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Cavapoos are notoriously picky eaters, raising their cute little noses as soon as the bowl is placed beside them.  One of the main reasons for this is that the Cavapoo has a sensitive stomach and can be a picky eater.

My own cavapoo dog, like many others, is picky about the bowl he eats from as well as the food itself. 

We’re on our 5th brands of food in the last 12 months, simply because he’s tired of the food that’s been offered to him.

Some dogs are even picky about when they eat, possibly not developing an appetite until later in the day.


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Are cavapoos fussy eaters? Wondering how to get your dog to eat?

Some of the following may sound all too familiar if you’re reading this blog:

  • Hand-feeding your  cavapoo dog
  • Changing dog food on a regular basis
  • To get your dog to eat, you may have to feed him human food.
  • Standing over them, pleading with them to eat.

Now is the time to STOP, go back to basics, and reintroduce your dog to a good routine.

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Some cavapoos are super fussy dogs and don’t really want to eat anything you give unless it’s fresh meat or polenta or human food.

Cavapoo may not be unwell and is hungry and will eat treats but not dog food.

Reasons your cavapoo is not eating

Some of the most common medical conditions that lead to picky eating include:

  1. Your cavapoo may be ill
  2. Your Cavapoo may have some Dental problems which are making it painful to eat his food
  3. Swallowed something they shouldn’t
  4. Allergies
  5. Infection
  6. Parasites
  7. Gastrointestinal issues
  8. Arthritis or spine issue
  9. Vaccination side effects 

To begin, make sure your dog is not ill or has dental problems that are preventing them from eating –

please consult your vet if you are unsure; this advice is not for sick dogs – only those who have become fussy.

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Negatives of Fussy eating habit

As your Pooch is not getting good Nutritious food because of his fussiness about eating, there are many Obvious negatives:

  1. He/she may become underweight
  2. Very weak to play around and for his daily routine Exercises
  3. Their coat doesn’t look healthy
  4. They may get constipated
  5. They may become irritable and barky.

How to Deal with Cavapoo Fussy eating

As much as you may not want to hear it, you are ‘feeding’ your dog’s unwanted behaviour by giving them attention and things won’t get any better until you follow this simple routine.

  1. Make a decision on what food to feed your dog and stick to it.
  2. Do not keep changing the food; this can make your dog a picky eater and is a distraction. Feed high-quality, nutrient-dense food.
  3. NEVER leave your dog’s food out for extended periods of time; this encourages grazing in your dog.
  4. You must teach your dog that the only time they are allowed to eat is when their food is placed down for them.
  5. Reduce the size of their meals to get them in the habit of finishing everything in their bowl.
  6. When they begin to clear it, gradually increase the amount of food to keep them in proper condition.
  7. Give your dog the recommended dose of Malted Kelp Tablets about 30 minutes before their meal time; this nutritious mix contains Anise, which aids in appetite.
  8. When it’s time to feed your dog, keep the food bowl down for them and give them an instruction, which can be anything, to tell them it’s time to eat, such as “Dinner time!” Keep yourself busy near them, but don’t stand over or continue chatting with them because it’s distracting.
  9. Allow your dog 5-10 minutes to get on and eat their food;
  10. if they are eating but are a slow eater, give them a little more time as long as they are still eating; the minute they stop and go away, remove the bowl.

Create Feeding window

They must understand that this is their only chance to eat; if they do not, they will miss out.

1.Do not feed them or give them titbits until their next meal (except for a bedtime biscuit if that is part of their routine!)

2.Follow the same routine at the next mealtime: put the food down, give the instruction, give them the set time, and if the food is not all eaten, take it away and do not re-offer the food. Every meal should include fresh food.

You will soon notice that your dog understands the routine and takes advantage of the opportunity to eat during their “feeding window.” 

3.Don’t feel bad; your dog has the option to eat but chooses not to. Your dog is healthy, and they will eat when they are hungry – it’s almost a mind game!

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What To feed a Fussy eater

Feeding a fussy eater can be notoriously painful. They don’t touch food.So What do i feed my cavapoo?

Although dry kibble is good for dogs’ teeth and easy for owners to store and serve, some dogs dislike it. In this case , What human food can I feed my cavapoo

If your dog doesn’t want to eat it, you could try making a gravy out of it by pouring hot water over it.

Wet food has more flavour and maybe a better option for picky eaters; however, because it often contains fresher ingredients, it is slightly more expensive.

Here are some tips that I tried on my Cavapoo, that kind of worked well.

