructive and territorial behaviour.

You can send your body into hormonal overload by pushing your macaw’s back, wings, or tail. 

Your parrot will begin to perceive you as his partner, overly protecting you and becoming aggressive towards all those who come near you.

Your macaw is also seeking ways to nest, getting louder and seems extremely irritable overall. Therefore, petting your lower body or zone under its wings is never a good idea.

How can I properly cuddle a Macaw?

You can make it a day-to-day routine or only once in a while depending on how much your parrot wants to get stuck. 

And you will mostly depend on the age of your macaw. How can I do it?

In general, you do not have any limitations if you have a young Macaw who has not reached sexual maturity.

Keep in mind that each macaw is an individual and when it comes to cuddling your parrot might have some preferences. 

Try to figure out what you want and don’t do what you don’t love.
Things with adult macaws that could go to breast mode are a bit different.

If you want to keep your stuff friendly, it’s fine to scratch your head and neck or stroke the head.

You should not embrace your macaw or any contact with the whole body because this can make your paper hormonal and make him look at you as his partner. As always, try figuring out what cuddling experience your parrot would like to have.

How can I raise a  cuddly Macaw?

The macaws have become so infatuated with any number of objects or their favourite person as they are best described as powerful, and stubborn birds that have too much love to give.

But the macaws have great confidence and won’t become genuinely cuddly and loving until they establish a genuine relationship with their owners.

Of course, if you want a cuddly bird, you must be extremely patient and work together with your macaw.

Also, you’re willing to wait a bit longer to trust a parrot if you take a macaw that was ignored by his former owners. Parrots really remember very well their former owners. We’re explaining what it means here for you!

Your gentle giant will allow his true personality to shine and become your best friend in time.

The following tips will assist you in raising a cuddly and happy macaw:
Purchase a macaw that has been raised by its owner.

The term “hand-reared” refers to a bird that was raised by humans, though not necessarily from birth. 

Macaws raised by hand are cuddly, tame, much easier to handle, and generally more sociable.

While you should seek out a macaw that has been hand-fed by the breeder, you can socialise and teach a young macaw to eat from your hand regardless of whether it has been hand-fed.

Develop your macaw’s social skills

Although the majority of people find them intimidating, it is critical that you properly socialise your macaw. Macaws, like all parrots, are social creatures that require daily interaction with humans.

Because macaws have a strong bond with their owners, they can become overprotective and will not look kindly on sharing you with others, which is why it is critical to socialise your parrot from an early age.


Spend some time each day near your parrot’s cage conversing with him to foster a lasting bond. Place your hand on the cage to allow your feathered companion to become acquainted with you, and when you believe he is ready, attempt to pet him with your finger.

Each day, take small steps towards gaining your macaw’s comfort with your touch.

Daily, take care of your macaw.

Every day, remove your macaw from his cage. You can teach him cuddling behaviour by rubbing and nuzzling him with your chin. Additionally, you should hold and cuddle your parrot as frequently as possible to teach him to be comfortable with physical affection.

The majority of macaws will enjoy being handled and will seek out additional cuddles, but do not push your luck if your bird appears to be uncomfortable. Allow time for your macaw to become accustomed to being handled and to develop trust in you.

Macaws are exotic birds from South America. You can purchase them if you want from a pet-store, reputed breeder or adopt them.   

Associated Concerns about Macaws

Are macaws intelligent? Macaws are one of the most intelligent birds and one of the most affectionate parrots. 

They are highly sensitive to human emotions, which enables them to form strong bonds with their owners.

Are macaws suitable as pets? Macaws are vivacious, playful, and intelligent parrots that make excellent pets in the right environment. 

Due to their size and proclivity for being extremely loud, they are not the best choice for small apartments or those who value peace and quiet.

Are macaws sociable? Although their size and large beaks can be intimidating, macaws that have been properly socialised make excellent companions. 

They are highly social birds who enjoy the company and daily interaction with their owners.

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Are macaws cuddly birds?6 Interesting things you should know

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