10 Simple But Effective Ways To Bond With Your Cavapoo

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Creating Special Bond with your cavoodle Puppy

Cavapoos make terrific pets. It makes no difference whether or not they are a “genuine breed” of dog.

Because of their combined origin, cavapoos have the finest of both breeds. Some people, on the other hand, find them difficult to bond with at first.

To form strong bonds with their owners, cavapoos require socialising, playfulness, and love. Praise, incentives, attention, and toys are the greatest ways to bond with a cavapoo for good behaviour.

Cavapoos are faithful and lifelong friends, but they prefer to bond with just one family member at a time.

Cavapoos - What You Need To Know

Mix Breed Background Information

Cavapoos are now bred with other cavapoos to continue the line. They are sometimes referred to as “funny dogs” because of their lively, funny, and playful personalities.

They were developed from the breeding of poodles with Cavalier King Charles spaniels.

Poodles provide Cavapoos with their intellect, alertness, and trainability, while Cavalier spaniels give them their affectionate natures and loving, lively personalities.

They require a lot of mental and physical stimulation due to their brilliance, and if they don’t get it, they can easily grow bored.



Cavapoos are extremely affectionate and devoted, yet they tend to form strong bonds with just one person, making them ideal companion animals and therapy dogs.

Despite their proclivity for clinging to their favourite human, their sweet, lively personalities allow them to get along with everybody, including youngsters, cats, other dogs, and the elderly.

Let’s look at ten things you can do to bond with your cavapoo and ensure you’re his favourite two-legged Furbaby.

Here are ten simple ways to bond with your Cavapoo:



  1. Play with his most loved  toys and things
  2. Reward you puppy for Good Behaviour
  3. Spend lots of time with your cavapoo
  4. Reward With Treats
  5. Teach your cavoodle Tricks & some simple commands Like “sit” and “stay”
  6. Make Eye Contact on regular basis
  7. Speak to Him Using Baby Talk- Talk like a baby with your cavoodle
  8. Give your cavoodle lots Hugs and Cuddle
  9. Get your cavoodle Groomed regularly
  10. Have special one-to-one play time with your cavoodle( Trsut me,your pup is gonna love it)

Play with his most loved toys and things

 As humans, we enjoy it when others are interested in our hobbies.


It excites us when someone asks us about a terrific book we’re reading. If we enjoy a new show, there’s nothing nicer than learning that our best friend has begun to watch it as well.


We appreciate it when others share our passions. That’s something your cavapoo enjoys as well. Determine which of your puppy’s toys, pillows, or blankets he enjoys the most. When it’s time to play, get that specific toy, pillow, or blanket and employ it in your games with him.


He’ll be ecstatic since he’ll be able to play with something he really enjoys with the person he cares about the most.

Reward His Good Conduct

Negative reinforcement does not work effectively with Cavapoos. Negative reinforcement frequently has the opposite impact on them, worsening rather than improving their undesirable behaviour.

Praise, rewards, attention, and toys are the greatest ways to bond with and train a cavaapoo for good behaviour.

The best thing you can do when he does anything horrible is to absolutely ignore him. This method is based on the fact that puppies, especially sociable, needy ones like cavapoos, crave attention – any attention.


If you yell at your dog to stop barking, all he knows is that you’re paying attention and making a fuss about him, even if it’s a negative fuss. 


Instead, utterly disregard him. He then receives no response or attention. He quickly learns that his “bad” behaviours bring him no rewards, whereas his “good” activities bring him praise, treats, and affection.

Cavapoos have a high level of intelligence. They quickly pick up on it and will soon be boosting their positive actions while lowering their negative ones.

Spend lots of time with your cavapoo

Cavapoo is social animal.

Keep him with you at all times when you’re at home, and pay close care to him. Play with him, talk to him, touch him, and love him, not just be aware of him and keep him from eating things he shouldn’t. When you depart, take him with you if at all feasible.


Cavaapoos are generally good in cars and enjoy travelling, so take him on a ride. Taking him to the park is a good idea. Get out in the yard and engage in some yard wrestling.



It’s Also Important to Socialise with other dogs and people


You want to develop a one-on-one relationship with your puppy and ensure that he grows to know and trust you, but it’s also critical to socialise him early on.


Don’t overwhelm him with too many people or animals at once; instead, keep him out with the rest of the family and expose him to other household creatures gradually but early.



Introduce him to more people and other dogs as he gains trust in you. (First, make sure he’s up to date on his vaccines!) Teach him to be social; this will aid in the development of his loving, easygoing nature.


It will also relieve some of the strain on you to keep him entertained all of the time.


Reward With Treats

We reward our cavapoo puppy for his good behaviour. I’ve already mentioned that rewarding your puppy with treats and praise when he does something well is a wonderful idea, but goodies aren’t only for when he’s done something well.