  1. Give them wet Kibbles topped with some meat toppers
  2. Give them freshly cooked Chicken and Rice
  3. Freshly cooked eggs and a bit of cheese.
  4. Give them some Fruits like small Cut apples or  few Blueberries- My cavapoo Loves it
  5. Give them Cucumber pieces- My cavapoo loves it too
  6. Give them some beef toppers mixed with dry snacks.
  7. Avoid giving them too many treats – Treats must just 10% of days Diet
  8. Make food fall on the ground- Dogs loves to eat food items fallen on the ground eh!
  9. Don’t feed them until they ask for food. My cavapoo starts licking my fingers when he is damm hungry!
  10. Do not keep to Dry snacks Bowl on the ground.
  11. Cavapoos can live on just dry snacks for 3 days
  12. Do not panic if your cavapoo goes without eating for a whole day. Trust by evening they will come to your asking for food. It’s their way of dealing with some kind of mild irritations in the tummy. If it Goes beyond a day without food, I would recommend talking to your VET.

Creating a fussy eater is simple if you’re not attentive. Try these methods before assuming that your puppy or dog is a finicky eater:

Make sure your food is in good & Fresh  condition. A large bag of puppy food is purchased by many dog owners for their new puppy. 

Many times , I am  Assuming that the puppy is not fussy, the dog is being fed stale, putrid food. 

Smaller bags of food may be stored in an airtight container to prevent giving your puppy outdated food if you purchase a bigger bag of food. As a result, food that has gone rotten will not be rejected.

Some dogs may not have a strong desire to eat. This is difficult for most people to grasp. Dogs who are “eat to live” rather than “live for food” are more likely to avoid weight gain than those that are “live to eat” beggars.

 Begin by identifying 1-2 training goodies that your dog actually enjoys, and then move on to the next step. 

As a result, many dog owners have led their canine companions to become overweight by imitating human emotions on their pets.

Your dog’s routine should be established. At the same time each day, provide him or her a special place to eat. 

To teach your dog that ignoring meals will not be rewarded, remove the food from the bowl after 10-15 minutes of inactivity.

If you continue to give rewards after a bad meal, you are compounding the problem since any dog will hold out for something better (how much kale do you want to eat with a pizza on the way?).

Before supper, take your dog for a long walk to increase his or her desire for food. Remember the first time you observed your child’s “picky eating” habits. It’s not uncommon for this to happen: 

As a result of inclement weather or illness, your dog may not have finished his or her food. Putting two and two together and assuming they don’t enjoy their meal isn’t a good idea. 

Dogs are taught that refusing to eat will result in rewards if they are given treats or table scraps instead of their usual food. Bam – a “picky eater” born out of a rainy week.

Refusing to eat may be a sign of a medical problem. Keep an eye out for additional indicators of sickness before making a changeover to a new cuisine. 

Are you concerned about your dog’s lack of energy? Drinking in moderation? Aging?

You don’t have to worry about missing a few meals because pups don’t eat as frequently as they become older. 

Puppy fussy eater claims peak at the age of seven to nine months, when many puppies no longer require more than one meal. A lot of dogs are OK with eating just once a day. 

Listen to your dog and see if he/she tells you that he/she doesn’t need more food. This is not a sign of finicky eating if your dog is eating one meal but not the other. 

Remember that people eat for a variety of non-food-related reasons, including stress, emotion, and social interaction. 

Dogs don’t always need to eat when they don’t feel like it.

If you’ve gone through all of this and still can’t get your dog to eat, these are the procedures you should follow:

  • Increase the physical activity of your Pooch
  • In addition to the normal meal, consider incorporating special treats or table scraps into your dog’s diet.
  • Cook an egg and crush it into your cuisine for an additional layer of flavour.
  • Allow the dog about 15 minutes to eat before removing the food from the bowl.
  • Do not give him/her food in between meals if he/she does not eat during that time.
  • Consider utilising a food topper or add-on that not only enhances the flavour of the meal, but also provides additional nourishment.
  • Be sure to get your hands on some samples before making any large-scale purchases if a dietary change is unavoidable.

List of  the best and trusted  treats that can be Purchased form Amazon. I use most of these products for my Pooch .


Treats for Puppies:


Milk Bone Treats : This contains A Natural Omega-3 Fatty Acid That Contributes To The Development Of The Brain And Nervous System

Calcium And Vitamin D Help Support Strong Teeth And Bones Specially Fortified With 21 Vitamins And Minerals For Puppies 1 Year And Younger.

Smart Cookie Treat : SOFT & CHEWY BITES: Reward your picky puppy with these tasty treats made with mouth watering rabbit, duck, trout or wild boar; Our low calorie mini morsels are a perfect training treat, anytime treat, or food topper – and they won’t ruin your dog’s diet

What is the best dog food for Cavapooos to eat and drink?


No one can deny the fact that Cavapoos are among of the most finicky dogs on the planet.

During lunchtime, they might refuse to eat their dog’s meals, causing their parents to wonder whether they’re getting enough to eat themselves.

Many puppies may reject food if they believe they will be rewarded with something better later, so it’s important to maintain a schedule and follow these dinnertime suggestions to ensure that your own behaviour isn’t influencing your Cavapoo’s picky attitude towards food.

Picky eating, on the other hand, might be caused by your Cavapoo having a nutritional intolerance or having a sensitive stomach.

Given that they are both recognised for having fragile stomaches, the two are most likely to be associated.


Sensitivity may also be the reason of some fussy eating in dogs, since if a dog experiences discomfort or even illness after eating a particular meal, he or she will typically opt to avoid eating that item in the future. 

For this reason, you may need to choose a healthy dog food that is free of artificial additives, common allergies, and any other nasties that might irritate the stomach of your Cavapoo.

There will never be any NASTIES.

Make sure that you choose brands( there are many in the market ) that comes with  no hidden toxins in dog food, and dog food that  is packed with authentic, natural ingredients that you will recognise from your own kitchen. 

There are no fillers in meals to attempt to make it more filling, and there is absolutely no meat meal, animal derivatives, or any mystery meat in your dog’s cuisine. 

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Use protein that comes from real, whole meat, which is supplemented with some fresh fruits and vegetables to offer your dog with a fully balanced diet.

Tips to get your dog eat his dinner from the dog owners

We  have a 1yr old cavapoo and he will just not eat his dinner. we have to stand there and encourage him but it doesn’t always work.
We’ve tried mixing in other foods that we eat and cheap dog food (wet/dry) from the supermarket to be yummy. we sometimes sprinkle chicken salt on it. 
We tried like taking the food away after a while so he’d be hungry he next day.
I just speculate that maybe he’s scared of his bowl, because he’s scared of metal bowls, not too sure why. or he just wants food we eat from our plates.
I asked this question on a  facebook group , and these are the answers I got from the group members.
Val Rowe says
We struggle to get our girl to eat. She’s 8 yrs old too. I mix sardines or a bit of grated cheese or sometimes a spoonful of our gravy. And when she does it, she takes a few bits of biscuit and brings it into our living area , drops it on the mat and then eats it. I also sometimes put salmon oil in her dinner.

Hannah Jahn says

Maybe try a different bowl for starters.
I can only recommend what I feed my dogs as they absolutely love it – their kibble (black hawk) mixed with home cooked meat and veggies (I precook in batches and freeze in portions). Could you try something like that.
I would stay away from chicken salt (assuming it has additives that might cause digestion issues in your dog). Also wouldn’t advise to feed rice (looks like that is in his bowl) as it’s got no nutritional value to your dog.

Laura Smith says 

I must say having another dog made all the difference. Maddie was so finicky about everything and made us all so worried. New pup arrived and suddenly…all the food is being eaten.

Cheryle McMillan-Buraba says

Put his food on a plate, put it down where you feed him and leave the room for 15 minutes, go back and pick up whatever is left and put it in the fridge until next meal.

Scarves Sue Rose says 

I have 2 Cavoodles and had terrible trouble trying to get them to eat. I would even get down on the floor and pretend to eat their food to try and get them to eat. I bought some ziwi peak wet food and mixed a small amount into their black hawk dry food and haven’t had an issue since. 

Penny Stringer says

Ok, we have a poodle and a Cavapoo a very fussy eater. So we put food on a flat tray, it’s warmed up in the microwave for max 10 sec, so it smells good, dogs are about smell not taste, he has his fav treat on the floor near the food to start him off and the food is spread across the tray.

Wrapping up...

Unfortunately, many owners mistakenly associate their dog’s weight loss with their dog’s refusal to eat.

A healthy dog, no matter how picky he is, will not starve himself. Unless your dog is on a diet, losing weight is most likely a medical issue that must be addressed.

Many Cavapoos are picky eaters, turning their noses up at foods they previously ate without issue. 

There are numerous types of food that owners can try feeding their pets, but a trip to the vet can help rule out an underlying health condition.


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