In fact, there is no such thing as a bad moment for goodies in the eyes of your new dog.

Of course, don’t go crazy with it. You don’t want your child to get obese or have health concerns as a result of too many snacks.


Even yet, treating your furry best friend with a random treat now and then is a terrific way to strengthen your friendship.


Hand-feeding goodies to your cavapoo will:


Focus, patience, obedience, and impulse control should all be improved.
Teach him not to bite and how to provide proper bite pressure.
Assist in strengthening the link between you. Assist in reinforcing his faith in you.

Teach him that you are in charge and that you are the source of his sustenance (dominance assertion)
Can aid in the breakup of bad habits like resource guarding.
Boost your dog’s general happiness and loving feelings.

Teach Him Tricks and some simple commands like sit and stay

I know I’ve said it before, but cavapoos are quite intelligent. They are quick learners who enjoy intellectual stimulation. They genuinely appreciate activities that put their minds to the test. You can assist your animal friend’s thinking to stay sharp by purchasing a few puzzle toys that he must solve in order to reach his food or goodies.


Also, Teach him few simple Commands like sit and stay. This will make your cavoodle bond with you more and makes him know you are the boss and he needs to follow your commands.


These are my top three Amazon-purchased puzzle toys:

  • Studio 21 Graphix Snuffle Mat
  • Hound Games Hide N Treat Dog Puzzle Toys
  • Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball

Make Eye Contact on regular basis

Takefumi Kikusui, an animal behaviourist, discovered that staring into your dog’s eyes can actually raise oxytocin (the “love hormone”) levels in both you and your dog.

When dogs looked into their owners’ eyes, their oxytocin levels increased by 130 per cent, and when owners looked back at their dogs, their eyes increased by 300 percent. To put it another way, periodically locking eyes with your dog is a great way to bond with him.

Baby chat with him- Talk like a baby with your doggo

Cavaoo pups enjoy being baby-talked, according to a new study done by the University of York in the United Kingdom.

Many puppies appreciate this method of communication, according to the study, but it was especially beneficial with the ever-social cavapoos.


This experiment was carried out by myself, and I found it to be 100 per cent correct.


My  beautiful cavapoo puppy( responded well enough when I spoke to him in my normal voice.

His tail started wagging, his eyes lighted up, and he ran across the room to tackle me and smother me in kisses as I raised my voice an octave and talked to him excitedly, in a tone like I was talking to a tiny child. The change in his reaction was astounding.

Give him lots Hugs and Cuddle

To some extent, all dogs, particularly pups, enjoy being cuddled. They may only appreciate it when it is convenient for them, such as when they are chilly and drowsy and want to snuggle up to you for warmth and belly rubs, but they all like it.


Cavapoos, on the other hand, appear to enjoy cuddling. This is due to their gregarious, loving, and nearly reliant personalities. Cavapoos can’t bear being left alone, and I’m guessing you can’t leave them if they’re curled up on your lap in a big snuggle pile.


You won’t be able to snuggle your new best friend all day (wouldn’t that be wonderful?! ), but set aside some time each day or night to offer him extra special cuddles to show him how much you care.


It shouldn’t take you long to figure out where he likes to hang out. Maybe he enjoys a good scratch behind the ears, or maybe he prefers belly rubs. Whatever the case may be, pick him up, hug him close to your chest, and scratch his favourite spots until he falls asleep peacefully.


Before his eyes close, the last thing he will see is you, giving your time to make him feel loved and pleased. That’s a huge step in the right direction in terms of bonding.

Get him Groomed regularly

Cavapoos require regular grooming. They have a special coat that can become tangled or matted if not properly cared for. As a result, you should begin grooming your puppy while he is still young.


Grooming is a great way for you to bond with your new pet, and it’s also important puppy training because they’ll be groomed by you and maybe a professional groomer for the rest of their lives.

Once your new baby is old enough to get his nails clipped, you’ll want to brush him and possibly clip his nails every few weeks.

Have special one-to-one play time with your cavoodle

This one is kind of similar to spending a lot of time together – but it goes a step further. You want to spend as much time as possible with your puppy, but you also want to make sure that some of that time is spent simply playing with him.


Cavapoos enjoy being around people so much that they would sit next to you while you watch TV simply to be close to you. However, as I previously stated, kids are easily bored and require a great deal of mental and physical stimulation, so make sure you spend enough of one-on-one time with them actively engaging them.

Wrapping up...

Cavapoos require some effort due to their intelligence and activity. They do, however, make wonderful, life-long companions for those who are prepared to put in the effort and bond with them.

The most important factor in bonding with your new cavapoo is time.

Your puppy longs to be with you, to play with you, to cuddle with you, and to look into your eyes. You will have a lifelong best buddy if you are prepared to give up your time.

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